Definition of VPS Dedicated Server, and VPS Comparison

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The internet is an overpowering platform that can change people’s trends and behavior in the most massive ways. You can witness by yourself that the world is slowly turning into the digital universe since people are doing a lot of activities with different purposes on the internet. Socializing on social media, earning knowledge by accessing educational websites or channels, doing a business in e-commerce, seeking entertainment on the internet, and many more, you name it.

Hence, many people also built their own space in the internet world and manifested it as a website. Websites have various types based on their owner’s purpose, such as business website, entertainment website, social media website, education website, and several websites. You and I can be the person that spends most of our time exploring the digital universe on our daily basis.

To make the website run and exist on the internet, there is a method named website hosting that has a function as the procedure making the website become reachable for many people with different purposes on the whole world. Website hosting has several types and can be recognized as a cloud hosting server, shared hosting server, VPS hosting server, plus dedicated hosting server. All of the hosting types have a special characteristic based on their capacity, objective, and cost.

The best hosting service from those types mentioned above is the VPS server. VPS server itself is having a subcategory named managed VPS hosting, unmanaged VPS hosting, SSD VPS server, and Cloud VPS hosting.

In this article, the topic that will become the focus to be discussed further are the VPS dedicated server, which as detailed information, the information that you will find in the below section are the definition of VPS dedicated server, VPS dedicated server comparison, and also the indicator when you should move to VPS server for your website hosting the activity. Let’s get down before we waste more time in the intro section. Go ahead to scrolling down.

What is a Dedicated Server?

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You may even once gear about a dedicated server somewhere, but not many people have talked about a dedicated server as much as a VPS server, right? That is why some people feel strange whenever they hear about a dedicated server. It will be a different story if you are a businessman or your colleague and family are having a big company because a dedicated server is the common hosting server that is applied in most websites that belong to a big company or the public figure who owns a website.

Then what is a dedicated server actually? A dedicated server is a website hosting service that is renowned as the most comprehended hosting server among the rest of website hosting servers. A dedicated server is a hosting server that provides all-access, hardware, and full-resource to its client without any single limitation. In short, whenever you are using the dedicated server on your website, the entire features and components in the dedicated server are yours and yours alone.

The other website hosting service that can compare the features with a dedicated server is only a VPS hosting server because shared hosting and cloud hosting are far away down below the dedicated server.

A dedicated server is the best website hosting service because the performance given is 100% allocated on your website. You don’t have to mind about the downtime because nothing interrupts the dedicated hosting server except the natural disaster and experienced hackers.

A dedicated hosting server is the favorite of the businessman and wealthy individuals because the dedicated server can provide the best security by its default setting from the very beginning. A dedicated server also gives you the power and space to develop your website to its optimum potential. A dedicated server is famous for the expensive cost of its services by the incredible power and benefits. That is why the businessman and wealthy individuals only use this type of website hosting server. You also need to mind the extra cost that will surely pop up in using the server. Why? Because on the dedicated server, you are only renting the whole components in that

To operate the dedicated server, you need the extras that consist of IT engineers to make the server running well in performing the best-dedicated hosting server.

Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated

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When we compare the VPS hosting server’s performance with a dedicated server, all of the results are almost the same because the VPS server is also providing the dedicated resource, better security protocol, and official assistance from the VPS hosting service provider and full access in adjusting the server. The differences are located in the pricing, mechanism of allocating the resource, and the capacity to be handled by the VPS hosting server. All and all, VPS hosting is the best hosting server if you want to get the comprehended services at an affordable price, but if you want the advanced hosting server with godlike features, you may perfect it with the dedicated hosting server.

You Should Choose a VPS Hosting Plan If

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You may consider choosing the VPS hosting plan over the dedicated server because it gives you brilliant performance with less-cost compared with a dedicated server. Plus, you can get the managed VPS hosting and gain a professional IT manager to help you running and optimizing the VPS server for your website hosting activity.
Moreover, you have to choose the VPS hosting plan if you are:

  • Often find the problem like downtime on your website
  • Planning to expand your business website to the next level
  • Worried about the secureness of your sensitive data on the internet
  • Need access to modify and optimize your website
  • Need privacy in developing the website

VPS hosting service is always able to be your solution in pursuing the best performance ever in website hosting activity. Because with a VPS hosting server, you can get the stable and fast performance for your website hosting, get the full-root access to your virtual server computer, solid secureness, and also the assistance in maintaining the website server wellbeing.