Sun Signs and How They behave in Love

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Love, a word that makes hearts cartwheel in an open park and makes us day-dream in broad daylight. For everyone, love brings new meaning and has a different definition. Some wear their heart on their sleeves while some write secret love letters. But whatever you do in love, it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

But do you wonder why some people behave a certain way when they are in love? Well, a lot of this can be linked to their sun signs. It is known that your sun signs affect your personality to a certain point, and hence influences behavior. You can glean a lot from how each sign expresses love, and astrology may also help you find out your potential partner.

Find out how sun signs behave when they are in love.


Being the first zodiac sign, Aries show their love in the most old-fashioned way. They will reel you with their charm and grandiosity, and will never lose their individuality in a relationship. They are very faithful and fully committed, so much so that they expect the same from their partners. They do get a little possessive and jealous, but overall they are easy to be with. They take charge and initiate romantic relations.


Taurus loves hard, but they take time to accept they are in love. They will express their love in front of everyone else before they let their lover know. They like taking it slowly and patiently. Being the calm, composed partner in a relationship, they won’t say it, but they are hopelessly romantic from inside.

When a Taurean is in love, they make their partner’s happiness their priority. They are also fully devoted and protective when it comes to someone they love. They love creating a stable, comfortable relationship that feels like home.


Geminis are dedicated but only to the right person. Being the social butterflies that they are, they often come across as heartbreakers. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a Gemini to define relationships, which keeps the other person wondering whether they like them as a friend or want something more.

When it comes to romantic endeavors, a Gemini wants it to be fun. They fear that their love life might become boring and dull. They try to bring excitement to their love life now and then. But once they commit to a partner, they are fully dedicated and selfless. They may not be able to express themselves completely, in the beginning. But once they trust you, they will burn down all the walls and let the emotions flow freely.


Cancers are emotional people that carry the all-or-nothing vibe. They hate fooling around, and therefore expect their partners to be equally invested. They are temperamental and give more importance to things that have a high sentimental value. Being one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac, they try to make their second-half feel like home all the time.

When it comes to love, Cancerians are a bit shy. It is hard for them to express their feelings to even the ones they truly love. But they are loyal to their partners, and you can trust them with closed eyes.


The lions love to show off when they are in love. They want everyone to know about their significant halves, which makes them the no. 1 catch out of all the zodiac signs. They are so passionate that heir love can sometimes feel overwhelming and make it difficult for them to recover from it.

A Leo knows how to make their partner feel special, and they are all out for grand gestures. They stand by their partners through thick and thin. Check out Leo daily horoscope on sites like if your partner is a Leo, and see how they will behave today.


Virgos are ruled by their hearts, which makes them evaluate their partner much closely. This makes casual dating a complete no-no for this sign. They are rational, often attracted to people who can have open debates or offer them something new to learn every single day. When too much in love, they can behave irrationally and start mimicking their partner’s personality/ interests.

You can expect a Virgo to be loyal, and they will prove you right. They give their 100% in a relationship. Sometimes living with them can be a little restrictive, but with love, you can overcome this.


Ruled by the goddess of love and beauty, Libras are hopelessly devoted creatures, who will make you the center of their world. They are very thoughtful, charismatic, and put a lot of effort into capturing their lover’s attention. They don’t give up on love so easily. Sometimes, this makes them lose themselves in their partner.

Librans know how to love someone passionately. They can shout at the top of their lungs to declare love for their partners. Extremely loving and giving.


Scorpio is the most sensual sign of the zodiac, which makes it difficult for the Scorpios to draw the line between love and obsession. They are all about intense bonding and deep connection. And while this need to be extremely close to their partners may be the reason behind the fireflies in their relationship, it can also lead to jealousy and outbreaks.

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime romance, you will find it only with a Scorpio. They sometimes shut down completely, making it difficult for their partner to understand them, but when in love, their energies are unmatched.


Sagittarians don’t settle easily, and therefore, may come across as rude or harsh. But they are highly sensual and extremely imaginative. They may not show their emotional side in the beginning, but once they find someone with whom they can carry on intense conversations, they will be head over heels for them.

Sagittarians are a bit flirty and even need personal space. Sometimes these things don’t go down well with a romantic partner. But Sagittarians never cross a line.


Capricorns are considered to be the most emotionless and calculating in love. They are realistic, reserved, and probably think a hundred times before committing to someone. They struggle to form bonds initially, but once they do, they can be incredibly loving.

Generally, the mature ones in a relationship, Capricorns, believe in action rather than words. They might not always have the right words, but the way they will care for you will answer all your questions.


Aquarians have a reputation for being unconventional lovers. They love everything and everyone, which makes it difficult for the other person to understand whether they mean something more to an Aquarian. They may not like Valentine’s Day celebrations, but they would express their love for you in a more traditional manner.

It takes some time for an Aquarian to get comfortable with their partner. Once comfortable, they love their partners with all they have.


Pisces wear their heart on their sleeves, which means they are often the victim of their own overwhelming emotions. They are extremely passionate, but this attribute of theirs usually causes drama in their love life.

When in love, Pisceans sure know how to make their partner feel special. They get a little jealous sometimes, but communicating with them can help clear the air.

Love can be tricky for everyone in one way or another, but nothing can keep two people apart who decide to stay in love. This article is just a guide to help you understand your partner better. Maybe you will now have some idea about why they behave in a certain way.