Searching for Car Accessories? 4 Must-Have Modifications

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Every car owner irrespective of gender, age, status, and nationality across the world is crazy about car modification once he or she owns a car. So, there is nothing new in relation to car modification and accessories because you must be doing them over and again. Secondly, car modification and accessories are vast and versatile but completely based on personal preferences.

However, technically speaking, car modification and adding accessories are two different things. In a broader understanding, modifications are often felt safety measures and necessities such as weather-friendly modifications especially for winter seasons and hot weather, etc. But accessories are thought to be more for comforts and styles.

Similarly, sometimes car accessories and modifications go beyond personal preferences. Often, you feel them so essential that you compel yourself going for certain modifications along with adding a few necessary accessories. For example, when you prepare your car for the winter you need to essentially consider a few things such as snow tires if you have snow and frost in your area or jeep wrangler halo headlights etc.

Based on the above concept, you can understand car modification as per the below types or categories:

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  • Car modifications based on performance: They are often felt essential in order to increase the performance both in your old vehicles and newly bought cars as well. Often, vehicles need necessary modifications to improve strength and power, fuel efficiency, and overall handling. Some of the popular and essential car modifications to increase the performance are changing of air filter, up-gradation of brakes, the system of free flow exhaust, up-gradation of transmission, supercharged engine, etc.
  • Modification on Function: Functional modification of your vehicle does not improve the performance of your car but they are necessary to make your car function better. Some of the popular modifications for better functioning of your vehicle are hand controls, air conditioning, roof racks, phone, car lights, parking sensors, a navigation system, etc.
  • Cosmetic or aesthetic modification: Everything that comes under improving the appearance of your car is cosmetic modification. Usually, this modification covers a whole lot of personal preferences such as the painting of your vehicle or accessories, changing your seat covers, tire stickers, adding better lights, steering covers, etc. The most popular cosmetic modifications people commonly prefer are dashboard modification especially wooden dashboard, rear, and front bumpers, reflectors light of the back bumpers, vents of the rooftop, tinted windscreens, etc.

Latest Accessories Must Never Ignore to Have in Your Car

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You can think of spending quite a lot of money on accessories based on your preferences but there must be a few essential ones for safety and security. In addition to this, you can think of adding accessories for comfort, usefulness, and style. Eventually, you can categorize the accessories based on the following criteria:

  • Accessories to ensure safety especially with monitoring of tire pressure
  • Accessories that make your drive convenient such as connecting devices, rearview cameras, navigation, etc.
  • Accessories to enhance the lighting system including projector and HD bulbs
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic accessories such as Alloy wheels, roof wraps, etc.

Almost 99% of cars in the contemporary automobile market come with accessories such as power steering, reverse parking sensors, AC with heater, airbags, EBD and ABS, etc. Similarly, components like mud flaps, matting, car body covers are general things that are common. But some of the most important accessories for safety, security, and other reasons are as mentioned below:

Security Accessories

  • GPS tracker: The GPS tracker is one of the most important and essential accessories you must never ignore to update your vehicle. An efficient GPS tracker helps you to track your car when it is stolen. However, you must install the GPS tracker hidden in your car so that you can track the vehicle without any suspicion of the robbers. You can find varieties of GPS trackers that are smaller in size and can be hidden perfectly in the vehicle without anybody to notice it
  • Alarm system for security: It would be of enormous advantages for you to update with security alarm systems with the central lock of your car. Eventually, the alarm system gives loud signals in the case of intruders or anybody who tries to open or break the windows of your car or uses a duplicate key and tries to open the doors or breaks the windshields. Thus, it protects you from robbers by alarming everybody about an unauthorized intrusion into your vehicle.

Safety Accessories

  • Fog lights: In fact, fog lights especially a pair of front fog lights are one of the most necessary accessories in your winter preparedness. If you are living in a cold area or your normal travel includes cold terrains, then you must consider the fog lights. It enormously helps you to drive across dense fog and protects you from unforeseen inconveniences including accidents. However, if you do not have a fog light fitting provision in your bumper you can go for cutting and fit the fog lights in your car.
  • IRVM: This is one of the most essential accessories that is required to save your life especially if you are mostly driving at night. The accessory automatically dims the glare of headlights in the rear-view mirrors that comes from the back. Eventually, you can view the road and other vehicles both from back and front and drive cautiously and protect yourself from accidents

Besides the above four safety and security accessories, another most essential accessory is the TPMS or the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. You must never ignore TPMS if you are regularly traveling a long distance or have a plan for a long trip. Similarly, TPMS is necessary if you are mostly traveling at night. The TPMS helps in monitoring your tire pressure and saves you from unforeseen punctures of your tires.

Similarly, another essential and life-saving accessory is the LED headlights from MJSoffroad that provide you with the required and adequate light to keep your night driving safe and secured. Remember, the above-mentioned accessories are not only essential but you must have them to save your life.