Living Space Guide: 4 Ways to Keep Your Attic Tidy and Clean


Almost all houses have an area to store their currently unused items. The storage rooms are a small part of the house, whether within the halls or next to the bedrooms. But one popular storage room that some homes have is the attic, which is on the last floor of the house. The attic usually takes up an entire floor for more extensive storage space. It is advantageous to have one, but it is also tedious to maintain and tidy.

Keeping your attic clean and organized is vital since it is the storage area for most of your family’s precious and sentimental-valued items. When the kids grow up, all the childhood items go straight to the attic, so you have to get a toy storage organizer to avoid such mess. If you want to know more about tidying your house attic, visit or continue reading this article.

1. Sort Out All Attic Items in Storage Containers


The attic is one of the messiest parts of the house since you will store all unused items there. You must invest in different storage units like shelves, cabinets, and containers to have a tidy attic. All the kids’ toys will go to the attic once they all grow up, so it is essential to have a toy organizer because, for some sentimental reason, your family does not want to let go of these items yet.

Having these storage units is the fundamental way of organizing your attic items. You could purchase plastic container boxes for other small items like clothes, figurines, jewelry, books, and the like. The oversized items like tents, inflatable swimming pools, chairs, and tables should be in cabinets and bigger storage containers.

2. Do Some General Cleaning


General cleaning is essential in every household, especially when you have an attic. Allotting one day for general attic cleaning is necessary to keep it as clean as your family wants it to be. The attic can accumulate a lot of dust bunnies, so make sure you have a high-quality and well-functioning vacuum cleaner to do the job. Dust can be dangerous to respiratory health, so we want to avoid that by doing some monthly vacuuming.

If you have things made of paper and wood, you must look out for mites. Always have a good pesticide at home or call professional pest control if the job gets too big (and gross). It would help if you did some sweeping to get rid of other small particles. General cleaning is good for mental health and is also a great family bonding, especially when done during the weekend.

3. Declutter Some Attic Items


We must admit that letting go of things is one of the challenging things to do. We are sometimes left with the thought that these items might come in handy someday, but without assurance. But if your family desires a cleaner attic, one of the best ways to do so is to declutter. When the kids are young adults, they can donate their good-conditioned toys to orphanages or programs involving children. You can also give the old items away to relatives or friends who might like them.

Another good way to declutter items is to have a garage sale, where your family can have cash, especially during this pandemic. The vintage items will surely catch other people’s interest. If clothes are still up for use, you can also sell them as long as they are thoroughly washed and repaired (if there are slight damages). Decluttering items together as a family is another perfect bonding moment. And putting up a garage sale will allow you to interact with other people, especially your neighbors.

4. Make Use of Your Old Items From the Attic


If your family finds it hard to let go of items from the attic, you can always reuse them. There is no rush with giving away or selling items if you are not ready anyway. Since the pandemic came around, everyone has been stuck at home with only their families. So this incident might encourage you to visit your attic and reuse some items.

Since families are just at home most of the time, they have a lot of time to establish a family game night again. So why not grab the old board games from the attic, clean them with a rag, and your family is good to go.

Your family can also restore the tents, chairs, and tables and plan a camping trip again. Since the pandemic also encourages us to stay outside sometimes. And by the time summer falls, you can bring out the portable and inflatable pool to set up for a family barbeque or swim day.

Restoration Process

The restoration process is different for every item, and it depends on how old or damaged they are. Some newer things need a little wiping with a rag and disinfection. And some items require more fixing.

Since it is not easy to bring items to repair shops these days, you can browse through the internet to find some restoration tutorials for toys, figurines, and other reusable items. Most clothes are not suitable for wearing anymore, but there are different ways families can use them as rags, or you can convert the clothes to something else like a bag or a pouch. The possibilities are endless, and you have to bring out your creative juices.


Final Thoughts

Having an attic at home is such an advantage because you get to store sentimental and essential things in them while they are unused in the meantime. Our family’s responsibility is to keep things clean from time to time, and it is to preserve each item for future use. The things mentioned above are just some of the many ways we can make our attic more eye-pleasing, so you, your family, and guests can still enjoy going up to the last floor to check out sentimental items. If you want to know more about leveling up your house storage game, visit today!