Tara Reid Is Back and Wants an Oscar

Image source: Instagram

Actress Tara Reid, who became famous for the role in the comedy “American Pie”, shocked everyone in recent years with her appearance, but now she is back in Hollywood.

Tara recently talked about her unfulfilled dreams and found out why she neglected acting. “I still want that Oscar. That’s every actor’s dream”, Reid said. She pointed out that she has been rehearsing speech since her teenage days for the moment when she will receive the golden statuette.

Image source: Instagram

The 44-year-old actress added that she would also like to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “There’s still time for that,” Tara said. The actress switched to film production, explaining that there are no roles that would cheer her up and that there are too many bad scripts, Daily Mail writes.

“I want to find great scripts, get the financing, and create the films myself. It feels great to be on both sides”, she said. Tara became famous in the “American Pie” in the late 90’s franchise by playing Vicky and points out that she and her colleagues pushed the boundaries of humor, but without ever being offensive or harmful.

The actress revealed that she is working on a new sequel to the comic series. “There have been talks about that for a while. I’ve seen the directors, and they said it’s going to happen, it’s just hard to get everyone’s schedules aligned,” she said to OK Magazine on one occasion.

Image source: thesun.co.uk

By the way, Tara’s acting successes ended in the shadow of her shocking thin figure and ruined facial appearance. She once explained that she eats a lot, but has a very fast metabolism.

“It’s annoying. It’s so bad that when I’m out to lunch people will even try to take pictures of me eating. My friends find it more ridiculous than anyone because they’ll tell you I eat a lot and just have a really fast metabolism. People make fun of me and say, ‘Eat a burger,’ but I’m like, ‘Dude, I had two today'”, the actress said.

She points out that she is happy with her appearance despite the ugly comments.