Lara Flynn Boyle Shocks With Her Appearance in a Rare Public Outing

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Actress Lara Flynn Boyle surprised many with her look after she made a rare public appearance. In the last two years, the actress is hiding from the paparazzi and media attention, but she couldn’t escape photographers this time.

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The 50-year-old actress has left Hollywood and is trying to withdraw from the public eye, but she attracted attention as she walked the dog near her home in Los Angeles. The 90s star and ex-girlfriend of the legendary Jack Nicholson celebrated her 50th birthday in March. She has been a tabloid topic for years due to the numerous plastic surgeries she underwent.

Lara, who became famous in the famous series “Twin Peaks”, walked through Los Angeles without a shred of makeup on her face, and was dressed in a plain tracksuit.

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Obviously, Boyle’s look changed significantly due to plastic surgery, but despite the obvious, she never wanted to admit she went under the knife. One of the most beautiful actresses of the 90s and the star of several successful series today is unrecognizable.

She has even become the object of ridicule because fans joke that she regularly eats something she is allergic to, so her face swells.

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Lara Flynn Boyle is also known for alcohol-related scandals. Two years ago, she was caught drinking whiskey from a bottle while sitting in a car around noon, and she also broke the law because it is forbidden to drink hard liquor in a vehicle in California. She obviously has no plans to return to the big or small screens, and she proved it when she refused to play her famous role in the “Twin Peaks” series again.



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