The Best Bravo Shows You’ve Never Seen

Julie Montagu

You regularly practice your True Housewives motto as you spin in front of your medicine cabinet. You think you could draw the SUR plane from memory. Have you wondered what it would take to get an appointment with one of the Married with Medicine Doctors? If possible, you would only drink diamond water, Loverboy sparkling tea and Trop Hop beer. You love the original Bravo programming and are grateful for the current lineup.

You watch hours of Bravo reality shows a week, but you want more. Time to dig deep into archives and explore some of the network’s underrated classics. Maybe you watched just a handful of the titles listed below, maybe you captured a few episodes of each show but never finished the series, or maybe all of these shows went completely unnoticed.

And really, is there a better time than now to catch up on these deep cuts from reality shows? These are the best Bravo shows you have ever seen.

Bravo’s Real Life Gossip Girl

Playa laguna was the reality TV version of MTV La oc and NYC Prep was Bravo’s answer to Chica gismosa . The reality show about the Manhattan prep school students premiered in 2009 and lasted only one season. The Daily Beast went so far as to describe the series as a “surreal genius,” while The New York Times was less than enthusiastic, declaring that the main cast of the show was “doomed to momentary fame and a lot of teasing from friends and peers. ».

Fortunately, the show didn’t end before PC Peterson could throw caution to the wind and bring two uninvited friends to Jessie Leavitt’s work event. This move, which occurred in a legendary scene in the sixth episode of the season, did not sit well with Leavitt. As he put it in a confessional segment, “Guest guests don’t bring guests.” Apparently Peterson did not receive that note. As the party continued and Leavitt’s frustration grew, Peterson let him know that socialite and the future High Society (remember that show?) Star Devorah Rose was on the way. When Leavitt received the news that her guest brought not one, not two, but Three guests, she winced that was worth more than a thousand Tory Burch ballet flats. This scene is just one of the moments that make this 24-karat reality television series golden. KISSES AND HUGS, Guest Girl Guest .

What if Bravo’s real housewives had elegant accents?

For three glorious seasons, Ladies of London was part of Bravo’s weekly schedule, and what a treat it was. Fans of Real Housewives will surely enjoy this program about a group of wealthy women who called the capital of the United Kingdom home. The list of the series included socialites, models, a viscountess whose husband is the son of the current Earl of Sandwich, and Danish Baroness Caroline Fleming (above), who used to marry Ian Fleming’s nephew. Not exactly the most relatable show on TV, or like the AV Club Ponlo: ” Ladies of London is apparently a show about how silly these women are, how selfish and shallow they are, with their extremely limited concerns and their deliberately ignorant privilege «. Ouch. And yet the medium couldn’t help but also call it “charmingly reductive.” Okay, maybe that’s not so good.

But we are not complaining! In fact, all that “slimming charm” also comes with one of the best Bravo reality TV soundtracks, one of the most underrated in the entire online network, in our opinion, and the introductory theme won’t waste time on staying. stuck in his head. However, you won’t be bothered by that, because Ladies of London The title track, like the show itself, is a real jam.

The Real New York Housewives B-Squad

Blood, Sweat and Heels was another fabulous series with a formula similar to that of the True Housewives franchise. From 2014 to 2015, this show described the life of a group of New York-based women working in real estate, media, and fashion. After the first episode of the show aired in 2014, the Hollywood reporter noted that it was the network’s biggest premiere for a series at the time.

That premiere won those big numbers: In the first episode, the stars of the show got together for brunch. One of the cast members wrote on his blog about what was said at the brunch, and this did not sit well with his castmates. That brunch blog fight was an A + Bravo story, and it would be one of many instantly classic fights that will take place on this great show.

Blood, sweat, and heels was glamorous, dramatic, and tragic. At the season 2 premiere (via OKAY magazine), series star Daisy Lewellyn revealed to her co-stars that she had recently been diagnosed with cancer. On April 8, 2016, a Bravo spokesperson reported The Daily Plate that Lewellyn died that morning at the age of 36. The series did not continue after his death.

Bravo’s twist that the New York art world never knew it needed

Gallery Girls , a reality show about seven young women who were involved in the New York City art scene, only lasted eight episodes, but those eight episodes were shocking. The cast consisted of people from the artistic communities of Manhattan and Brooklyn, two scenes that felt like two planets orbiting the same sun.

