5 Upcoming Inventions That Will Transform The Modern World

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Things are changing in the world every day, and we are getting new inventions that have an impact on our day-to-day lives. Some of the new products we are getting usually go by unnoticed, but there are others that change the world as we know it. We all know some of the most famous innovations that were placed on the market in the last century, but did you know that the iPad, Venmo, Google Assistant, and self-driving vehicles were all invented in the past decade?

As technology advances, so do our needs, and we are all fighting for a better and safer world. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the upcoming inventions that will transform the modern world as we know it. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the things you should expect, how they are going to affect you, and how you can benefit from them.

1. Encrypted smart devices

We all know how easy it is to break into someone’s device, follow their location, or even listen to their phone calls. Most of us have had an issue with privacy when it comes to smartphones, and we usually don’t know what we are agreeing to when joining a new social media. Most of the apps we have on our devices have the right to listen to, record, or just follow phone calls. The same goes for text messages, as well as chats.

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This has been a huge issue, and one of the things that are expected to transform the world as we know it is the ultra-private smart devices. There have been rumors about new types of phones that will encrypt everything on our devices, starting from multimedia files, up to chats, and messages we send and receive. This should help with our overall safety and privacy.

2. Smart glasses

Smart glasses have been an active talk for more than a decade now, and we’ve all imagined glasses that will help us look at the world with a different type of lens. There have been several unsuccessful tries to patent this unit, and it seems like now we are on the right track.

The latest invention and the latest version of smart glasses combine technologies that will help you make calls with them, choose your favorite tune, look at maps and navigation, and they also implement a pedometer and calorie counter.

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It is said that these units will help you see everything you want inside the frame of your glasses without interfering with your vision. You will be able to control them via touch or your smartphone and you can easily connect them to your Wi-Fi.

These units were invented by regular people, and they were not based on an idea a scientist had, and everyone, including you, can patent their idea. The only thing you need to do is think of something creative that the world needs, and follow the right steps to success.

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3. Genome editing

Now let’s go to the field of medicine, and tell you more about the things that are going to help us be better and healthier. Scientists have been trying to find a cure for some diseases for many decades now, and unfortunately, not all diseases and mistakes in our genes can be erased.

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Because of this, they thought about targeting the root of the problem, not just the problem itself. With genome editing, we could have future generations without many of the known diseases, and we could successfully rule out genetic diseases including cancer, diabetes, and even addiction.

4. Water filtering bottles

Unfortunately, having clean water is not available everywhere in the world, and this can become an issue even we go on long hikes and adventures. Not all water is safe for drinking, and if we drink it, we can consume dangerous bacteria and microbes that could significantly damage our health.

One of the inventions that will definitely make a huge impact on the modern world is water filtering bottles. The bottles or the straws work in the way that they filter water and make it safe for consummation. This could mean that we could safely drink the water from any tap, river, or even the ocean without compromising our well-being.

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It is said that these products get rid of more than 99 percent of the bacteria, and more than 96 percent of the viruses. It could help travelers, as well as people who live in parts of the world that don’t have clean water.

5. Internet

The last thing we are going to talk about is the internet. We all know that this is not a new invention, but we also know that the internet is not available for everyone in the world. There are some places that don’t have any or at least a stable connection.

Note that we don’t use the world wide web just for fun, and it is implemented in so many different industries including the medical and the automotive ones. There are so many devices that rely on a stable internet connection, and without it, they basically don’t work.

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With the implementation of fifth-generation technology, things are getting better for everyone around the world. It is expected that in the next decade, we will be introduced to new devices and types of networks that will make the world wide web available for everyone, all around the world.

Which of these inventions are you looking forward to? These are just a fraction of the things that we are expected to get in the next few years. Note that some of them already exist, and they can be found on pretty much every market. It is expected to get many new types of smart devices that can help us be happier, safer, and healthier. Nowadays, everyone is promoting a better living environment and improved conditions, and it seems like technology is going in the right direction. If you have any ideas that could transform modern society, you should not steer away from patenting your invention, helping millions around the world, and even making some money in the process.