LeBron James’ Son Slammed for Liking Just “Light Skin Girls” in TikTok Video

Image source: bleacherreport.net

LeBron James’s son Bronny James faced a fan backlash after he posted a video on TikTok in which he appeared to hint his preference when it comes to women. Some girls didn’t appreciate the video, Aceshowbiz writes.

The 15-year-old Bronny posted a video in which he and his friends sent each other photos of the “baddest girls.” However, social media users noticed the lack of dark-skinned girls among the ones featured in the video, which prompted fans to slam the young basketball player.

Image source: Instagram

“Damn, do you like your own race”, one fan wrote, and another added: “Notice how they’re all white or light-skinned”. Another one questioned: “No black queens?”

Others included his father in the critique. “He is color struck like his dad”, once social media user said. “Like father like son, I’m not surprised, and I won’t be surprised if he marries out of his race either. It is what it is. Young black women should feel no ways about this”, another noted.

Image source: usatoday.com

“I’m thinking of Savanah. Girl is probably going to end up with a white daughter in law who’ll be coming for her son’s coins and probably say some dumb s**t at the dinner table”, one concluded.

These negative comments come after LeBron James was accused of cheating on his wife Savannah Brinson with the Instagram model Sofia Jamora.