Before the series premiere, which launched in August 2012, cast member Claudia Martínez Reardon said. Complex that Gallery Girls brought together two different sectors of the New York art world. She said: “What is so interesting about the show is that we have a group of girls that I would not have met otherwise; they lead a very, very different life than mine… Add a new layer to the program, because you see these different groups of people doing their thing «. And what exactly does “doing your own thing” entail? I’m glad you asked.

In his review of the short-lived series, Pizarra described several storylines as follows: “Girls evaluate each other’s boyfriends; Angela’s date that ends as undated when the boy has no cash; and Kerri drags a mattress down the stairs with her mother, who has especially gone to help her move. Sounds decidedly Bravo, doesn’t it?

A look at Bravo in the Los Angeles food world

Eating, drinking, loving is more or less what would happen if you took Gallery Girls and moved it to Los Angeles, and then traded the art world for the culinary world. For a short but sweet season, Eat, Drink, Love gave audiences a glimpse into the food scene in Los Angeles. The series delved into the professional and personal lives of a kitchen instructor / vendor, a baker / pastry chef, an advertiser, a marketing specialist, and a food editor. Food Network fans will surely recognize Waylynn Lucas (above), co-owner of the Fonuts donut shop and Cake Wars judge.

The show also features a cameo from The Best Chef Legend (and Lucas’ ex-boyfriend) Michael Voltaggio, and LA Weekly even compared the dialogue in one scene to “a Woody Allen movie.” Not intrigued yet?

In another particularly stressful story, cooking / catering instructor Nina Clemente created a pop-up restaurant in a week. She enlisted the help of her co-stars, and… well, you’ll just have to watch the show to find out how everything went.

Meet interior designers to the stars.

As can be deduced from the title, Decorators Million Dollar was a reality show about four interior designers in charge of decorating the houses of the wealthy. Like the series that make up the Million Dollar Franchise Listing , Decorators Million Dollar combined the envious reindeer of the HGTV home with reality TV personalities bigger than life. The designers worked with several high-profile clients, one of whom turned out to be actor and pop star Lindsay Lohan. Before the episode, designer Kathryn Ireland revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Lohan’s cameo came after they “met at dinner.”

“He came up to me and said he was a big fan and said I was his favorite on the show,” Ireland told the media, adding, “He told me he was buying a house and would love to have it looked at.” I told him we were filming a season right now, and they said Lindsay would be more than happy to be on the show. «

Sometimes you need a reality show in which people argue about a cheating rumor, question the loyalty of others, or accuse each other of mistreating the adoption of a rescue dog. Other times, you just need a reality show in which someone utters, “The green screen wallpaper turned out to be a $ 10,000 mistake.” Decorators Million Dollar will scratch that itchy green wallpaper cover.

See a quote from Bravo across the country

RelationshipShep , the Southern Charm spin-off focused on star Shep Rose’s controversial quest to find love, put forth a direct premise: a guy from a Bravo show travels across the United States, meets new women, and goes on dates. . However, as the series progressed and Rose’s journey began to crumble, it became clear that Shep Relationship was unlike any other dating show. Part of that was by design: The series intentionally showed Rose’s friendship with producer Sarah Steinfeld, who essentially erased the fourth wall, and the concept spread to the rest of the cast as well.

Rose told Decider in 2018, “Think about this. In one episode, Amber from Austin basically says, and they broadcast it, ‘Look, I don’t think I can do everything on camera.’ That never happens normally. That’s the fourth wall, but it’s also a negative aspect of the genre, up to a point. ”

As for the full “find love” part, RelationshipShep was not a success. (Yes, that’s technically a spoiler, but if you look at Southern Charm , then you know Rose and the season winner didn’t last long.) However, this show was not about fate, but the messy road that leads to moments. end of season.

Bravo’s show that sets rules about crying at work

Founder of the People’s Revolution and The Hills boss Kelly Cutrone starred in Kell on Earth , an eight-episode look at his professional world as well as his personal life. If you appreciated the energy that brought to the world of reality shows in series like The Hills , The City, and America’s Next Top Model , then you will feel right at home watching Kell on earth . In fact, according to The New York Times, the series offers an unshakable look at how Cutrone “intimidates and meddles in the most vulnerable part of the New York fashion world.” Yes, you’re right, that sounds great.

Kell on Earth was an entertaining, educational, and illuminating program. Over the course of the series, Cutrone showed off his delightfully chaotic strategy for packing a suitcase, handing a friend a Swarovski crystal just for the friend to swallow, he said the Swarovski crystal on the spot and told his staff what if “they had to cry”. , To go outside. Like baseball, there is no crying in Cutrone’s office. Leave your tears at the door, pick up a Swarovski crystal (but try not to eat it), and plunge into Kell’s intense, hilarious, and highly-quoted universe on earth .

