9 Tips for Buying Beauty Products Online in 2024

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Shopping for beauty products at retail stores can take up a lot of your time and energy. From travel time, busy stores, crazy customers, and pushy salespeople, shopping for products offline can be demoralizing at times. Oftentimes, the beauty counters can be super intimidating too. Forever, it seemed like you just had to be in the store to look around and pick out that brand new lipstick, concealer, mascara, or foundation.

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Well, the times have been changing and are even more so these days. Considering the long list of places that you can shop for beauty products these days, whether offline or online, there are no limits to what you can’t buy. But, with so many options to choose from it can be very overwhelming and who can you trust? The push salesperson working on commission, your friends that may not have the exact same skin type or interests as you? It can be really tough for shoppers to find the right makeup or skincare products that’s best for them.

But, to help you better navigate the vastness of the ever-growing web, which on the surface might seem overwhelming, we’ve got some great tips that will help you better shop for beauty products online.

Image source: pexels.com
  1. Use Websites & Apps that Use New Technology: Most beauty websites are very old school. They’re large marketplaces with thousands and thousands of products. They have a few filters to refine your search, but they are very overwhelming. If you’ve used Sephora before, you know. But nowadays there are advancements in AI and face apps that use augmented reality to help you see what a certain makeup would look like on your skin without having to apply it physically after you’ve already purchased it. This helps you see what you’re going to get based on your unique features and helps save you time and money on bad beauty product purchases.
  1. Social Shopping but Online: Nowadays you can shop online socially with others. Community and commerce type websites offer all the beauty products you’d be interested in but have a community of beauty advocates who share their advice on a variety of products. This allows you to give advice and get advice on products you might be interested in buying.
  1. Check out Product Ratings & Reviews: Ratings & reviews of beauty products you’re interested in buying can be helpful, but not all reviews are created equal. Big sites like Amazon have often been noted to have a lot of fake reviews. Also, smaller online marketplaces or individual brands as well. Look for an online marketplace that has its own community but can also aggregate user reviews from around the web.
Image source: pexels.com
  1. Search for products & looks on Pinterest: Many folks end up at stores looking for makeup they found on Pinterest. So, you could begin a quick keyword search there to start. Most often, there are a lot of people that will Pin what a lipstick looks like while they’re wearing it, instead of just seeing what a product looks like in the tube.
  1. Know & read your ingredient labels: This is important especially when buying skincare products. Make sure you know what comes with certain ingredients. For example, if you’ve got dry skin, you should avoid benzoyl peroxide, which is known to cause excessive dryness, but does work well on combating acne.
  1. Know about your skin undertones: Knowing your skin’s undertones will make shopping online for color cosmetics a lot easier. For example, if your skin has warm undertones (yellow, gold, or peach), your foundation makeup should be yellow or peach-based. If your skin has cooler undertones such as blue or red, then your foundation makeup should be more neutral or pink-based instead.
Image source: pexels.com
  1. Don’t wear any makeup: If you’re using an app to find a personalized makeup or skincare product for your face, then you should be a plain jane when doing so. This will better help the beauty app to help you get the perfect beauty products specific to your skin tones and conditions. Having makeup on could throw off the analysis used by the AI to best scan your facial features.
  2. Find better deals with comparison sites: You can always find the run of the mill makeup and beauty products at your local drugstore or big box retailers. Walgreens might be offering a small discount. But, do you really want to be standing there in busy aisles with limited information on the products while holding one lipstick and comparing it to 3 others to see which is best for you and what brand has the best deal? All of this time and effort in the store – not even counting your travel time to the store and cost to park either. Is it really all that worth it to save a couple of bucks while sacrificing 2 or 3 hours of your time? This is why you should consider using a beauty marketplace like Mira Beauty, who has a large catalog of over 50,000 skincare, makeup, and beauty products from thousands of top brands with all the product info, ratings, reviews, and price comparisons you need to not only find the best products for you, but also the best price.
  3. Sign up for giveaways & rewards programs: Many companies have rewards programs, like Sephora’s VIB Insider program that rewards you on a point system based on purchases. If you’re going to be shopping makeup counters often, don’t miss out on the rewards! Plus, oftentimes they’ll give you sneak peeks of products and send samples, so you’ll be able to try items before buying the full size.

These days, buying your beauty products online is a hell of a lot easier and safer than the traditional, time-consuming, dollar wasting ways of physically going to stores. Advances in technology are making the buying process so much easier and using these tips will help you never buy a bad beauty product again either.