How to Turn Your Shed into a Man Cave in 7 Easy Steps

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A man cave is a special room where a guy can let loose, put their feet on the table, and watch the game in peace and solitude. It is a concept for a room that holds a very special place in every man’s life. It is not to be shared with anyone else but other guys and it’s great when needing some time for yourself.

A man cave is a room that most guys with limited space in their homes need. With the wife and kids constantly getting in the way of the TV during the game, we can understand why a guy would need it.

But the space problem can easily be solved by turning your shed into one. If you didn’t know how to do it but are interested in making one, then this is the article just for you. We are going to be transforming your shed into the perfect guy room where you can enjoy yourself and do various activities.

So, with all that said let’s start.

1. Clearing the Shed

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The first step on this list, and presumably on many more, is to clear out the shed from any tools, equipment, and items that you store. If you don’t have a shed, then you can always get one and skip this first step.

Clearing the things inside is probably the most boring part in all of this as you’ll probably have to move the lawnmower, your tools, and various other pieces of items that you keep in there.

When doing this, it’s best that you have a pre-planned place where you can temporarily store the items until you find a better one.

Once the shed is empty, it’s now time to…

2. Measure the Interior

Measuring the interior will give you a good idea of how to create the layout of the area. It will paint a bigger picture as to where to place the sofa, where to place the TV, etc.

If you have a larger shed, then you’ll have more space to work with as opposed to a smaller one. This step is vital as any miss calculation could completely break your plans for each item inside it.

3. Make it Waterproof

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We’re meant to enjoy our man caves even when it rains and snows. So, because of that, you need to make it waterproof. This is quite possibly the most important step, and the one that needs paying attention the most.

Protecting yourself and your belongings inside is only possible if you provide the necessary protection against the elements. The first safety precaution is to make it waterproof. We can do that in the following way.


It’s not only rain that can cause a problem when it comes to water outages.

Groundwater can be pretty problematic if not properly protecting against it. Groundwater is rather trickier to deal with as you’ll need some sort of foundation to place the shed onto to protect the insides from mold build-up.

This is an easier problem to solve when you don’t have a shed previously build. But if you have no foundation in place, then you’ll need to think about making one through either concrete (an expensive option) or cinder blocks.

In addition, you will also have some valuable items in your man cave. We are talking about laptops, PlayStations, TVs, and this hi-tech equipment can attract unwanted visitors. Therefore, suggests installing a burglar alarm. It is so easy to add to the mix and yet, you can protect your man cave.

Protecting Against Rain and Snow

Protecting against rain and snow is only possible if you protect the roof. A problematic roof is the first thing that will leak when coming into contact with rain.

Naturally, you’d want the roof to be in excellent shape to cover for rain and snow. This means no holes and covering existing ones.

4. Setting the Insides

Now that you’ve made sure everything is in order, it’s time to start decorating.

The first thing you’d want to add is the carpet or any type of flooring. You can contact the professionals from carpet to go if you want to have carpet or any type of quality flooring installed in your man cave. Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, the next step is to start adding furniture.

A sofa is simply a must. This will be the furniture where you’ll mostly be watching the game from. However, you might invite guests sometimes so you’ll want to have a couch and a few other pieces as well.

However, one piece that is an absolute essential for any man cave is the TV. And what better way to watch TV than to use Aerial TV that gives you access to hundreds if not thousands of channels ranging anything from sports, reality TV, movies, shows, etc. Make sure to click here for more information regarding the installation and setup of aerial TV.

5. Utilities

Integrating the utilities will prevent any unwanted visits to the house when needing to go to the bathroom or to wash.

When it comes to integrating utilities, some are definitely more important than others.

For starters, integrating electricity is of utmost importance as none of this will be possible without it. You might want to call in an expert if you have very little experience dealing with electrical sources.

You’ll also explain to the expert what plans you have for other electrical devices such as a gaming arcade, or even a home theater. No man cave is complete without having a minibar and even something where you can prepare quick meals. A minibar is great but it does require water, so naturally this is another utility that you need to provide.

The bottom line with this is that you can determine which utilities you need based on what purpose the man cave serves. If it’s to relax and watch the game on the weekends, then you’ll probably need only electricity.

If it’s to practice your barista skills while also watching the game, then you’ll probably need water as well.

6. Insulation

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Insulation will save you hundreds of dollars annually on heating and cooling the whole man cave.

Insulation is supposed to be added after installing electricity, water, and any other utilities, and before adding the drywall as a finishing touch.

7. Drywall

The last step is to hang the drywall. Drywall is pretty straightforward, it’s supposed to hide the insulation while also providing you with a nice and smooth surface that resembles a wall.

You don’t need concrete walls for your man cave as this is very expensive and drywall will do just fine.