7 Must-Have Additions For Your New Bathroom

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Our first homes are always very special. We want every inch of it to bear a mark of our style and culture. Rather it be, the guest room, the bedroom, the kitchen, or the bathroom- everything has to look polished and elegant.

Bathrooms, surprising as it may sound, take the second spot in the most popular remodels. If you think about it, it’s not astonishing. After a back-breaking workout session or a strenuous day at the office, your body needs a relaxing bath or a quick shower to freshen up. So, it’s no wonder that the market trend also reaffirms it. After a sudden plummet caused by covid, shower and bath remodel recovered quite well in the last quarter. Furthermore, it is expected to grow annually by 3.54%.

As a Denver resident, you don’t need to jump through hoops to renovate a bathroom. There are plenty of reliable business owners offering bathroom remodeling in Denver. But before you decide to go for it, be sure to check out DunriteKitchens. Here are our seven tips!

1. Heated flooring

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Winter is finally coming! We know winter gets pretty Baltic in Denver. And, early mornings are the worst. The most challenging task after getting up is to walk on the ice-cold floors to the bathroom. But did you know a heated flooring system can make it a lot easier?

Compared to a central heating system, these are more efficient in giving you that toasty warmth of summer. It’s not as expensive as is generally believed. There are three varieties of heated flooring systems. You can install the radiant air floors, the hydronic in-floor heating system, or can go for an electric radiant heat system.

2. Tiles

Tiles are the simplest way to furnish your bathroom walls and floor. You can choose a style from a wide range of intricate designs and elaborate patterns.

A floor-to-ceiling style gives your walls a lustrous and elegant appearance. On the other hand, a crisp white tile will render a minimal but graceful facade.

Look for the size and the textures too. Short and patterned tiles on your shower stall add an extra layer of safety as the interstices will prevent you from slipping once the floor gets soapy and wet.

3. Tub

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Call it a luxury if you will; few things offer you the comfort and contentment as bathing in a sprawling tub where you can stretch out and relax.

If you don’t want to break your budget for a tub, go for the smaller and sleek one. It will free up more space in your bathroom. Newer ones are energy-saving, and you need less water to fill them.

But, if you are going all out with this, why not add a stool beside the tub! Keep it as a place to keep candles or a book or your glass of red wine.

4. Shower

Think showers are just for small bathrooms with no space for bathtubs? Well, then think again, because a shower stall with a bench offers quick relaxation on your busy days. Additionally, you can install a low-flow showerhead with a hand shower.

If you are completely renovating your bathroom, consider enclosing your shower stall with a glass door. A glass door makes it more spacious, airy, and light. Just turn on the steam- there, you have your home spa!

5. Storage

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Among all these talks of luxury and opulence, it is easy to forget the functionality of your bathroom space. If your bathroom is so cluttered that you don’t have enough space to move or keep essential items, it’s a failed design.

Small space is no excuse for a cluttered countertop. You can install wall cabinets to utilize the little space that you have. Tall linen stores are perfect for keeping towels. Dedicate a part of the drawers and shelves under the countertop to keep first-aids, cases of toilet paper, and other essentials.

6. Countertop materials

Like other areas of furnishing, you have several options to consider on this one too. Natural stone countertops are getting hugely popular due to their sleek design and glossy look. The other benefit of stone countertops is they can fit into different designs.

Marble countertops are durable and enhance the overall look of your bathroom – serving the twin purpose of design and functionality. However, the caveat is marbles are pervasive and need periodic resealing.

On the other hand, if the financial value is your primary concern, you can go for a laminate or a tiled countertop. Tiled countertops have one minor problem б – you have to clean the interstices at least once a week to keep their shin.

7. Ventilation

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Ventilation is not the most exciting part of renovating a bathroom, and we would rather be blissfully oblivious to it. Nevertheless, it is as essential as other aspects of a bathroom, if not more.

Without proper ventilation, your bathroom walls will lose their shin because of mold and mildew growth. Molds not only stain the walls but can damage the walls from the inside. Result? Another expensive renovation within a year.

There are two ways to prevent this – through glass windows and an exhaust fan.

Windows are necessary by all means but do only half the job. Besides, in the chilly winter of Denver, you won’t really like to keep your windows open.

An exhaust fan, on the other hand, is a smart addition. Installing them in the proper position will ensure an effective airflow. External vent fans will draw out bad odors and moistures, improving the air quality inside the bathroom. Most exhaust fans are energy-saving, so in the long run, it is a prudent decision.

The key to a perfectly decorated room is to find the right balance between decorating and cluttering. Don’t go overboard with accessories and stuff your bathroom with unnecessary items. Last but not least, keep your bathroom breezy, roomy, and luminous with a window by the shower side.