Signs That Your Car Wiper Blades Need Replacement – 2024 Guide


Wiper blades are essential for safety, especially in weather conditions such as rain and snow. Due to this, they must always be in perfect condition and replacement when due.

Besides being crucial in varying weather conditions, they must also be in good condition to prevent windscreen damage. It is one of the issues that jeopardize safety on the roads and can lead to fatal accidents.

When a windshield is damaged, there can be two solutions to it. It can either be repaired or replaced. The solution will depend on the extent of the damage.

How to Avoid Windscreen Repair Due To Wiper Blade Damage

Wiper blades are constantly used, and with time, they grow old and the rubber can deteriorate exposing the metal frame. If you turn them on and the rubber gives way, the metal will cause a bad scratch damaging your windscreen.


How can you tell if the blades are getting too old and need replacement? Here are some of the things to be on the lookout for.

Irregular Movement

If the wiper blades are not moving smoothly across the windshield, you may end up causing damages sooner or later. With time, they get worn out, and there are many ways this is harmful to the auto glass.

At times, the wipers will not move, or they move halfway. Then they drag on the glass, and with this stress, it is easy for it to be damaged.

The wiper clips should be locked properly to prevent scratches. Keeping in mind that it is cheaper to replace wipers than repairing a windscreen, it is best to do the former.

Unusual Noises

Perhaps you have turned on the wipers, but there was an unusual noise. They seemed to get rid of water well, but the noise was unsettling.


The pressure it applies on the windshield during this time can be damaging. Soon your streaks and marks will start showing on the surface.

In some cases, you can hear scraping, squeaking, or grinding sounds. It is not normal, and something needs to be done. The rough edges could be causing more damage than you imagine.

These crucial parts are designed to operate smoothly and with minimal noise. If they seem to be making noise as if they are dragging, have them replaced.


When you need to clear dirt, debris or rainwater from the windscreen, again the process should be smooth. If the blades are due for replacement, you may notice some streaking.

This is caused when they struggle to clean the glass effectively. Not only is this a safety issue, but it could also lead to damage it left for too long.


Can Windscreen Damage Caused By Wipers Be Repaired?

We asked our local auto glass technician from Windscreen Replacement Sydney this very question. Here is what he had to say:

“The damage caused by windscreen blades is usually a long scratch mark from the metal going into the glass. Due to the depth and length of these scratches, the repair is normally not possible. In such cases, your only option is to replace the entire windscreen glass.”

Of course, you may get lucky and be able to repair the damage in your case. However, it is always advisable to avoid any unnecessary repair costs by replacing the wipers as soon as you notice any issues.

Giving Your Wiper Blades More Life

When you take good care of the wiper blades, you extend their life. By doing so, you also save money that would be wasted on windscreen repair or replacement.

The good thing is that there are several ways it can be done. Limiting excessive usage, regular cleaning, and protecting the car from harsh weather are some of the ways.

Here are some things you should be doing as much as possible:

Park the Car Under Shade or in a Garage

When your car is exposed to harsh sunlight, the windscreen, interior paintwork, and even wipers are prone to damage. It is common with rubber wipers, and it is evident that rubber and heat do not go well together.

Besides, try as much as possible to park the car inside a garage. When debris, twigs, or bird droppings fall on the windscreen, the first thing you think of is using the wipers. This is harsh on them, and it is easy to damage the auto glass.

With such regular use, these two parts will likely be damaged.

Use the Wipers Only When Necessary


Just because there is little rain, it does not mean that you must use the wipers. If you can see ahead, avoid using them.

In some cases, kids will turn on wipers, and there is no water on the glass. They will not glide smoothly, which can be quite damaging. Always make sure the glass is wet before activating them.

If it is raining, turn them on, and while it stops, turn them off. There are often people driving around after the rain has stopped with their wipers still on.

The more they are used unnecessarily, the more they will wear out and could lead to damaging the windshield glass.

Clean the Windshield Regularly

It is a crucial part of the vehicle that must be regularly cleaned. When wipers are turned on, and the glass has grime or dirt on it, they will not glide smoothly.

Wiper blades can at times be dirty too, and when turned on, they will scratch the surface. If it has been damaged before, the dirt will enter into the cracks and chips which will expand them.

The tiny scratches can easily turn into huge damages, and this is not what you want to deal with. This is where an auto glass repair will no longer be possible and the replacement might cost more than you expect.


One thing to keep in mind is that a windscreen repair will cost more than new wiper blades. When you take good care of the wipers, you will be saving costs on glass repairs.

If the auto glass is damaged and cannot be repaired, you will have to spend more on a replacement. Although a technician will do their best to repair, in some instances, it is not possible.

Take care of the wipers, avoid using them unnecessarily, and change them when they are no longer functioning as they should.

Usually, wipers should not be used for more than 12 months but this may vary depending on use. Prevent windscreen damage caused by wipers by taking care of them and changing when needed.