NFL Heated Rivalries: Cincinnati Bengals VS Pittsburgh Steelers


It’s On!

Since the Bengals have made it to the Super Bowl this year, this has put a major focus on them. This includes their age-old rivalry with the Steelers. We wouldn’t say they’re arch-enemies, but they kind of are. They have had a rivalry for years, over 50 years of rivalry.

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This includes their age-old rivalry with the Steelers. We wouldn’t say they’re arch-enemies, but they kind of are. They have had a rivalry for years, over 50 years of rivalry.

This rivalry has spurred some great moments and some heated moments. So, today we will take a look through all of these moments and the chaos they have reaped in their wake.

Where It All Began: 1970


Once upon a time, in 1970, a rivalry began between two franchises. The Bengals joined the NFL after the NFL-AFL merger, and they traveled to Pittsburgh Stadium to face the Steelers.

The game did not hold any totally crazy drama, but the Steelers sent the Bengals back home with an 11-point loss, which became the marking of a rivalry bitter and most well-known.

It was not a dramatic beginning, but it was enough to create the rivalry we know today.

Great Moments

Of course, the beginning was not dramatic, but what followed in the years after was. This brought about many great moments we will never forget between the two teams.

There have been many, so let’s look at the more recent ones, in the last 30 years.



The game in 1992 was probably one of the most one-sided games we have ever seen between these two teams. The Steelers slaughtered the Bengals 30-0 in their second meet. They sacked their rookie quarterback 10 times and set a single-game record.

Their victory was a third in a row over the Bengals, and they went on to win five more matchups. It’s not hard to see why the Bengals could be a little sour over this.


O’Donnell was not welcome in Pittsburgh after the interceptions against the Cowboys and how it cost the Steelers a Super Bowl, but his reputation took a big hit when he signed with the Bengals.

In their first matchup, the Bengals were only behind by 20-18 with minutes left on the clock.

O’Donnell took the team into Steelers territory, and they scored a game-winning touchdown.

Cincinnati won, and made a mark on the Bengals, in an almost ‘ in your face’ way to the Steelers.



The rivalry between the two teams took a unique turn before the millennium. The Bengals finished their season with a 4-10 less rate, but they swept away the series with Pittsburgh and won both rivals’ showdowns.

Their other wins were against another rival of theirs… The Browns.

It almost seemed like they were saving their energy for their rivals!


In 2003, the Bengals were off to a good start, while the Steelers were not doing so well. Yet, the Steelers knew if they could win against the Bengals, they would at least be able to maintain some face.

The Bengals quarterback led them into a lead in the fourth quarter, but the Steelers’ Maddox managed a scoring drive which gave the Steelers a lead with just over a minute left.

However, the Bengals put together an epic drive which landed a touchdown and a victory for the Bengals.

Not today Pittsburgh, not today.


The shoeshine situation was great and heated. It marked the Bengal’s most successful season before this year. They decimated the AFC North for the first time since ‘91.

They played against the Steelers again, winning 38-31. Their wideout T.J Houshmandzadeh used a Steelers ‘terrible towel’ to clean his shoes, in an almost petty way.

Of course, it didn’t end there, they faced off again in the playoffs in the Wild Card round, and… well, we will tell you about that later.

It’s getting a bit heated here


We all love the great moments, the ones that have us cheering, booing, in shock, and in awe. But, what we love more is the drama, the heated moments that make us go ‘Ooh!’ and anticipate what will happen next.

So, before we leave you to get your bets on, let’s take a look at those hot and heavy moments that made us bite our nails and gasp!

The Comeback

This time we look at 2017. The Steelers had fallen behind 17-0, and they were rallying to slay the Bengals 23-20 to gain a 13-3 season.

The comeback would be the story of Bell’s all-yards; however, this game is also known for Burfict’s concussion when Smith-Schuster gave him a vicious hit!

Their rivalry caused both franchises to build up a bunch of penalty yards, and a cacophony of roughness, taunts, and less than polite conduct.

The Bengals ended their game with 13 penalties that year and 173 yards. This was also the year that Ryan Shazier ended his career due to injury, although, it was probably for the best.

Wild Card 2005


Remember we spoke about that towel? The ‘terrible towel’, and that incident. Yeah, of course, the Steelers weren’t pleased, but they got their payback in the playoffs.

The Bengals made a second offensive play and Palmer tore up his knee, with regard to Kimo Von Oelhoffen, which made him a villain to the Bengals.

Without Palmer, the Bengals still made a lead, but after that, the Steelers made a hefty comeback and won the Super Bowl. It made the loss a bitter one for the Bengals, and their rivalry tasted even sourer after that.

Mutual Destruction

In 2014, the Bengals and Steelers met in week 17, with Antonio Brown as the star.

However, it was so intense and physical that both franchises paid the price the week after.

The Steelers lost to the Ravens in the Wild Card Round, and the Bengals did no better. All thanks to a tonne of injuries after their rivalry match.

There is plenty of bad blood here, perhaps too much, literally.

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