How Do Neon Signs Have Different Colors?


Neon signs are one of the most striking forms of advertising, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. Like it or not, it’s simply impossible to pass by without looking at a flashing sign advertising a certain company or brand. Also, lately, we see neon signs more and more often present in the decoration of the interior, both in cafes and business premises, as well as in homes.

Neon signs are made of glass tubes filled with noble gases that, depending on the composition, emit light in one of the standardized colors. They are extremely popular because of the unique effect they leave on observers, and due to their resistance to weather influences, they can be used outside.


Neon signs can be made in different colors and shapes, depending on what is being advertised – a cafe, a serious company, or something else. Today, their production has improved, so LED neon signs are made, and the use of noble gases is not necessary. Check this site to learn more about it.

If we are talking about classic neon lights that are filled with noble gases, the color of the light will depend on the gas. For example, sodium in its gaseous state gives off a bright yellow light, mercury gives off a blue color, and so on.

Many do not realize that the color of the advertisement is actually the key because it is precisely colors that influence our behavior because we are surrounded by them every day, and we associate certain characteristics and associations with them.


The white color is associated with purity, but also with simplicity and seriousness. Blue advertising can create the impression of coldness if it is used too much, and it is perfect for combination with natural colors such as gray or green. In art and design, green is very effective, but you should not exaggerate with large colored surfaces. It is very strong and leaves a strong impression.

It is often used in combination with dark blue tones. Red is the most temperamental color, so many people use it in personal marketing campaigns. It refers to passion, fire, speed, and competition, and is a frequent choice for advertising underwear, selling auto parts, and the like.


If we had to make a comparison between classic neon signs filled with noble gases and LED neon signs, we would definitely give preference to LED signs for several reasons. It is believed that LED signs shine brighter, are made by hand, and are not harmful to children or the environment.

When thinking about this type of advertising, the big takeaway is that you can create the final look yourself. The production itself is favorable, and the lifetime is long (on average 50,000 hours).

Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, the shape of the neon tubes is extremely easy to adjust to the desired shape, while the ceramic caps on their ends ensure complete hermetic insulation of the tubes.

This is precisely why neon signs are resistant to most standard weather conditions, primarily moisture and UV radiation, so they can be used outside without any problems.