Kate Upton Before and After Cosmetic Surgery?

Kate Upton

Kate Upton is a model in America – one of those who increased her profile as a brilliant celebrity for her being on the cover of the Magazine illustrating Sports Swimsuit not less than 4 times. It’s a success that has also made her sensitive to different gossips about her plastic surgery.

From now on Kate’s popularity increased due to her cover issues, everybody has been thoroughly analyzing each defect of perfect shapes in her appearance. There those who are interested in her bra size and those who consider her bust to be phony.

There are plenty of gossips about Kate’s artificial boobs and lips.

Plastic doctors from America and different foreign countries have even given their points of view on Kate’s problem breast job. There have been a lot of online conversations about her big breasts.

The attractive model from Michigan probably had no idea about the influence of her front cover pictures. Kate hasn’t admitted the gossips about her surgery, anyway, that’s naturally!

Before & After Photos

Can you suggest if Kate’s appearance is real or fake? Can you suggest if she applied for any plastic clinics?

We can check her pics while her becoming a celebrity. Maybe, it’s possible to find a clue to her brilliant looks and give the public a true version.

Let’s begin…

Does Kate Upton Have Breast Implants?

Does Kate Upton Have A Boob Job?

Kate’s breasts are 34D big. The girl never agreed to a breast implanters but she desired to have rather smaller boobs talking about them with The Sun interviewer.

She is limited in her wardrobe preferences, for example, can’t wear spaghetti straps without a bra, because of big boobs. We can consider that her boasting about big breasts makes us think about her natural shapes.

Still, there are some people who believe in rumors and suggest her size to be 32D before she became famous. Look at the pictures and guess if there is any difference? Did Kate Upton get a boob job – it is up to you to decide…One thing we can say for sure she did not get breast augmentation…

Did She Get A Nose Job?

Did Kate Upton Have A Nose Job?

Some time ago, Kate made fun of the Kardashian sisters who made nose surgery. Her stupid joke became interesting for a news agency and at the same time Kate was captured to suggest if she had it herself. Here joke made others believe that Kate doesn’t believe in surgery and doesn’t apply for surgeons.

If you analyze her before and after photos, the architecture of her nose seems the same. Kate minimizes her nose’s tip and slim down the bridge using makeup too.

Has Kate Had Lip Injections?

Has Kate Upton Had Lip Injections?

When Kate was younger, she had tinier lips which later in her mature years became sexier in size and shape as you can see in the pictures. Did she start using good lipstick or does lip job make her appearance change?

Being silent about any changes made to her appearance, Kate’s lips were presented in many ads of  Bobbi Brown lipstick.

What About The Rest Of Her Body?

How Does Kate Upton Get Her Body?

When Kate began a model career, her figure used to be slimmer. She had long legs and seemed taller. Then Kate gained some pounds and was wearing baggy clothes when she was out of work. Later she got back in shape again.

There were those who considered Kate to have liposuction to shape up her body. The expert in cosmetology Tal Rounder, on another hand, told Life and style magazine that Kate had naturally perfect shapes. He thinks she didn’t have any surgery at all.

Jennifer Leebow of Beauty Bar doesn’t accept Kate’s surgery job too. Kate might have regained her perfect shapes following diets or working out.

Ben Bruno, Kate’s trainer, spoke with Cosmopolitan about her hard training in the gym. Also, she tries to get rid of sugar and fast food.

Kate Upton’s Beauty Transformation

Let’s try to analyze how Kate’s appearance has modified during her modeling career. No plastic operations or beauty transformations won’t be missed.

Early childhood


Young Kate Upton as a child
Source: Pinterest

When Kate was younger, she looked prettier and more adorable. Being a child she had long hair and spaced teeth. But even in those times, she had model face shapes.

Teenage Days

Kate Upton in her teens during high school

Learning at High School Kate was really gorgeous (as it’s seen at the picture). She had a beautiful smile and long blonde hair. Kate seemed not to have any awkward kid age.

Year 2008

Kate Upton 2008
Source: Facebook

At 16 Kate left for Miami to contract with the Elite Model Agency and was a standout having beautiful smile and eyes.

Due to Kate’s small face, her nose and chin seemed to be noticeable. Her distinct cheeks and prominent gum lines remained as in her childhood.

Year 2010

Kate Upton 2010
Source: Twitter

At 18 Kate started a big career, signing up with Guess in 2010. In Polaroid picture, she looked naturally in spite of her busty frame.

And the white dress shows her real boobs so obviously.

Year 2012

Kate Upton 2012
Source: Getty

Looking elegant with the earrings, hairdo and perfect makeup, Kate performed at a Vanity Fair Oscar event in 2012.

There were those who suggested her nose surgery due to this look. What’s your opinion: surgery or perfect makeup?

Year 2014

Kate Upton 2014
Source: Getty Images

At the Meg Gala in 2014, Kate resembled a French girl. Her shapes were accentuated by the dress, beautiful earrings and necklace.

Anyway, some people think about her fake boobs because of this view.

Year 2016

Kate Upton 2016
Source: Getty Images

Kate wears street clothes but still looks perfect in her simple jeans and top in 2016. Kate’s long legs are accentuated by her shoes.

Year 2018

Kate Upton 2018
Getty Images

At the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit event in 2018 Kate emphasized her breast reduction with a sequined suit and showed off her face with brushed hair and plenty of makeup.

People were wondering about her boobs size under her dress, the same like makeup made people pay attention to her face.

Can you see lip injection in this photo?

Year 2019

Kate Upton 2019
Source: Getty Images

Year 2024

Kate Upton
Source: Gotceleb.com
Kate Upton
Source: Twitter.com
Kate Upton
Source: Twitter.com

What Does Kate Have To Say About Plastic Surgery?

Kate Upton has never talked directly about her appearance gossips. It’s a wonder to find out that previously she was unconfident about her body.

She talked about critics who were discussing her shapes after her first cover.

Fortunately, she didn’t allow them to spoil her career.

She even thanked those people because they helped her to evaluate and understand herself.

To everybody’s surprise, Kate denied her story about a desire to have smaller breasts and said that she always loved her shapes.


The breast size of Kate Upton seems to be implanted because her body is too small compared to her boobs.

But Kate has never admitted any plastic issues. Top experts of Beauty also don’t suggest any augmentations of her face and body. So, there is no evidence of her nose, tits and lip changes.

Moreover, Kate’s gorgeous face and perfect body are the results of her natural shapes, good makeup and strength fitness.

Her fitness trainer also says about her hard training and diets. Maybe one day she’ll appear on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit again as long as she cares a lot about her physical wealth.

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