Most Expensive E-Liquid Flavors in the World

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Vaping is considered a safer option than traditional smoking, and we can say that many people around the world enjoy different flavors and aromas, without having to worry about the unpleasant smell that is released by ordinary cigarettes. But, this doesn’t mean that vaping is completely safe. The liquids contain nicotine too, and many other substances we inhale while vaping. Many people believe that if they invest in more expensive juices, they will lower the risk, and that’s somehow right because cheaper liquids are made of low-quality ingredients and may affect general health. But, that doesn’t mean that expensive juices don’t come with some danger for your health condition.

If you decide to turn to vape, it’s always better to invest in quality devices and juices, but not to spend all your money on that. How expensive is enough so you can be sure you are buying the best product for you? The usual price range of a good juice is between $7 and $17, but there are definitely more expensive than that, but the question is, is it worth investing in it? Is there anything that makes these liquids better than all the others?
When it comes to the most expensive e-juice flavors, we can mention:

1. Ginger and cinnamon taste

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They come from the brand named Wisdom and one 30ml bottle costs $39. This is the most popular taste from the line, but also there are four other flavors including Interio (lime, fruits, and ginger), Olio (peach, cinnamon, and baked goods), Agua do Pirata with rum, vanilla, and cinnamon, then Creme de Laranha with vanilla and citrus aroma, and of course, Rei, which is a mixture of lemon, honey, and almonds.

2. Woody and tobacco aromas

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If you want smoky, tobacco, woody, and spicy aromas, you can choose the Black Note’s liquids, which costs $39 for a 30ml bottle too. They also have a unique way to produce their juices, because the ingredients are left to age for years. Also, they use tobacco leaves and spices that can’t be easily found on the market. Some of the bottles are limited edition because the quantities of these ingredients are limited too, and if you are sure you want to enjoy high-end vaping, then this one is for you.

3. Bourbon and barrels

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If you love bourbon, especially the good blends, then you can enjoy the same taste with your Castle Long Reserve bottle, which will cost you $37 for 30ml. It’s a unique blend of aromas of bourbon, vanilla, coconut, almonds, sugar, and oak barrel that is used to keep the bourbon in there. This is also a limited edition, and if you want a unique experience, then you need to hurry and order your bottle.

4. High-quality tobacco blends

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Some people want to simply enjoy the natural taste of tobacco, even when they are vaping. If you are ready to pay around $30 for a bottle, then it’s worth to try the Black Note choices, which are different blends of Virginia, Havana, Basma, and many other popular tobacco flavors. Many people don’t enjoy other aromas, and they want strictly tobacco flavors while vaping.

5. Fruity and candy flavors

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They are pretty nice for the younger vapors, who don’t have much experience with popular tobacco blends, and they want to experiment with braver choices, like red apple, Banana Cream Pie, grapes, and mango, from many brands available on VaporSolo. You can visit to learn more about all the things we are talking about, and decide which device you want, and of course, which taste will fit you the best. One bottle can cost around $10, but also there are more expensive, as the brand 7Daze, which costs about $25 for one bottle, when not on sale.

These e-liquids can make your vaping experience either good or bad. That’s why you need to choose the flavors and aromas carefully, depending on your personal taste. Many of your friends will try to recommend you different types of brands, and aromas, but you are the one who knows the best what do you want. Don’t go for cheaper options, because some of them are made with oils that can damage the atomizer in your vapor, but also, to spoil the whole experience. Keep in mind that when heated, the liquid changes the taste and aroma, and you can’t decide by simply smelling the content from the tester bottle.

Some brands offer smaller bottles, for more affordable prices, so you can try more, and find the one you want. Also, we need to mention that it’s not good to judge others for their choices. If someone prefers tropical aromas, and you enjoy candy and desserts, don’t make them try yours. Many brands have an innovative offer, and flavors we can’t even imagine exist.

Final words

The number of young people and teenagers who choose to vape instead of smoking cigarettes is huge, and it’s still rising. But, do we need to be happy about that? Of course not, because as you know, vaping is not a completely safe option. It may not contain all the dangerous ingredients as a traditional cigarette, but no one should ever say it’s safe. It works on the heating system, and the steam is inhaled by the person, letting all the micro drops enter the body and the lungs.

The risks exist, but they are still a topic for many health researchers. Nicotine is addictive, no matter in what form it is. Cheaper liquids may contain some toxic substances, so everyone must be careful with them. Sometimes, young people who vape, turn to traditional smoking pretty fast. Another risk we all need to consider is that the device may explode and cause burns, especially if you vape while it’s charging. The steam may have a negative effect on babies, toddlers, and children. Pregnant women should avoid vaping, because it may harm the unborn baby.

Buying expensive e-juices doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous for your health, but sure they are a better choice, because the production is controlled, and the chances for dangerous ingredients are very small