How to Change the Twitter Name in 2024

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Twitter is a very popular social network that people sometimes consider even boring, because of the limited number of characters in one tweet, and other features that Facebook has, and it doesn’t. But, the idea behind it wasn’t turning the user’s profile into a yearbook, family album, diary, and a wall to put everything on it. Many of you maybe don’t even remember that Twitter once was limited to only 140 characters in one tweet, letting the people use clear sentences and language to tell what they think and share something important with their followers.

The idea for a microblogging service like this was not that popular at first, but as time was going by, many people find a way to be heard through it. As a matter of fact, it’s a place where people were sharing their intellectual thoughts, discussing some topic using a hashtag, running a cause, trying to change big things in society, until the politicians and activists discovered it. Sadly, it was overtaken by the fake news industry, corporate profiles, bots, and self-promotion content, and even though the community is fighting to keep a normal level of communication there, they usually say it’s becoming the new Facebook.

As you all know and you can see, there is still an active community that is using this social network for the real purpose. On the other hand, building up a quality community around you is a specific task, because the active users usually don’t follow corporate profiles. But, in some cases, the number of followers is important to be bigger, so the voices of the user can be widely heard.

Probably you’ve already seen at least one profile with thousands of followers, spam tweets, and almost zero interactions. In the past, bots were popular, and some of the users who were trying to make a name for themselves were signing up to suspicious websites and got followed by accounts with a small number of followers. But, even when you have a million inactive followers, you can’t perform better around the other profiles that have real interactions on their tweets.

If you want to buy followers for yourself or for your corporate account, you can click here and see how those things work. The truth is, if you want something like this to really work, you will have to pay some amount of money for that. If you don’t do it, you will end up having plenty of followers, and just a few interactions on your tweets.

Personalizing your profile is also an important thing, so you can become recognizable in the community. Choosing an attractive username and nickname is also important, just like the avatar, and of course, the content on your profile. By opening the profile, the social platform will provide a default username and nickname, that you need to change and adapt following these steps:

Changing your username

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No one wants to be recognizable as a combination of random characters, and if you want a successful account, you need to choose a proper username you will use to log in to your profile. In the Twitter world, it’s known as a handle, and you can change it by:

  • Visit your profile page
  • Choose the “Settings and privacy” tab
  • Go to “Account settings”
  • Choose your username
  • Save the changes
  • If it happens that you choose a taken username, the system will tell you that, suggesting other options for you.

Changing your nickname

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The nickname, or display name, is also a part of your social media identity, and in most cases, you can change it by:

  • Visit your profile on Twitter
  • Find the “Edit” option
  • Write down the nickname you prefer
  • Save the changes

With the recent updates, you don’t need to get in the profile settings to do this. You can directly click on the “Edit” buttons as you visit your profile, no matter if you do that from Twitter for web, mobile version, or Android or iOS app.

When doing this, keep in mind that Twitter already has some limitations with the number of numbers and letters you can use, and also with the special characters. Some of them are not allowed, and it will suggest to you what is wrong if you choose a too long or too short username or nickname, or if it contains some of these characters.

How will Twitter help me promote my product, service, or myself?

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The first thing you must know is that the idea and purpose behind it is not self-promotion or sales, even though if you do that smartly, you can have success in that. This social media network became popular when other platforms tried to restrict some features and topics, which the audience recognized as limitations to the freedom of speech.

But, since some things were out of control, they included even more options for the user to personalize their timeline, by choosing who they follow, muting some accounts, and even specific words and phrases, blocking those profiles who they find offensive and not interesting for them, and so on. As time was going by, they improved most of the settings and the way the user can follow the active topics locally and globally.

One of the recent features it included were the stories, known also as fleets, that are just the same as the Instagram and Facebook stories, and the users can share their photos and video content there. But, one of the most common questions recently surely is if Twitter is turning into its brothers and sisters in the social media space? Many active users find it hardly recognizable, and they think that the company moved away from its initial mission. But, attracting new active users is also important for some Internet services to exist over time.

But, there is still one question, that no one has ever answered, and they stay silent all the time – will there ever be an edit button for a tweet, because right now, if you make a mistake, you have to delete the tweet, and send it again with all the needed corrections. Twitter is still silent on this.