10 easy Ways to Earn Money Online during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic of coronavirus has caused many problems in the whole world. While there is a fear of being infected, countries introduced lockdown measures, which means that many businesses are on hold, and people are staying at home. The negative impact on the global economy is huge, and a large number of people have lost their jobs. Therefore, the option of working from home became very attractive.

Freelancing and remote working is popular for a long time, but during the lockdown, it became the only way for many people to work. There are platforms like Upwork, where you can find clients if you have certain skills. If you possess some skills to provide clients with various services, you should find a way to start working from home. Here are some of the ways to earn money online during and after the coronavirus pandemic

Trading on Forex

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Trading with shares online is attractive for a long time, and represents a good option to start a business from home. You will need to analyze the market properly, select the right position, and choose the right shares to trade with. You should check fxdailyreport.com for the latest news and analysis related to the stock market in 2024.

Earn by Sharing Your Opinions Online

There are lots of marketing companies that can offer you to fill various surveys about certain topics. In most cases, filing a survey requires only a few minutes, and you can choose how many you would like to get from them. You can’t expect a lot of money from surveys, but if you are willing to spend a few hours a day doing this, you could end up with a decent paycheck at the end of the month.

Private Teacher

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If you have skills in teaching various subjects, you can use that for tutoring kids, which is especially good during this time since schools are closed. You can choose from many subjects like math, English, history, science, or anything else that you know well. Also, you can take classes face to face or online. The best method is online, where you can set up a conference video call on Skype, and hold a class for several kids.

Reselling Items

If you have a large number of things in your home that just needlessly take up space, you can sell them online. On the other side, if you see a potential in selling items on the internet, you can post an ad that you are buying used products, and then resell them for a bigger price. The best place for selling this kind of products is on eBay and similar platforms.


While it is similar to selling used items, dropshipping is a model of business, where you have to find a supplier that will offer you a reasonable price for items that you could later sell for a profitable price. The most popular model for this business is buying items from Ali Express, Home Depot, or any other supplier, and sell them on your online store, eBay account, or Amazon.

Share Reviews of Various Content

The user experience is the most popular factor when some company is researching its products and potential of them on the market. There are various online platforms where you can get paid for testing websites and apps, or write reviews about different products. This online job is similar to surveys, but it is more precise and focused on a particular product.

Affiliate Marketing

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If you own a website or a good blog with lots of visitors, it would be a good idea to start working as a marketing affiliate. If you have no website don’t worry at mybestwebsitebuilder.com with the help of the best free website builders you can create your own website. The main point of this business is to provide people with interesting content, where you will also implement a link that leads to some other website from the client, who will later pay to according to how many visitors your content brought to him. Additionally, you could use your social networks, share various content there with a mention and link of the website you want to promote.


Remote work and freelancing became very popular in recent years, and more and more people are replacing the office with the home since they have the same possibility for quality work either way. Some of the benefits of freelancing are that you can choose clients and working hours. People that work as engineers, developers, graphic designers, writers, are the one that can find online jobs most quickly.

Besides that, there is a high need for telemarketers, social media managers, and customer support. All of these jobs you can work from home. Some of them have the usual working hours from 9 to 5, but most of them are offering you great transparency to choose when you will be working. A lot of managers let their employees use monitoring apps like Traqq’s time tracker to ensure every hour worked is every hour paid. This way, there is still accountability despite having geographically scattered team members.

Become an Influencer

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If you have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account with a lot of followers, maybe it would be a good idea to become an influencer. The main point of this job is to share content on your accounts, and attract people by promoting various products and companies that will pay you for your marketing. You can also combine affiliate marketing with this, and share links with people along with the other content.

You can choose from various niches. For example, Gabriel Cabrera is one of the most popular food influencers, Hudda Katan is promoting her beauty products line. A celebrity with currently most followers on Instagram in Cristiano Ronaldo, and he is making millions from his content on this network.

Write Various Content

If you are a talented writer, you should write a book and publish it online in e-book form. The easiest to publish an e-book is to use Amazon Kindle. You don’t need to write fiction novels if you are not good at that, but writing about some topics where you are experienced, such as business, marketing, some online tools, and many more, could end up with a good profit at the end. On the other side, you could work as a content writer for various websites, and create short articles about various subjects.