Pierce Brosnan’s Marriage Flourishes During the Pandemic

Image source: profimedia.com

Famous actor Pierce Brosnan, 67, has been married for 19 years to wife Keely Shaye Smith, 56, and paparazzi caught the couple in tender kisses in Hawaii this week.

The star of the James Bond movie was walking on the beach in his bathing suit, showing off his sculpted figure. The couple has been in Hawaii for weeks, where they spend most of their time on the beaches while the rest of the world is quarantined.

Image source: rtl.net

The legendary actor manages to keep in good shape despite his age, and he is not bothered by the paparazzi who are stalking him all the time.

Pierce and his wife Keely have been married since 2001, and together they have 23-year-old Dylan and 19-year-old Paris. With his first wife Cassandra Harris, the actor has a son, Sean, who is 36 today. Charlotte passed away in 2013 from cancer.

Image source: startsat60.com

The actor recently took to Instagram to congratulate his son Dylan on graduation. “Congratulations, Dylan, on your graduation and academic achievements at USC School of Cinematic Arts. Go forth into this new world and make it your own. Be fearless, courageous, and generous. Love, Dad”, Brosnan wrote in the caption.