Must-Have Marketing Apps & Platforms for Realtors


Technology has been a part of our lives for years now. In that time, it has transformed from a place where people could connect with friends and family to a potent marketing tool. Many realtors say that real estate-based tech is one of their most essential tools in reaching potential sellers and buyers.

After all, if you can determine what people are interested in, you can better tailor your marketing to their needs. But how do you know which tech platforms are best for realtors?

Here are some must-have apps and platforms that you should have in your marketing arsenal.

1. Wise Pelican


Wise Pelican is a postcard app that allows you to collect leads and turn them into sales. With this app, you can send unlimited postcards to any address in the United States. You can use it on your computer or mobile device to create beautiful, high-quality mailers.

The app also features Integrated Mail Campaign Tracking, which allows you to see precisely when the postcards are being delivered. You can also tweak your message based on who is opening it and then move contacts into other marketing funnels if they don’t respond correctly.

2. BombBomb


BombBomb is a video marketing app that allows you to create and share videos. You can also schedule the videos to go live at a specific date and time, stream them live, or save them as drafts.

You can share videos directly to social media, including Facebook and Instagram. You can also share them via email or text message with a customizable link that allows viewers to watch on their own time.

This app is easy to learn and use — users who are new to video marketing will have no trouble picking up the basics in about ten minutes, while advanced users can take advantage of some of the more powerful features.

BombBomb Resources

BombBomb offers a wealth of free marketing training materials for users. These include:

  • Blogs: Want to know how to use video marketing? Or have tips on how to better connect with customers? Check out BombBomb’s blog for free news, education, and training materials
  • Videos: Need a more visual explanation of some of the features in the app? Check out BombBomb’s YouTube page for step-by-step tutorials
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are a great way to take marketing content on the go.BombBomb’s podcasts feature interviews with industry professionals about using video marketing.

3. BoldLeads


BoldLeads is a lead generation app that automatically finds contacts from your databases and adds them to a list. You can then create targeted messages based on those leads’ interests, allowing you to find potential buyers quickly.

The messages are easy to send via email or text message. If the recipient doesn’t respond, they can be automatically moved into a separate follow-up funnel based on their action.

This app is ideal for realtors who are just getting started with marketing, as it makes it easy to generate leads without having to spend too much time behind the keyboard.

4. BoomTown


BoomTown is a social media management app that allows you to manage multiple accounts from all major networks on one platform.

This app makes it easy for realtors to track their progress across all social channels, giving them an overall picture of how their marketing efforts are performing. It also has analytics tools that allow you to see which posts are the most successful and which accounts you should be focusing on.

With BoomTown, you can post simultaneously across multiple channels, schedule posts in advance, and track all of your activity to know exactly how well each account is doing.

5. Hoot Suite


Hoot Suite is a social media management and analytics app that lets you manage your business accounts from various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With this app, you can post simultaneously across multiple channels and monitor all of your activity in real-time. Hoot Suite also offers several other tools for businesses to market themselves online. Promote lets you find and share trending content, schedule posts ahead of time, and Tag Clouds to help you find the most popular hashtags.

You can track your business across all major social media platforms, and the analytics dashboards will show you exactly how well your marketing efforts are performing.

Hoot Suite Resources

Hoot Suite offers plenty of free content to its users, including:

  • Case Studies: Want the latest posts and updates about social media and digital marketing? Check out Hoot Suite’s news page for industry updates and educational materials.
  • Webinars: Don’t have time to read a blog post or watch a video? Check out Hoot Suite’s webinars to catch up on any industry updates you may have missed.
  • Hootsuite Academy (Social Media Education): Hootsuite Academy offers a wealth of free educational materials for social media marketers, including studies, ebooks, and additional training.

6. Mailer Lite


Mailer Lite is an email app that allows you to send newsletters, announcements, and promotions. This makes it easy for realtors to spread the word about their latest listings or upcoming open houses across all of their marketing channels at once.

The template system within this app allows you to quickly create quality-looking emails without learning how to design from scratch. You can also save drafts so that you can come back and work on them later, ensuring that your crowd never has to wait longer than necessary for a new blog post or special promotion.

Mailer Lite is an excellent app if you’re just getting started with email marketing, as it makes it easy to reach out to your fans and followers without having to hire a designer.

Mailer Lite Resources

Mailer Lite offers a ton of resources to help you get started with email marketing, including:

  • Knowledge base: Need some guidance on how to use the app? Check out MailerLite’s insight center for tips and tricks from industry experts.
  • Mailerlite Academy: This training center offers a lot of educational materials for new email marketers, including ebooks, webinars, and a variety of other resources.
  • Industry-specific Guides: Ever wanted to learn how to market online real estate or multi-family housing? MailerLite’s guides are a great place to start.


Every realtor knows that marketing is the key to success. That’s why it’s so critical for you to have all of your bases covered. The above apps are just a few of the tools you can use to spread your message across social media, email, and beyond. If you want to be successful online, make sure that every platform you’re on gives you results.