Getting Your Wardrobe Ready For Winter


Trying to change your entire wardrobe and preparing a bunch of outfits for a new season can be overwhelming. Winter can be a little tricky to get ready. Not only do you have to make sure that you’re warm enough, but you also have to make sure you are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The current winter fashion trends certainly don’t make things easier.

If you are feeling a little lost, or don’t know where to begin your fall to winter wardrobe transition, then here are some tips that’ll make this whole process a breeze for you.

Wear Your Favorite Hoodies


Winter is sometimes referred to as the hoodie season. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a hoodie. It’s comfortable, warm and can fit on some occasions. Try and find something with interesting prints! If you want to take it up a notch, then try getting hoodies that are a part of your favorite YouTuber or celebrity lines. In my opinion, E-sport hoodies are some of the best out there in terms of designs and colors.

To all the ladies, if you’re having a hard time finding the perfect hoodie for yourself then here’s what you can do. Many places sell monogrammed women’s clothing – what’s more, you can customize the monogram and make yourself a hoodie with it. Check out and pick your favorite monogrammed clothes. Nothing’s better than a hoodie that screams ‘you’ the moment you walk into the room.

Dress in Layers


Don’t start putting away clothes meant for other seasons just yet. If you can spend some time and get creative, you will realize that the beauty of winter fashion lies in layering. That’s right, it’s as simple as that! It’s certainly better than just wearing something heavy; sometimes heavy winter garments can feel a little suffocating and taking them off means that you’ll be a walking popsicle within a few minutes again.

Spare yourself the discomfort. Dress in layers, and you might become a style icon. Aside from that, just taking off a few layers will help you to be comfortable. You don’t have to worry about freezing afterwards either. Here’s an example to help you understand the creative process.

You might have bought a few turtlenecks during the fall. Let that be the innermost layer of your outfit. On top of that, you can wear your favorite cardigan, sweater, or even a shirt if you’re feeling extra fancy. Make sure you wear contrasting colors to bring some vibrancy to your outfit.

Now that you have an idea of where to start, you don’t have to go out and buy new clothes. If you feel like you need more ideas, a few google searches or a glance at Pinterest will get you sorted.

Use Leggings or Long Socks


Finding the perfect winter outfit is always about balance. Sometimes people will wear the warmest sweater or jacket they own, but still, feel like they’re freezing. The problem here is that your legs might be getting too cold, and, if your feet are cold your entire body will be shaking.

To save yourself from that discomfort, make use of thick leggings and long socks. For those of you who want to rock a dress that doesn’t go beyond the knee, this will be great. You can find leggings in many interesting prints and colors, so get something that goes well with your dress. Not only will you look stylish, but you’ll also be nice and warm all through your special occasion.

Long socks are great for both men and women. Sometimes your pants or trousers won’t be warm enough. Unlike regular socks, long socks can cover a large portion of your leg, sometimes up to the knee. If you’re worried about your long skirt or pants being too lightweight for the weather, long socks can be a lifesaver for you.

Wear Belts to Bring Out Your Figure


This tip applies more to women than men. Our body’s shape or figure can sometimes be lost in the layers, sweaters or coats. To bring more definition to your look, and to avoid that flat appearance, you might want to wear a belt. Which will help to accentuate your beautiful curves.

Furthermore, belts come in varieties of fun prints and designs; finding a belt with a very fancy buckle can add an extra charm to your look. If you aren’t into the traditional kind of belt, then you can try something simple. These days, some belts come with a metal hook instead of a buckle. They are easy to take off or wear, so if you ever need to take off your coat, you won’t have to go through a lot of hassle.

Some Extra Finishing Touches


These next few tips aren’t necessary, but depending on how warm or cold the weather gets where you live, these tips might come in handy.

Consider getting earmuffs. These are highly underrated. Beanies can often be enough to keep your ears warm, but if you don’t want to go through the trouble of messing up your hair each time you take them off, then earmuffs will do the job.

Mufflers are also a good option to add an extra element to your outfit. Invest in mufflers that match your favorite beanies – sometimes, you’ll even find them in a set so look for those if you want to save some money.

Lastly, find yourself a coat; it’ll make you look elegant without even trying. The perfect coat should fit you snugly. It shouldn’t be too long, short, fitting, or loose. Finding a coat that’s just right will take you some time, but it’s worth it. Coats are on the more expensive side, so you will want to invest in something that you can wear this season as well as the next. Ladies, if you don’t end up finding a coat, then you can always buy a faux fur coat.

In Conclusion

As you can probably tell, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to change your wardrobe. It is easy to feel pressured into following the newest trends, but remember, if you’re going to do what everyone else is doing, you won’t be unique. Good Luck, and Happy Holidays!