Robin Mcgraw Before and After Cosmetic Procedures?

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Robin Mcgraw

Robin Jo Jameson became Robin McGraw after she got married to Dr. Phil McGraw, a popular psychologist, and TV personality. She was born in 1953, and she manages to maintain her beauty so well that people just cannot stop suspecting plastic surgery. The thing is that Robin is over 60 but she still looks young with her smooth and wrinkle-free face.

Robin denies any kind of surgery but critics are sure that she has had several cosmetic surgeries like facelift, nose job, lip injections, and face fillers in order to enhance her beauty.

Not so long ago they also started talking that Robin, who is rather skinny, has had breast augmentation to make her body look more attractive. She is the owner of a skincare company, but, of course, but it is definitely impossible to look this young without the help of cosmetic enhancement. Consequently, it is most probable that her anti-age procedures are not natural.

People always believed that Robin has such an awesome appearance because she is the wife of Dr. Phil. Their marriage seems to be a happy one. It looks like they never fight but solve all the problems and discuss them as two adults. Is it really true?

Before & After Photos

How much plastic surgery has Robin McGraw had? We are going to find out if all the rumors are true by looking through her photos before and after the supposed plastic surgery. Let`s see what our evidences are.

Did Robin Have Facelift?

Did Robin Mcgraw Have Facelift

That`s the first question we are going to answer. If looking at the photos, it is visible that in one of them her skin appears to be smoother than in the other one. Has Robin McGraw had a facelift? The wrinkles on her face are barely seen. Yes, there are some around her eyes, but for a woman of her age there are very few of them.

It is possible, though, that a photo editor was used to make her look like that in the photo. On the other hand, her cheeks are so tight that there are no doubts Dr. Phil`s wife has had a face lift.

Has Robin Mcgraw Had Botox?

Has Robin Mcgraw Had Botox

After comparing these photos, it becomes obvious that Robin`s cheeks are different, which they are plumper. Botox can be an explanation. Moreover, the skin is tight, there is no sagging. The jawline is more smooth in the photo after. Can you see that too?

Does Robin Have Breast Implants?

Does Robin Mcgraw Have Breast Implants

Critics keep saying that she has had a boob job, but it seems that her breast size never changed. Looking at her cleavage we can conclude that everything is natural there. She could have had a breast lift, though, to maintain the beauty of that part of her body.

Did Robin Get Lip Fillers?

Did Robin Mcgraw Get Lip Fillers

These before and after photos of Robin McGraw show a great change. Her lips were significantly thinner in one photo and much fuller on the other. It could be the result of proper makeup, but it seems to be barely possible.

Due to this evidence, we agree with others regarding her having had lip injections. This explanation seems reasonable.

Robin Mcgraw Transformation

Now, we are going to see how Robin`s appearance has changed over the years. We are sure that this way we will understand if she has undergone cosmetic surgeries.

High School Years

Robin Mcgraw during high school with Doctor Phil
Source: Twitter

In this photo, we can see young Dr. Phil and Robin. They are teenagers here. It is always nice to see a couple who managed to stay in a long marriage despite everything.

Early Adulthood

Robin Mcgraw in her early adulthood
Source: Reddit

Robin was a real beauty when she was a young girl. Her makeup is neat, and it looks good indeed. At this age, there was still some baby far on her face, but her nose has always been pretty. Here we can be absolutely sure that she has never had a nose job. She just never needed it.

Year 1976 – Wedding Day

Robin Mcgraw in 1976 - Big Wedding Day
Source: Facebook

And this a photo from the couple`s wedding. Robin was a gorgeous bride with her white teeth and beautiful smile. She was really happy and did not hide it. Why should she?

Year 1986

Robin Mcgraw 1986
Source: Drphil

By this time, she has become a mother of two children and put on some weight. Robin`s face area shows it.

Year 2003

Robin Mcgraw 2003
Source: Iakodaeko.wordpress

In this photo she attends the Daytime Emmy Awards. Dr.Phil takes her to all the events, and she always looks gorgeous. She has lost weight now, and rumors regarding surgeries appeared.

Year 2008

Robin Mcgraw 2008
Source: Cellcode

Here Robin is a 55-year-old woman with some signs of aging. There is a wrinkle around her jawline, but the skin overall looks too smooth for her age. Is it due to a miraculous skin care routine?

Year 2014

Robin Mcgraw 2014
Source: Seconds

But what happened to Robin McGraw`s face? She is 61 now, but you will never guess it looking at her face. This is when they started suspecting plastic surgery. She looked too young. It can be definitely concluded that Robin did have a facelift. There are no other explanations for that.

Year 2018

Robin Mcgraw 2018
Source: Facebook

Being a 65-year-old woman, Robin manages to maintain her body shape. She is too skinny. How does she do that? A diet? A workout? Or liposuction maybe?

Year 2019

Robin Mcgraw 2019
Source: Instagram


Robin McGraw keeps denying any kind of plastic surgeries. She says that she just knows how to take care of her skin properly. According to her, Robin`s happy marriage is another beauty secret that helps her to remain young and beautiful.

Yes, she is the owner of a cosmetics company and she has to look good to promote it. But after inspecting her before and after surgery photos, we all can see that there is a difference. Did skin care products make her face and lips look different? We don`t think so. There must have been botox, facelift and lip injections at least.

What is your opinion?

Has Dr.Phil`s wife undergone plastic surgery?




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