Earnings in Instagram – How to Start Making Money

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Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for brand development. If you’re wondering “How can I make money on social media?” and “Is it too late to join the site?”, our answer is definitely not too late! There are many ways to monetize your ideas on Instagram. In this article, we will break down the options for making money in Instagram: we will find out not only the pros and cons of each, but also find out the average level of income, as well as tell you what investments are required for this.

In Instagram, as in almost any platform on the Internet, it is possible to earn – and the amount will depend on what you can offer the market.

Directions that help you make money on the social network:

  1. Account monetization – advertising, collaborations, expert opinion, building a personal brand, selling products or services.
  2. Helping other accounts – administration, content creation, ad customization, page design.
  3. Providing services – photography, custom design, auditing, copywriting, account sales.
  4. Earn on likes, subscriptions and comments through specialized services.

To implement the idea will require a lot of subscribers, views and likes on videos on Instagram. If you want to get them quickly and easily check out https://lowcostsmm.com.

The main interests of users on Instagram:

  • 45% of the audience are looking for information about travel
  • 44% are interested in music
  • 43% – food and drink
  • 42% – fashion
  • 41% – movies and TV series
  • 35% – health and fitness
  • 32% – new technologies
  • 30% – cosmetics and skin care
  • 30% – various sports
  • 28% – news

According to statistics the dominant part of the active audience is young people from 25 to 34 years. And this is the main able-bodied population with different interests and tastes – so you can always find your solvent CA on the site.

And this comparative data shows on which platforms users interact with Influencers more often. Instagram and YouTube platforms help people communicate with opinion leaders in the same language and feel no boundaries. This increases loyalty among users and therefore bloggers can successfully promote products in the form of recommendations, describing their experience of using the product.

There is a huge potential for making money on Instagram, but you shouldn’t treat it as an opportunity to make free money doing nothing. As you may have already seen by reading the article, each way of earning has its own nuances. Somewhere to invest money, somewhere to go through courses and gain experience, somewhere to first spend time and effort to promote the page. During the process, a dozen more nuances can pop up and you have to be prepared for that, too. But it is possible to make money on Instagram, and this is a fact. Instagram likes are one way to get you closer to the profit.

Where to start making money on Instagram — Tips

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To start earning in Instagram, think through the concept for your account: what niche you plan to occupy, what you want to show and tell your audience, who your audience is and what competitors are, what goals and objectives you set, and so on. Let’s deal with all the subtleties in order.

Getting to Know Your Site

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Choose your specialization and topic: providing services or running your own account. For example, if you decide that you want to engage in the administration or promotion of pages in the social network – learn all the nuances of the profession. Take internet marketing courses, read specialized literature, read webinars on SMM, learn how to work with text, creatives and profile design, as well as how to process photos. For online retailers who want to make money on Instagram, it will be useful to learn how to work with business accounts on the social network, what to publish on the page and where to get new ideas.

Choosing a niche

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Next, you need to decide what area you want to develop and what you will tell your audience about. Study the statistics, look at the top bloggers in different areas. For example, according to the latest data, advertisers used promotion on Instagram in such categories as fashion, beauty, home goods, food and drinks, transport.

If you haven’t chosen a topic yet or don’t know what area you could be an expert in – try yourself in another specialization: SMM, administration, copywriting, design and so on.

Competitor Analysis

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Once you’ve decided on the subject of your account or specialization – analyze your competitors.

If you are a blogger – find similar channels. Look at how they are designed, what content is released every day and every week, and study the way you communicate with your audience. This way you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors, and based on this data you can form a unique description and style of content presentation.

Also study the hashtags, select competitive – high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency queries. Assemble the appropriate lists for your topics and add them to your posts.

Important: Make up your own hashtag so subscribers can find answers to their questions. For example, a tag with your brand name, themed queries, or keys to giveaways and promotions.

If you’re helping to develop other accounts – also keep this step in mind. You need to know everything about what your client’s competitors are doing and how they are positioning themselves on the site. At the same time, you can pump up your personal account by showing your competitiveness and demonstrating cases in your profile.

Target audience analysis

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Explore your audience, e.g. who is reading your competitors, who is interested in your content, and who else might find your content useful.

Write down a detailed portrait of the customer and his/her way of getting to know and interacting with the account. Once you’ve studied your audience, you’ll understand what to attract them with and how to communicate with them with your content.

For example, you are positioning a brand that sells motorcycles. One category of target audience is young people from 18 to 35 years old, confident and energetic. They love travel and outdoor activities. You can divide the audience into segments according to gender, to better identify their needs: women will be interested in stylish and comfortable vehicles, men need practicality and power. Beginners are likely to be interested in a cheaper bike, and people with experience – in models with advanced technological solutions in control and safety systems.

The advantages and disadvantages of making money on Instagram

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  1. Advertisers come to bloggers themselves.
  2. You become an opinion leader, which means that subscribers listen to you.
  3. There is an opportunity to turn an idea into a whole business project.
  4. You can work through an exchange such as Epicstars, Tribe or Influicity, or you can become a brand ambassador for a major company, an Ambassador.
  5. You can choose if you want to work for money or with barter.
  6. New acquaintances and options for development. Some bloggers start their own business, doing an account, starring in movies or writing music.


  • You need a business account.
  • You need to know the basics of promotion – how to create engaging content: videos, photos, text and options to fuel sales.
  • Keep in mind that not all promotional content may appeal to your audience.
  • You need to put a lot of effort into promoting your channel to get the first orders from advertisers.
  • You need to constantly generate quality and useful content.
  • You have to learn how to serve ads without annoying your subscribers.
  • This work should please you and not cause negative emotions.


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Time to learn the basics of SMM, design, copywriting, marketing and business communication.

Money for promotion. If the previous point is not for you – outsource the project: SMM specialist, designer or administrator, who will keep a profile and track the time of publications.

Strength and energy. Maintaining Instagram is an irregular schedule. This means you will have to work around the clock. Also, it is important for you to show your personal life or some part of it, and publicity often affects a person’s psyche.