How Can a Student Get Australian Citizenship?


Getting Australian citizenship is not an easy task. Here we’re going to focus on attaining it while being a student, but it’s not easy regardless of your status. Sometimes it is even hard to enter this continent, as former world’s no.1 in tennis Novak Djokovic can tell you. The land down under is a special one, and they value their citizenship highly. Every country is like that, but due to climate and the standard of living, more people are trying to immigrate to Australia. If you go down there as a student you may fall in love with the education system and the work opportunities.

This is nothing out of the ordinary as many people went through a similar situation. Moving to Australia is a dream for many, it will be for some, and unfortunately, it remained a dream for many. The regulations are strict and the Aussies do not joke with it. Don’t let this discourage you as there are ways to gain citizenship during your studies in this country. If this is the way you want to apply for it, you came to the right place. In this article, we’re going to talk about how can a student get Australian citizenship.


As we said, it’s not an easy ordeal, but it can be done if you fulfill certain terms and know what you’re doing. You have our assistance in this matter, so please continue reading as we dig deeper into the subject. First of all, you need to get your hands on a few other things. The primary one is the need to be a permanent citizen in this country.

Only after that, you can apply for citizenship. To come close to this objective one needs to move to Australia. If you’re a student the first thing to do is to enlist to a school or a college in the land down under. This is also not easy to achieve, but luckily for you, there are alternatives offered to students by the Australian government. Also, there are ways to be prepared and offers some of them.

Where To Start, And What To Do?


First of all, you need to be certain what you want to study. If this is cleared you can apply to many colleges or schools available in Australia. The first thing is to establish communication with your school. Once you get admitted to a school or a college you can move forward. The government will want to have proof that you have applied and got admitted to a school before they start to consider your application for permanent citizenship. Once you show proof that an educational institution in Australia accepted you, you can start packing, but not too much, as you’re nowhere done. The first step after this is to apply for a student visa, and when that one is approved you can move to the land down under.

As you can see, it truly isn’t an easy task to complete. One could argue that everywhere in the world is like this, but we think that the land of many venomous snakes and spiders is still one level above every other country. After attaining a student visa and spending some time in the land of kangaroos you can start showing plans and willingness to settle in the country.

What Schools To Choose


Of course, this is a vital question. If your goal is to get citizenship through studentship you need to know what you want to study and what to do afterward. This is not an easy decision, but with a few guidelines, we can be of help. You’re not going to be the only foreign student in this country and that’s a good thing. Not all of them aim for citizenship which is also good news. But, to be able to settle in the best possible way you need to choose an occupation that is in high demand in Australia. There are many choices, but we’re going to narrow you to those that will offer you the best chance of employment once your studies are over.

Accountancy is the first one on our list. This is a broad subject, and while it can be dull, it is a sought-after profession in Australia. Many international students look to study precisely it because, as you know the numbers are the same in every part of the world. If you manage to complete studies in this domain you’ll have a great chance of permanent employment which is a great way to get closer to your final goal.


The next in line of amazing schooling prospects and consequential professions is nursing. This occupation is needed in every part of the world and the koala kingdom is no different. The healthcare industry in this country is at the highest level. By ending your schooling in this domain and finding a job in healthcare after you’re practically securing your Australian future.

Teaching is a massive way to give back to society and the authorities in Australia will know how to appreciate this. The education system is amazing in this country and if you become a part of it by being part of it first you’re practically et to be part of this country in years to come. You can partake in education and teaching courses which give you a great shoot at permanent residency. These courses cover a lot of ground and you can without a doubt find the right one for yourself. If the goal is citizenship this is the right path to walk on to get there.


The Bottom Line

We’re going to repeat ourselves here but it’s not an easy task to get Australian citizenship. As a student, you have great chances of it by applying to local schools and colleges ad aiming for future employment through education. The one thing that you mustn’t forget is that your English needs to be quite good. If you are looking to make a life for yourself in Australia start with the basics and move on from there. It only takes a few steps, hard ones, but still steps.