How to Properly Store Cannabis Edibles & Concetrates

Even today, some people are skeptical about cannabis. You can hear them saying many negative words about the same subject. However, the reason why they have a negative opinion is the lack of reliable information.

On the other hand, people that are active cannabis consumers have the same problem. They are aware of the benefits that different cannabis edibles and concentrates can bring. Unfortunately, they are not sure how to properly store them and keep their quality.
People that do not use the adequate method to store the edibles won’t manage to keep them fresh. The concentrate will lose its quality and taste for many reasons. Of course, the most common source of quality reduction is moisture and humidity. Despite that, direct sunlight will also negatively influence the quality of the ingredients. Additionally, people should protect their edibles from bugs, contamination, and different source of heat.

The good news for all the people is that storing concentrates and edibles is not challenging. There are multiple ways how they can complete the job successfully. In this article, we will highlight the most popular and effective ones. Let’s find them out together!

Storage Materials People Can Use

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The effectiveness of their storage depends a lot on the materials they use. For instance, in some cases, they will manage to store edibles and concentrates for a couple of days. On the other hand, some materials will ensure that concentrates and edibles remain fresh for a couple of months. Because of that, we would like to highlight them all.

Airtight Containers

The process of storing cannabis edibles in an airtight container requires some additional steps. First of all, people that decide on this move should use parchment papers. After they get them, they should divide their edibles into small quantities. The users will need to additionally get ziplock food bags where they will place the wrapped pieces. That is the only way how they can store them in an airtight container.

There is an additional piece of information that people should know. The entire process will ensure that edibles and concentrates remain fresh for one month. When you look closer, that amount of time seems legit.

Silicone Containers

People should not expect a long-term storage solution from silicone containers. They are great people that plan to store edibles for a couple of days. However, finding an appropriate container is a bit challenging task. Its size should be big enough to store all the concentrates that someone has. If the container is bigger than necessary, it won’t minimize the risks of moisture buildup.

Freezing Option

Freezing is the method that brings the longest protection. Believe it or not, people can store their edibles in that way for around one year. After that period, the level of protection goes down. However, during the one-year period, the quality of the concentrates remains the same. More precisely, the loss of flavor will be minimal.

Yet, that doesn’t mean people won’t need to make some extra moves. Edibles, in that case, require preparation. First of all, excess air must not exist. In that way, people will protect the products from moisture. That especially becomes important when the temperature changes.

On the other hand, removing the products from the freezer also requires additional attention. People should not do that in a hurry. They should primarily try to defeat the concentrates slowly. The sudden temperature change can negatively influence the taste of the products. In some cases, it can hurt the edibles completely and make them unusable.

Glass Jars

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The good news about glass jars is that people have multiple options. They can use different types of glass containers. For instance, mason jars and small glass jars are the most popular ones. They all provide an equal level of protection. However, the effectiveness of the entire process also depends on the type of products people plan to store.

Some products do not stick to glass. If that’s the case, vacuum-sealed jars are going to be a perfect solution. However, it is essential to place the jars in some dry storage areas. On the other hand, the fridge can be an excellent option as well.

When people store sticky edibles, they should do one more thing. It is essential to use parchment paper that won’t allow the product to stick to the glass. In that way, the edibles will remain perfectly safe.

So, What Is the Best Option for Storing Edibles?

Edibles can contain different ingredients. Those ingredients determine which method of storing is the best option. A fridge, for instance, is an excellent option for cannabis edibles that contain flour, sugar, and oil. People make a common mistake too often. They keep their products somewhere in their room. Unfortunately, the edibles often mold at room temperature. That especially counts for cannabis concentrates that do not contain preservatives.

Commercial cannabis edible products are often easier for storing. IN most cases, people will manage to find the best storing option on the package of the product.
Wax paper and aluminum foils are an excellent option for wrapping the edibles. Unfortunately, many people use plastic to reach the same goal. However, they do not know that plastic often negatively influence the taste of the edibles. After using aluminum foil or wax paper, storing the products in an airtight container may be the best option.

Final Thought

The way how people storage cannabis edibles is essential. We highlighted some of the ways how people can complete that properly. However, the quality of the edibles also matters a lot. That is the reason why people should purchase edibles only from reliable cannabis online stores. There are many of them like that will meet your requirement and expectations. You should compare the offerings of a couple of stores before making the final decision. After that, you will easily realize which one offers the best possible solution.