How To Get Started Hunting In California?

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No matter how you look at life, there will always be animals who get killed naturally and fall prey to predators. The only law that exists in the wild is to do anything to survive. Many people dislike hunting because they don’t like the idea of killing other animals, but what they don’t know is that when a person devotes himself to hunting, he/she is already considered as part of the wildlife and is either prey or a predator to some animals.

Once they set foot in the jungle, they need to obey the law implemented there and do whatever it takes to survive. This concept is what makes people want to try hunting. The idea of surviving in the wild and being one with nature gives a different enthusiasm. If you are also thrilled by this extreme outdoor activity and are currently located in California, this article might benefit you. Here are the things that you should consider when you want to get started hunting in California.

1. Educate yourself

Before indulging yourself in hunting, you must first learn all the rules of hunting, how this extreme sport works, the places where hunting is possible, what kind of animals are legalized to hunt, and most especially the different guns, gears, and accessories that you use in hunting. There are a variety of websites available on the internet. You should search for websites like Lunde studio or academy because they offer some crucial and useful information about the different guns, hunting gears, and equipment that you should use in your hunting.

I specified this part because the tools and equipment used in hunting should not be taken for granted. We are talking about guns, bows, arrows, and much more dangerous equipment that could either hurt or kill you or other people. Owning one of them holds a big responsibility, so you should be knowledgeable when it comes to hunting equipment.

2. Prepare your body

After acquiring all the knowledge about hunting, the second thing that you should do is to prepare yourself for the said extreme sport. You have to train because hunting requires a lot of physical strength. You need to have a strong body so that you can survive the harsh environment of the forest.

Prepare yourself for all the possible accidents that can happen to you, and you should be able to defend your life when dangerous animals are coming your way. You also have to improve your stamina to increase your chances of survival. Your body is constantly moving when you hunt, and the only time it rests is when you sleep.

Walking, building, running, swimming, climbing, basically all of your actions while hunting requires a lot of stamina. But the most vital part of yourself that you need to train is your mental strength. Even if you are the strongest man on earth, if you have a weak mentality and your mind isn’t set for hunting, you will definitely die in the wild.

You need to train mentally because hunting needs discipline, an extreme amount of focus, presence of mind, vigilance, and a strong will to survive. If you already completed your physical and mental training, it is now time to develop your shooting skills. Shooting is everything when it comes to hunting. You have to learn the skills and pick which weapon you’re comfortable using.

You can go to the nearest archery shops to practice archery or go to shooting ranges to improve your shooting skills. Do not stop until you master your way of hunting. Hit moving targets, go for distant shooting, shoot while you are running, visualize the possible scenarios that could happen when you are out in the wild. If your body and mind are all ready, then you can begin phase 3.

3. Get all the necessary license and permits

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Now that your mind and body are ready for hunting, it is time to settle your legal papers. Examples are your gun and hunting license. Getting a hunter’s license in California is an easy process. The first thing that you should accomplish is the California hunter education certificate.

Here you will undergo a series of exams and tests to prove you are eligible for hunting. Afterward, you have to choose what type of California hunting license you will get. In your case, you must get a California resident license. This type of license means that you have already lived in California for at least six months.

There is also a Non-Resident hunting license in California for hunters who are not residents but want to experience hunting on California hunting grounds. You could also buy a California Hunting License on their official website, which is the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

4. Ready your gears and equipment

You already studied the different hunting rifles, gears, and equipment for your type of hunting, right? Then this fourth step will be a walk in the park for you. When you already have your license, it is now time to buy your very own hunting rifle.

If you decide to use a bow, you will need to stock up on archery supplies before going out in the wild.

Make sure to ask for help or suggestions from experienced hunters or gun enthusiasts because sometimes having experience is better than knowing it all by the book. You can go to the nearest gun shop in your area or visit websites, such as Lunde Studio, which offers different kinds of hunting rifles, gun accessories, gears, and equipment.

These websites also give suggestions and tips for the best rifle and gun accessories for your specific hunting type. Next is to foresee what your first hunt would be, and then buy the necessary equipment and supplies you need for that first hunting trip.

5. Start by doing small game hunting

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After all your hard work and preparation, it is now time to put it all to the test and experience the real hunt. If this will be your first hunt, then I suggest starting small game hunting first. Small game hunting is perfect for gaining experience, and it can also improve your shooting skills exponentially.

Don’t underestimate small game hunting because this type of hunting is harder and more challenging than you expect. Small game hunting is also highly recommended if you just started hunting in California because California is a perfect place for bird and squirrel hunting.

Many Californian birds are legal to hunt, such as doves, quails, ducks, turkeys, and many more. The national forests in California are also a home for different species of tree squirrels. The CDFW wildlife area and the Bureau of Land Management in California legalized squirrel hunting, but you have to follow the required nonlead shot.

There are different species of squirrels in California that are legal to hunt, such as the Western gray squirrel, Douglas squirrel, native tree squirrel, and the Eastern gray tree squirrel. Just choose the right season to hunt, and you will have a good first hunting experience.

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If you are from California and you want to start hunting, you can follow these steps, and surely by a month, you will be ready to try this extreme sport and experience hunting first hand.