Winter Activities To Do Outdoors


Jack Frost might be nipping at your nose, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors simply because the weather is colder. While we can all get a little blue during this time of year, going outdoors for some fresh air and activity might be the answer. Whether you want to get out by yourself or with others, there are a variety of activities available to pursue.

Put On Your Jacket and Go


Build A Snowman

If you’re lucky enough to live where it snows, put on your gloves or mittens and head out to build a snowman. Bring a friend. Work together or have a contest to see who can make the “best” snowman. Use those sparklers for wedding send off you have left over in your drawer as sticks for arms. And when you finish building the perfect snowman, light the sparklers, imagining the snowman dancing as he lights up the sky.

Do a winter sport

Skiing and snowboarding, and cross-country skiing are just a few of the options for staying physically active outdoors. Ski resorts offer equipment rentals and lessons for beginners or those needing a refresher.


Go tubing or sledding

Less expensive and more accessible options for winter sports are taking inner tubes or plastic saucers and sliding down snowy hills. They don’t have to be long, just steep enough to slide down safely. Make sure to check areas for sharp objects and that there are no trees in the line of tubing or sledding.

Go ice skating

Ice rinks pop up throughout the winter and are a fun way to spend a few hours outdoors. Most rinks offer rentals and are relatively affordable. There are also usually options to ice skate indoors, especially in climates where outdoor skating rinks are impossible (think: warm weather states).


Create snow masterpieces

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a gender reveal confetti cannon at your disposal to shoot colorful hues of pink or blue over the powder-white snow? You don’t need that when you can use spray chalk. You can even make your own snow paint from a mixture of water and food coloring. This allows you to create colorful, safe artwork in the snow.

Sit by an outdoor fire

Who says you need to be indoors to enjoy a cozy fire? Portable fire pits allow for the perfect snow fire. They are safe and contained. Bring chairs, and cozy blankets, and enjoy the fire while you drink hot cocoa poured from a thermos.


Go hiking

It’s fun to explore and hike areas in the winter. The beauty is different than in the summer. The fresh air will clear your head. A brisk walk will raise your heart rate and allow you to get those steps in while enjoying nature. You never know what critters you might see during the winter months. Always have a plan and hike with a buddy if you aren’t familiar with the territory.

Make a snow angel

It is a tradition enjoyed by many. There is no age minimum or maximum for throwing yourself down in the snow and moving your arms and legs in jumping jack fashion to create a snow angel. And, of course, when you are done lying in the snow, grab a handful and start that snowball fight you’ve wanted to start since it began snowing.


Making the Most of Winter

These are just some of the various options to do while enjoying the outdoors. If you aren’t as inclined to embrace the winter nip, there are always lots of fun indoor activities to do. Or enjoy some combination of both.

There’s nothing quite like finishing a vigorous day skiing with a toasty drink of some sort sitting by the fire. It may seem like forever until the warmth of spring comes, but making the most of outdoor moments will help make the time go by quickly.