The spin-off of a student of Rachel Zoe

After Rachel Zoe’s assistant Brad Goreski left The Rachel Zoe Project , she went on to star in a spin-off of her own. The series, which was titled, It’s a Brad World, Brad , described Goreski’s career as a celebrity stylist, as well as his relationship with writer and television producer Gary Janetti. But wait, there’s more: Some of Goreski’s famous clients, such as Rashida Jones and Shay Mitchell (pictured above), appeared on the show.

In reviewing the series premiere, the AV Club noted, “Brad can be a good reality show and seems smart enough to put it on camera without reeking of total despair. Her ten-year-old boyfriend, producer and television writer Gary Janetti … helps reign in her other fashion half, too. Janetti apparently decided to stop things at some point.

In addition to celebrity cameos and celebrity fashion, this series also had a flash mob (hello 2012!). Sorry for the spoiler, but the following is crucial information about It’s a Brad World, Brad’s Not Enough Spoken: At the end of the first season, there was a scene where Janetti surprised Goreski at his anniversary party with a flash mob presentation of «One Day More» by Les Miserables . Oh, and among the flashmob artists was actor Megan Mullally. It was delightful then, and it is delightful now.

Bravo imagine Project Runway … for hair

Talk about a time capsule. The Shear Genius hairdressing competition series was on Bravo from 2007 to 2010, and it has the fashion and hairstyles of the late 2000s to prove it. The look may be dated, but the format of the competition remains timeless. Think Catwalk Project, but with less muslin and more round brushes.

In addition to the wonderful aughts style, Shear Genius also presents the debut of Tabatha Coffey Bravo. Bravo’s future icon was in the first season, but he was cut in the sixth episode. Although he didn’t win the competition, things seemed to work in his favor. As she said The Bravo Podcast Daily Dish in 2018, the network scheduled a meeting with her after she was removed from Shear Genius to talk about working on another show with her. With that the Tabatha Salon Acquisition series (which later became Tabatha takes over ) was born.

Coffey has been a fixed element of the network: in 2018, a full decade after Acquisition of the Tabatha salon opened Relative success with Tabatha released in Bravo.

Bravo’s show about three families

This reality show about three families based in Mexico City was one of the strongest additions to the Bravo lineup in 2019. Mexican dynasties followed the Allendes (pictured above), the Bessudos and the Madrazos, a trio from wealthy, well-connected families with ties to the entertainment industry. The cast included, but is not limited to: a former teen idol / soap opera star / singer, a brother / sister duo hosting a talk show together, and a celebrity fashion critic. As for the star of the show, that title almost definitely belongs to Adán Allende (top left), a musician who drank so much milk that it became a joke.

Unfortunately, it seems that Bravo was not so impressed. In early 2024, Jenny Allende commented on the fate of Mexican Dynasties in an Instagram post about another Bravo series. After some fans flocked to the comments section of Bravo’s Instagram post about Family Karma asking if Mexican Dynasties will be back, Jenny replied (for show business cheat sheet ), “Unfortunately Bravo said NO to a second season! ! »He also thanked the fans for their support and expressed his gratitude to Bravo. Her co-star Doris Bessudo stepped in and wrote, “I have to say that I personally feel pretty disappointed with @bravotv.” His colleague Oscar Madrazo also responded to a series of comments, posting: “We are grateful that Bravo has given us the opportunity to show Mexico in a different light and we would love for them to reconsider a Second Season! «

Bravo’s show about three friends

Sweet Home Oklahoma introduced viewers to Jennifer Welch, Lee Murphy, and Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, a trio of Nichols Hills best friends, Okla. It was a series to feel good full of laughter, jokes and more jokes. Sweet Home Oklahoma is light in a major drama, but that’s okay. Sometimes the occasion calls for a fun and positive reality show about friends who are friends.

After its debut season, Sweet Home Oklahoma was reorganized a bit, and the show reemerged as Sweet Home, a design show starring only Welch and Sullivan. In a 2018 interview with AOL , Welch explained how Sweet Home came to be and why she insisted on doing the show with Sullivan.

“The production company proposed to me, like, ‘Hey, we want to keep you close, but we think that maybe focusing on their design business and having some of those pranks there could really be a great option for us,'” he told the store. , adding that he agreed with a warning. “I said I wouldn’t go forward without [Sullivan],” Welch recalled. Aw, how… sweet.