5 Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Your Own Custom Neon Sign – 2024 Guide

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Neon signs are one of the coolest ways to advertise your business. They work just in a regular way during the day. However, the neon light at night makes it shine brightly and attract more people. Moreover, it makes it easier for people to find your place. These are some of the reasons for the use of sign names.

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Though using neon lights can be of great help to your business but your mistakes can be of negative value. Instead of attracting and promoting your business, such signs will make them question the designer. Furthermore, the main purpose of designs and signs is to make your place attractive but improper signs will reverse the situation.

Where to get them

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Therefore, you need a proper designer who has been doing this business and has experience. Because only then he will provide you with the best results. For example, you can visit this site and see their designs. You will find a neon sign collection and can choose anything from there.

And if you want, you can ask for custom designs. For example, you are planning to open your restaurant and want to use neon signs there. Of course, they look cool and photogenic. Therefore, they can be of great help to your promotion. Understandably, anyone who goes there would like to take some photos and post them on their social media. So this will be a sort of free advertisement for your business.

You can use neon signs in a number or in combination with various designs. Mix and match designs will make your wall look cool. You can either design a corner with neon lights while keeping the rest of the wall with matte paintings. But to do all this, your designer should be up to par.

The most critical part is the name board sign. You should be more careful with it. Because you will display it outside and it can make or ruin your market repute.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid if you are designing your signs on your own.

1. Not limiting the info

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Businesses want to advertise their strong points and this is the mistake that you can also make. If you are making the sign for the hotel business, you will wish for advertising your services. So if you create a board and write the name, your restaurant, service timings and strong points, this will be too much information.

Therefore, while designing your sign, you should keep things simple. If it is a hotel, only use the name, this will be the most efficient way. Do not forget the main purpose of the signs, which is to advertise your business. Therefore, you do not have to tell the whole story, the title alone is enough for others to understand.

2. Not minding the location of the sign

One of the common mistakes that businesses make is to use an incorrect location to display the sign. While designing the sign, you should also keep the size of your business in your mind. If the building is small, the sign should not be too big. Such a combination will look odd.

Likewise, if you have a big hotel, a smaller sign will disappear. Things get more complicated when your shop is in an alley. You surely want the name of your business to pop up. However, if the sign is too big and extends on the road, it will become a disturbance for a lot of people.

Regarding the positioning, you should also pay attention to this aspect. The sign should always be along the front entrance. If your business is in a multistory building, you cannot use a neon sign on the wall. Using the sign around the window of your office would be the worst thing to do.

Instead, such buildings have name boards, you should make use of it. Moreover, you can use the business name written on the wall, just beside the main entrance.

3. Day or night signs

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Neon lights do look but only in the dark. You cannot expect them, to overcome the bright sunlight. Therefore, always keep this thing in your mind that the sign should not look bad during the day. If you are creating a board and writing the name on it, the color combination should be good for the day. It should appear nicely.

A mistake that people make is use letters that do not look good without light and also become almost invisible during the daytime. Therefore, keep these details in mind and learn more about the day and night designs. This will be of great help to you.

4. Not using the right fonts and colors

The most attractive point about neon lights is their light. So if the color choice is not good, how can you expect the sign to look good? The best thing is to use the colors of your business.

For example, if you have a restaurant with young target customers, red, blue, yellow and such pop colors would make the place a fun area. Moreover, the font style should be cool too.

However, if you have a high-end restaurant for businessmen and elite customers, white and cream color light would be a good choice. Furthermore, the design and font should be accordingly. You cannot use funky colors and font style in such a place.

5. Not leaving any white space

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You may feel like keeping a blank space on the board but this is actually a good thing. A sufficient amount of white space is essential as it makes the name appear clearly. Your sign will be easy to read.

However, if you overcrowd the space, none of the things will pop up. The viewer will have to search for something he is looking for. He might question that whether he is at the right place or not only because there is too much information on the board.