4 Things to Know Before Vaping CBD E-liquids – 2024 Guide

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What if someone tells you that vaping is good for your health? Actually, it is, only with the difference that you have to change the fluid. Fluids in the regular vapes have nicotine however, the healthy ones have CBD oils. CBD e-liquids are commonly called oils but they are just fluids and not oils. You will also hear the term vape juice for these e-liquids.

Furthermore, these e-liquids or juice have food-grade components. Therefore, they are quite safe for consumption regularly. Inhaling nicotine is harmful to health but not cannabinoids. Inhaling cannabinoids brings a lot of benefits like improving the immune system and reducing inflammation.

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1. Choosing the right type of vape

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There are a lot of kits in the market and the more options you have, the difficult it will be to get the right one. You need the inhaling kit that is best suited for CBD liquids. The first thing that you should not look at is the sub-ohm bigger cloud kits. These are bigger cloud kits and are not suitable for inhaling cannabinoids.

Some of the other options include starter kits, disposable inhalers and pods. But if you are not aware of using vapes, you should choose a simple pod. These pods come with cartridges and are disposable and you can use them directly out of the box.

But this is not the right choice in the longer run. If you need to inhale CBD regularly, you cannot go with disposable ones. These will be more expensive. However, if you have to try it for one time or you are vaping it for the very first time, you should buy a disposable inhaler. This will let you taste the fluid and look further to use it.

One more benefit is that you can use no nicotine disposable vapes. These devices contain no nicotine, making them a great option for those who want to enjoy the sensation of smoking without the harmful effects of nicotine. They are easy to use and require no maintenance or charging, making them perfect for on-the-go vaping. Zero nicotine disposable vapes from Indejuice come in a variety of flavors, from fruity to minty, and can be found at most vape shops and online retailers. With their convenience and lack of nicotine, they offer a healthier and more customizable option for those looking to quit smoking or simply enjoy vaping without the negative effects.

2. The right dosage

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Another important thing is to determine the dosage of CBD that suits you the best. Every person has a tolerance level for nicotine and also for CBD. You should not take anything beyond your capacity. Therefore, if you are using this vape for treating some disease, it might come from a doctor. So he will also ask you for your weight and will also check the severity of your disease. Furthermore, the doctor will also check your body chemistry and then tell you the right dosage.

Thus, it is something that you cannot do all by yourself and you need professional help.
However, if it is not for a serious disease but just for fun then you do not need all these. All you have to do is to start from the lowest dose and increase it gradually. The first vape should be of the lowest CBD dosage. If you think it is not satisfying you, you can always increase the dosage. Once you reach the right level, you can stop there.

The dosage level varies with your weight and body chemistry. For example, if your body weight is between 80 to 150 lbs. your low limit is 12 mg and the highest dose is 18 mg. Likewise, for a person with 151 to 240 lbs. weight, the lowest limit is 18 mg and the highest is 27 mg. So, with increasing body weight, the CBD dosage will also increase.

3. Components of CBD e-liquids

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After getting the right inhaler kit, you should find the right fluid too. While looking for CBD fluids, you should pay attention to the ingredients. First of all, they should be food graded and must be safe for use. Afterward, you should also look for the components of e-liquid. These include;

  1. CBD (of course it is a must thing)
  2. Flavors (that will make the vape interesting)
  3. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  4. Propylene Glycol (PG)

4. Vaping CBD – the right way to do so

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Vaping for the very first time might be troublesome for you. Therefore, you need to learn the right way to do so. This is the process of inhalation from mouth to lungs. So when you inhale the liquid, the vapors will go in your mouth and then to the lungs. Afterward, you will exhale them out.

But you will also have to know how your device functions. Of course, you will be using a pod or inhaler. So, you have to read the instructions and they will tell you about the right way to use them. Some devices have a push button and you have to press it to make it work.

After setting up the inhaler, you have to manage the temperature too. The liquid should not be at a high temperature and it is best to keep it low. A higher temperature will end up burning CBD quickly and thus, you will waste it.

Furthermore, at 230 degrees Celsius temperature, cannabinoids will degrade and you will have nothing. Big vaping cloud kits also work at high temperatures and therefore, they are not suitable for CBD. Because you will only waste product and won’t be able to make use of it.

In addition to the temperature, you should also keep the wattage low. Because a higher wattage means more heat, which will burn the CBD. The wattage should be between 10 to 30 watts and not more than that. 30 watts is also the maximum limit and the burning process will be fast. The wattage and temperature are almost ideal in disposable pods. Therefore, they are the best choice.