9 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives

The Covid-19 pandemic has been such an earth-shattering event for so many people that it almost seems trite to point out it’s changed many of our lives. However, since the pandemic can feel so big, it can be easy to lose track of exactly how our lives feel different. Since last March, when the pandemic began for many of us, our lives have been altered in profound ways, but we’re only just beginning to feel the effects of many of those ways. Here are 9 things about our lives that have changed massively since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Fashion is changing

The beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was, for many people, something of a reset button. It allowed them to move their focus away from dressing to impress and towards comfort, which is now being reflected in the designs and approaches of many fashion creatives. London Fashion Week, which is one of the most successful fashion events in the world, went digital in 2024, with designs also changing to reflect new mores and social attitudes. One thing’s for sure, though: the London Fashion Week is going nowhere, and fashion as a whole is still super-important. Check out this cool Betway infographic to see how London Fashion Week has changed over the years!

2. We’re getting healthier

It’s true – although you may think the opposite is true, the pandemic is making us healthier, at least according to a study commissioned by Parade magazine. Many of us are making healthier lifestyle choices, eating foods that are better for us, and experiencing being outside in nature more often, with the vast majority of survey respondents also saying they’ll maintain that behavior when the pandemic is over. Of course, self-report data is rarely reliable, but it’s clearly making many of us think about our choices.

3. Our office hours are changing

Image source: unsplash.com

Some people think that the Covid-19 pandemic – and the way it’s made us change our thinking about workplaces – is the end of the traditional 9 to 5 working week. Whether that’s true or not, we’re certainly working in different ways. Productivity has suffered slightly under Covid, so it’s not likely that all office work will cease, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the office environment diminish as the center of working life in the future.

4. Our social media usage is changing

It’s perhaps to be expected that social media is being dramatically affected by the Covid pandemic. We’re using social media much more than we once did – perhaps because we’re trying to keep up with people when we can’t see them face-to-face – and we’re also posting things that are, on balance, more important and less frivolous than before the pandemic. There’s also been an increase in “democratized knowledge” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; we’re sharing more than ever with each other.

5. We’re cooking more

Image source: unsplash.com

Since the Covid pandemic began, we’ve begun home cooking more. Naturally, as restaurants close, we don’t make as many trips out with our loved ones as we used to. That’s why we’re turning to concoctions we create in our own kitchens. Cooking is also becoming more complex, likely because we have more time to spend doing it. That’s good, too; healthy cooking is one way to shore up your immune system, so while it won’t protect you against Covid, it may help you fight off an infection.

6. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Around the world, we’ve become much better acquainted with a piece of software many of us had never heard of before: Zoom. It’s effectively Skype with a bit more functionality. Hilarious mistakes and stuck filters aside, Zoom has helped us to communicate with one another during a time when doing so would otherwise be impossible. Arguably, we’ve all become more technically literate as a result, although there are still many who are struggling with the app.

7. Misinformation spreads more easily

Image source: unsplash.com

Unfortunately, a major downside to the Covid pandemic – aside from the obvious ones – is the increasing spread of misinformation. More and more people are sharing bogus, erroneous, or poorly-researched info on social media, and it’s being adopted and believed by many. Work is being done to make sure this misinformation isn’t tolerated, but there’s no doubt that the pandemic itself, as well as news of vaccines and other treatments, has been a boon for those who like to sow discord.

8. The arts are struggling

Cinema, music, and other disciplines that rely almost entirely on live engagement are noticeably struggling in the pandemic. While many are still creating amazing art, venues and live performers are appealing to governments for assistance. In some cases, they’re receiving it, but in others, the situation is bleaker. The arts will, of course, survive the pandemic, but expect the landscape to look very different after the dust settles and Covid-19 has done the majority of its damage.

9. We’re cycling and walking more

Image source: unsplash.com

Because many of us have been advised to avoid public transport – and still others just don’t like the idea of sitting on crowded buses or trains – we’ve taken to walking and cycling. UK cycling retailer Halfords revealed that profits in 2024 skyrocketed by 102%, with revenues also increasing by 6.7%. This is good; cycling and walking are very healthy, not only for us but also for the environment. If something positive can come out of Covid-19, it may be that we become healthier as a society.