Life Under the Solid Roof


Home is where the heart is…. Surely, the first thing expected from home is to be safe and protected. Strong walls, bases, and roofs ensure safety from harsh weather and natural disasters. Keeping your roofs and walls maintained provides a great sense of contentment and a good night’s sleep. Providing to your family comes with the great responsibility of keeping them safe. This can only remind you of your home which has a great personal feeling of safety and security that has to be taken care of physically. Ignoring small damage can bring more to it. Statistically, a shocking number of casualties and deaths happen each year due to roof collapse in the U.S. This shows it has to be taken seriously.

Unseen damage – unanticipated collapse


It is human nature to procrastinate and only contemplate when needed. In layman language, we tend to avoid maintenance until a serious problem arises. It can be a harmless approach unless it can include life risk. For instance, tires need continuous maintenance as it is a matter of life safety. Similarly, roofs can look fine apparently but the real damage is hidden beneath the surface. A little negligence can lead to unbearable damages. Nowadays roofs can be inspected free of cost even for the safety of your family.
Besides, many roofing companies provide inspection as part of other types of roofing services you might need. A reliable contractor will have this information available on their website.

Why inspect roofs?

If one wants to extend the life of their roof, it has to be regularly inspected and maintained with professional help. The major inspection is usually due after summers (hottest temperature) and winters (coldest temperature). But the actual question is why inspecting them? They are already built and steady then what’s the fuss all about? Not just one but many contemplations can answer this question. The following reasons can justify the concern:

1. Temperature


The hottest and coldest weather not only damages roofs but also walls. The solutions used to build can be dried out and material can be easily damaged by snow and sun. Snow can burden them and moist weakens the basis of roofs and walls however sun dries out the solutions and ages the material. Both low and steep roofs must be inspected after season changes. Most of them can age up to 20 to 30 years however with the new technical support this timeline has drastically changed. Multi-ply roofs are more sustainable than single-ply. However, both roofs undergo similar conditions.

2. Harsh weather

Heavy rains, heavy snowfalls, humidity, and storms can be scary and scarier if you are not under a strong roof. Harsh weather can cause serious damages in no time especially if a roof is not strong enough. Moist causes sagging and structural damages which cannot be seen with the naked eye often. There is always a chance of collapse and leaking if the roof is low maintenance. Not only roofs but also damped walls can collapse. Uninspected roofs ensure only worry and danger. So it is a dire need to inspect your roofs, walls, and floors regularly and fix them in time.

3. Age Miracle


Not just weather conditions, but also aging of the material can cause collapses. Everything has expiring date and with certain circumstances such as harsh weather, roofs age quicker. Layers and ply start to shed off and show signs of aging. It is important to replace it immediately however maintaining timely repairs can save your roof from total replacement. Maintaining them and timely repair can increase their age to a great extent. However, aging still happens even if slowed down. Aging causes structural damage, sometimes it can be seen such that, if shingles start to shred off, it is an alarming situation for your roof.

4. Routine Damage

Routine damage occurs from trivial activities around the house such as cooling and heating system installations and their service once after the season changes. Moreover, electrical repairs can cause structural damages. Often objects left on the roofs become flying objects and cause serious damages during storms. A regular inspection comes with cleaning and repairing.

5. Ticks and termites


One of the most dangerous causes of ceiling damage can be termites. They can enter your house through a wall even and spread entirely. The process can be incredibly fast. Any wooden structure is vulnerable to ticks and termites. However, a timely inspection can save your entire house because termites can eat up your whole house.

6. Natural disasters

Although natural disasters cause unexpected damages one needs to be vigilant and prepared for a bad time. Earthquakes, tornados, landslides, hurricanes, cyclones, and floods are some frequent natural disasters. A minor earthquake is customary on most of the earth’s surfaces whereas it can be dangerous. We cannot control these disasters but we can try to keep our home strong enough to fight these disasters and keep our families safe. A little negligence can cause a huge loss that cannot be compensated. Life loss can be in-proportioned to carelessness but it is the little things that make a great difference.

7. Increased weight


Roofs can be loaded with snow and dirt. Clogged drainages can cause this weight to be stuck on the roofs. Especially during extreme weather, when it is hard to be cleaned and it keeps recurring. This weight can intrude roof leaks and sagging which will eventually cause collapse. Strong roofs can bear these weights for a good time but they also require maintenance afterward.

There can be a hundred reasons to keep our house maintained but nothing can be a good enough reason compared to ensuring the safety of your loved ones. New technology and techniques have made life easier. Roofs and walls can be fixed in no time. Good companies provide packages for a long time so one does not have to worry. Things can be taken care of, without worrying. The Internet has made it even easier; one can easily lookup on the internet for such services nearby. LOA construction can provide better insight in terms of providing instant inspection details. Their service ensures proper maintenance of your roof with a lifetime guarantee. So, one can sleep peacefully under a strong and solid roof.