5 most Expensive Samsung TVs that You can Buy

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Samsung, the world’s premier television maker, has released dozens of models a past year and will continue the same trend in 2024.

It is one of the largest manufacturers of televisions and dominates all price ranges with products that take care of both design and quality and performance, but always offering televisions with a very reasonable price. This allows you to make the best televisions for every price range.

If you were considering buying a Samsung TV you are in luck since, unlike other manufacturers that focus on their high-end televisions or, conversely, on cheaper televisions, Samsung has a huge offer of models of all the ranges at the best price.

We select the best and most expensive models that you can buy.

Explanation of model numbers

As you will see, Samsung TVs have a series of letters in their name. If they start with the EU they are sold in the European Union. The next two figures indicate the size in inches, and it continues indicating the year of manufacture of the television associating years with letters. The resolution is indicated below, with U being 4K (UHD) models. Finally, the series and model are indicated in 4 figures.

For example,  UE65MU6205 would be a model for the European (EU) market, with a size of 65 inches (65) manufactured in 2017 (M) with 4K UHD (U) resolution, from the 6000 series (6) and the 205 models. The exception is QLED televisions, which have their own nomenclature but always bear the letter Q.

Full HD resolutions have less and less present in the Samsung catalog (and in the market in general), so almost all are 4K, Ultra HD or UHD. All three terms mean the same thing, and they tell us that their resolution is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Best and most expensive models

Under 1000 dollars

Samsung UE55NU8505

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This model has a design that Samsung calls 360 degrees because it is beautiful from any angle. With an ultra-slim frame, a stylish base, and a clean back panel where no cables are visible, the design of it is spectacular. Because it is ultra-thin, it is great to be mount on a wall. But it is best to leave that job to professionals, such as mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk, so that you do not damage the TV.

It mounts a 55-inch 10-bit VA LED panel with 4K resolution that offers extraordinary brightness, so it’s perfect for use in bright environments. HDR has been improved with what Samsung calls HDR1000, but it is nothing more than HDR10 with a contribution of brightness and extra contrast, to strengthen the HDR effect.

The image quality is very good, better than IPS panels, although, like all VA panels the viewing angle is low, image quality is lost if you do not see the TV from the front. It also stands out for its low input lag, which makes it a good TV to play video games. The price is around 950 dollars.

Between 1000 and 2000 dollars

Samsung QE55Q7F

QLED technology is already here. Has Samsung delivered on the promise of offering an alternative to OLED TVs at a more affordable price? You can say yes, but with nuances. Thanks to Quantum Dot, nanoparticles that are sprayed on the intermediate sheets with which it is possible to filter and intensify light, Samsung has achieved a color and contrast at the level of the OLED, covering 100% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum, but with a much higher brightness.

With the QLED panels, the HDR is even more spectacular than in the standard panels, but it is still LED technology, and this is evident in blacks, more washed than in OLED, and in the viewing angles, better than in LEDs but still far OLED.

If you’re on a budget, it’s worth buying a QLED TV versus an LED. The Samsung QE55Q7F model is one of the best TV in the quality/price ratio. Mount a 55-inch 10-bit QLED screen with 4K resolution and enhanced HDR10. The light level reaches 1500 nits and implements Samsung’s most advanced imaging technologies, such as Q Contrast or Q Color. It meets Ultra HD Premium standard, comes with 4 HDMI, and can be hung on the wall like a picture.

Compared to the Q8 and Q9 it has a little less brightness, but as we have said in this regard it is much better than an OLED, so it continues to maintain a high level. And the price is excellent, 1300 dollars.

Samsung QE55Q9FN

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Like other TVs with this technology, it is capable of reproducing 100% of the color volume with any level of brightness and without losing sharpness. You can buy it for around 1800 dollars.

The Samsung QE55Q9FN has a 55-inch screen with 4K UHD resolution. Thanks to Q Color and Q Contrast Elite technologies, it provides vivid, bright, and realistic colors, with 100% color volume and the reproduction of even the smallest detail. It also has rear LED lighting to provide greater detail clarity.

This television supports HDR 2000 (HDR 10+), which more accurately shows the wide range of light and dark levels of an image, reproducing brightness peaks of up to 2,000 nits. In addition, for greater comfort it is equipped with One Connect, a feature that allows you to connect all your devices with a single cable, and Ambient Mode, a mode with which you can choose an interactive background that matches the decoration of your home.

Over 2000 dollars

Samsung 65Q8CN

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The panel of it is capable of achieving a luminescence of 1500 nits and provides a 10-bit color depth for HDR. As is logical in all panels except OLEDs, blacks are not perfect, and some light leaks can be seen. But the improvement over LEDs is spectacular.

We also really liked how it rescaled 1080p content. Not so much standard DTT or DVD, but we are talking about rescaling a resolution 16 times lower. The One Remote has seemed to us the best remote control we have tested, and we must also highlight the good performance in video games, with Steam streaming from the computer integrated into the TV. You have to pay just a bit more than 2000 dollars.

Samsung QE65Q9FN

If money is no problem, this is the best Samsung TV you can buy. You have to pay 2500 dollars for a 65-inch model, and more than 4000 for 88 inches.

Its price is somewhat high, but it can compete for face to face with the most powerful OLEDs on the market. Its 65-inch QLED screen mounts a 10-bit Super VA panel that offers the brightest you’ll find on a TV, with a maximum luminescence of 2000 nits. It is ideal for watching TV in a bright room, such as a bar or the family room.

Q Engine technology, coupled with Quantum Dots and improved viewing angles of the Super VA panel, achieve color accuracy and outstanding HDR (including support for the new QHDR 2000), which even outperforms most OLED. Its weak points are the same as in the rest of the QLED range (lower angles than OLED and not perfect blacks), but we are talking about a true alternative to OLED, at a lower price.


You can’t go wrong with any of these. It just a matter of your needs and price. For extra offers and Amazon discounts please visit luckydealnews.com.