7 Easy Steps to Format a Personal Statement

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A personal statement represents a piece of writing where a person reflects on special experiences that have shaped their interest in a preferred academic field. It supplements and enriches their application to graduate school with a personal touch. Generally, it embodies a common part of the graduate/professional academic application process. The personal statement allows creating a fuller picture of who a student-to-be is, in addition to their application and transcript. Stating it simply, a personal statement should tell a story of yours.

Many modern schools in the USA use an official website to let the applicants learn the list of specific topics to address on their application. While preparing for completing the statement, it is critical that you process all questions the college or university asks as well as provide specific details about what makes your personality so unique so the commission will pick you as a candidate among others. Some schools indicate no specific criteria for students to consider regarding their personal statement; in this case, applicants have full freedom with how to arrange the content, yet seeking “general advice” from a qualified writing service for greater clarity about how to start, continue, and finish your statement will be an extra beneficial decision.

Step 1: Research the College or University and the Program

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Commissions selecting graduates for the programs can be very picky. They want to choose candidates who represent the best fit for their institution, so your primary task is to help them see that you are original. An appropriately completed personal statement will be your key to this door. The webspace is full of guides accessible for free to lead you down the right path. Basically, while researching the school, the following points are worth considering:

  • Do you have all the basic requirements?
  • Are your academic goals aligned with a practical mission?
  • Does your personal philosophy resonate with the preferred school?
  • Are there expert professors specializing in the specific area you are interested in?

Step 2: Checkup and Review the Program Closely

Despite some generally shared similarities, graduate programs tend to have exclusive options and features. Hence, try to first print out the document and review it closely. Colorful highlighters and sticky notes may help you to memorize the key parts which will then find a reflection in your statement.

Step 3: Reflecting on Skills, Achievements, and Experiences

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The quality of the statement depends on how critically and thoughtfully you reflect on your skills, achievements, and experiences. The professional companies operating as academic writing counseling for drafting, editing, and finalizing an academic essay and related papers usually recommend their customers focus on the following points:

Personal Experience

In this part, it is important to indicate the exact personal experiences that imposed an impact on your final decision to pursue a certain graduate school. The details on family and parents and their academic heritage will add clarity to your motivations and values to develop throughout the next phases of life.

Undergraduate College Experience

Here, you should stress out how undergraduate college experience has formed your decision to continue education. For example, some bright-minded professors and their subjects or special programs and student organizations might have shaped your curiosity.

Work Experience

In this part, narrating your positions and set of responsibilities may demonstrate to the commission how strategic your professional thinking is, in case you managed to improve the organization of the processes at your workplace.

Unique Experience

Some volunteering, international studies, competition, or other unique experiences that have transformed your look at life are highly worthy to present in the statement.


Letting know about the challenges you faced and won over or keep struggling with will present you as a genuine person who strives to learn to be invincible and yet aware of personal weakness.

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Step 4: Planning and Organizing Your Personal Statement

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Your personal statement is actually an essay. Hence, organizing starts with a personalized introduction and a thesis statement. Then follows the middle paragraphs dedicated to the experiences that inspired the choice to continue education. Conclusion connects the personal part and the thesis.

Step 5: Preparing the Initial Draft

Keeping in mind the pre-made notes, you then proceed with the initial draft, filling in the next parts:

  • Write the topic of each paragraph
  • Fill in details
  • Add transitions between the paragraphs

Close this step by reviewing the entire draft and revising the one.

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Step 6: Properly Re-Check and Revise

After a superficial revising, proceed with a thorough one. All points are valuable to take into account: flow, length, an indication of specifically requested data. Every sentence should make sense so that your personal statement resonates with the university’s agenda. Out loud reading here might be of great assistance.

Step 7: Final Editing

Final editing means an ultimate review of the written text to make the personal statement free of any errors, whether it is grammar or content. The next tips might be of a good service:

  • No run-on sentences and unnecessary wording
  • Priority to an active voice
  • Correctness of the tenses
  • No extra use of pronouns and monotonous tone

Assistance in Creating a Quality Personal Statement

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Overall, when completing the personal statement, you are expected to demonstrate the best English language skills with zero spelling and grammatical errors. Highlight your strengths and make the text personalized so your individuality would easily stand out. Like in standard quality essays, it is crucial to utilize words understandable to any person reading your statement. Also, it will be particularly helpful to stay enthusiastic, as the eagerness to join the course may assist you to get a place.

Meanwhile, it is also essential to avoid exaggerations, since the one-to-one interviews may find their way to the light and eliminate your chances for enrollment. It is much more preferable to narrate on a small-scale interesting achievement of yours than to add some non-existing details. Plus, proofreading should be made personally by you, since the spell-checker might miss specific misprints or other mistakes. Ultimately, starting to complete the personal statement “from scratch” at the last minute will make it rushed, and all the worries can make you forget about including some important facts into the paper.

Eventually, referring to outside help to make sure that the personal statement is prepared well will maximize your assurance in a successful application process. To feel more confident regarding the quality and format of the statement, it will be useful to seek assistance from more experienced writers. After placing an order through the online platform of the academic assistance company, you will be welcomed to use the text as an example reference for your statement without any additional research about the structure and the format. To be pleasantly impressed by the level of an expert writer assigned to assist you, it is advisable to check the impressions of a few other customers before becoming one yourself.

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Personal statements may pose a challenge, but it is a vital task before a new milestone in your academic life starts. Aside from its direct purpose, completing this type of assignment also helps to train your own “thinking tank” and an “eloquence mechanism” that builds on your background knowledge and English skills. Most importantly, your sincerity framed in a personal writing style will pave the way for further achievements in the chosen field of professional activities.

Therefore, even if writing the statement seems a tiresome task, it is worth the effort to join your dream college or university. Whatever the project is, to make it qualitative always suggests a deep personal dedication. If some hesitations are still there, opt to buy a cheap custom example available on the web from the professional services with the top-rated reviews and check all the aspects needed to ensure that the work is plain perfect.