Interesting Inventions that Never Came to be

Great minds are always responsible for the growth we see as a human race, and without their inventions, who knows how our lives would look like today. Thankfully, the will for inventing and bettering the quality of life for the entire race is something that burns in those looking to have their name remembered.

On the other hand, as great being an inventor sounds like, there are a few downsides to it, just like everything else in life.

The worst thing that may happen to an inventor throughout their career is to see an invention miss its opportunity. Unfortunately, there are many cases like this, and even more interesting creations locked up in an old attic somewhere in this world. The point of today’s article is to try and “revive” some of them by providing the only thing an invention needs, some attention from those it was meant for. Let’s take a look.

Global Wireless Power – Nikola Tesla

One of the smartest people that ever lived, Nikola Tesla, the world’s most popular Serbian inventor, had an idea to create a low-cost global power and communicating system that he supposedly was close to finishing concept-wise. Just imagine what our world would look like if we had electric energy without having to use cables and wires. Everything would be so much easier to do, but unfortunately, this invention never saw the light of the day. According to what we know, this brilliant mind even managed to secure funding for the project but after some time things got complicated and the funding got withdrawn. In 1906 the project was dismissed and ceased to exist.

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The incredible protective material called “Starlite” – Maurice Ward

Even in these modern times, a lot of people (especially construction workers and those employed in the hardware industry) have to face dangerous situations daily. We know that in this industry, one of the most widely used tools is a Blowtorch, which can indeed be a dangerous tool when the person using it or those around them don’t have the best type of protection. Maurice Ward was an inventor, a chemist to be more precise, who managed to come up with an idea of a protective material that can withstand immense amounts of heat, all while keeping the person wearing it fully protected. Maurice even created a few samples of Starlite and one of those samples is featured in the most popular photo of him where he’s holding an active blowtorch right next to the material itself.

Unfortunately, this inventor died in 2011, and according to what we know, he only shared the information with some of the close family members, so this product was never really commercially manufactured.

A glass that doesn’t break and is flexible – Unknown Inventor

We’re not sure if this is only a story or it happened in the past, but if it’s real, this has to be one of the most interesting inventions we’ve heard of so far. Imagine dropping a glass jar or a cup, and it doesn’t instantly shatter into million pieces. Not only that, but even the small dent that appears on the material can be easily fixed in just under a minute by using a small hammer or any other similar tool of the same simplicity.

Well, this invention was once real, at least according to the stories, and it was brought to life by a master craftsman during the reign of the famous Emperor Caesar. We don’t know who the person was, but he created a glass cup which he handed on to Caesar. The emperor tested its durability by throwing it on the ground, and upon seeing the result, he quickly asked the craftsman if he shared this secret with someone else. The craftsman probably thought that he’ll be rewarded for this brilliancy, so he said that he didn’t share the secret with anyone and that he’s the only one who knows how to create such a flexible glass.

Unfortunately, Caesar believed that this invention will devalue gold and other similar materials, which he had a lot of, so he quickly ordered the guards to hang the craftsman. Having flexible glass nowadays would’ve been pretty life-changing, but unfortunately, that invention never came to be.

Greek Fire-Fire that burns on the water – Byzantine Empire

Some more history for you, this time with something different and slightly more destructible yet still pretty amazing. Greek Fire was a weapon developed by the Byzantine Empire, and it is said to be one of the main reasons they won so many water bottles. If you’ve ever watched The Game of Thrones, then you are probably familiar with “Wildfire”, a weapon created by the alchemist guild for the same purpose, winning water battles.

Greek Fire is a substance that could keep on burning even with it comes in contact with water, which meant destroying entire fleets in just a few minutes. For the enemies to survive this, they had to jump into the water and swim far away from the ships, which instantly means that they lost the battle. Some of those trying to escape still got burned, because as we said above, Greek Fire burns even on water.


Inventions make the world go round, but unfortunately, they don’t always see the light of day. Some of these inventions existed in the past but they no longer do now as the secret recipe was lost alongside the creator. In today’s article we covered some very interesting inventions that never came to be, so feel free to check out the content. We’re thankful for the time you took to read this article, and we hope that you learned something new today.