International Matchmaking can Change your Life Forever

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Now as we used to live in times of technical progress and significant lack of time, finding a partner traditionally isn’t always possible. We run businesses, work hard, rush somewhere all the time, and manage hundreds of things at the moment.

Unfortunately, relationships often take a back seat in all that fuss of life. Looking for our partners becomes impossible while we are busy with all those “more important” things. Luckily, some people and services can help and do some good job for us.

These professionals work in the International matchmaking field and make people find each other. You might be surprised but the matches are not necessarily from the same city, country, and even continent.

How does international matchmaking work?

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Matchmaking, in general, is a unique thing. It helps connect people who you could never think match each other. It happens because matchmakers see every candidate much deeper. We all have some ideal partners in our heads and look for that picture.

Matchmakers don’t do this, they investigate our personalities on much deeper levels and clearly know who we need and match us with these people. Even though you could never imagine that person matches you perfectly, matchmakers change your life forever

International matchmaking is not very different from local matchmaking. Its principle is the same, the only difference is that such matchmakers connect you with people from other countries. If your goal is to marry a foreigner, you can easily do it thanks to such a service.
Ukrainian women as well as those from Russia or Belarus are eligible brides in such services. Getting married to a woman from one of these post-Soviet countries is as easy as a piece of cake today.

The Pros and Cons of International matchmaking

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Using the services of such matchmakers is very beneficial but it also has its pitfalls and before starting to use them, you should be aware of all the possible challenges.

  • Very effective. International matchmaking services work with you until you reach the necessary result and meet your match.
  • Distant relationship. Your match lives in another country, and maybe even continent. You should be prepared to have a distant relationship after you meet in reality.
  • Individual approach. Working with your matchmaker individually and getting constant consultations is a huge benefit of such services.
  • Cultural and language barriers. When you date and marry a person from another country, you both speak different languages and have different customs, traditions, and culture. It is not difficult to overcome this problem but not everyone is ready for that.
  • Possibility to meet a woman from another country. If you don’t travel much or don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian, meeting a bride from such a country wouldn’t be easy. Thanks to international matchmaking, you can marry a lady from any country you wish.
  • Expensive. Matchmaking is not cheap because it provides top-quality services and a 100% result. For that reason, you have to be ready to pay significant amounts for such a high-quality service. By the way, international matchmakers charge less than your local matchmakers.
  • Impossible to meet scammers. Matchmaking is a paid service for both men and women and the candidates are selected thoroughly unlike on various dating sites. So meeting a scammer is impossible through such services.
  • No wonders. Matchmakers do not guarantee marriage. If you do not want to listen to the tips and consultations of your matchmaker, she/he cannot make wonders and make you married. It is necessary to follow the tips and work hard on your behavior, manners, eating habits if they need improvement.


Is there any difference between international matchmaking and online dating?

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Definitely, there is a huge difference between dating on a casual site and using an international matchmaking service. Online dating doesn’t provide any guarantees and any protection no matter what they say. Meeting scammers on such a dating site is very easy.
Matchmaking is a personalized service. It doesn’t make you date as many women as possible to earn money. It is aimed to select the most proper matches. You pay for the process, not for the number of ladies to date. No one is interested to make you write or chat with many women.

Online dating International matchmaking
Video chat
  • Provides webcam chats where you have to pay for each minute.
  • Provides full-fledged video-conferences where you talk and see each other.
  • Offers translation of letters and web-cam communication.
  • The translator helps to talk on Skype or Zoom if your lady doesn’t speak English.
Personal coaching
  • No coaching.
  • Individual coaching sessions over Skype, WhatsApp, or any other convenient messenger.
  • No consultations.
  • Personal video/phone consultations when necessary
Personalized approach
  • No personalized approach.
  • Personalized work with each customer.
Pay-per-letter system
  • Most online dating sites use the PPL system
  • No PPL format, only one-on-one communication
Gifts delivery
  • Yes
  • Yes


How to succeed with international matchmaking

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Although such services offer very good conditions and top-quality services, not everyone can succeed even with their help. The most common mistake is to think that a matchmaker is a wizard who can make you get married in a matter of an eye blink. This is not even close to being true.

Thinking that if you hire a matchmaker, you will get married in a while is wrong. The reason is that matchmaking is not just about connecting singles but about teaching you how to behave, what things to change to succeed with this or that woman, especially, when it comes to Ukrainian women. In other words, it is hard work and a matchmaker provides coaching for good reasons.

The coaching sessions prepare you for the meeting with foreign women, teach you what their dating habits and expectations are and how to behave to succeed with them. If you need to change something in your approach, you should listen to your coach and do that.
The only way to succeed in international matchmaking is to be ready for changes, not to be adamant, and entrust your destiny to the hands of an expert! If you are not ready to listen to a professional’s advice, you cannot succeed. Paying to a matchmaker means giving this person a right to work on your personality as well.

Do not be so sure that you know how to succeed with a foreign woman. The international relationship is full of pitfalls and you never know what these women expect from you and what to expect from them. Listen to your matchmaker and overcoming all the challenges of international relationships and find your perfect match will be easy!