Do Live Casino Games Have The Same Odds As Normal Casino Games?


Firstly, it needs to be established that there is no blue-print for a standard gambler regarding the right, or good odds. Because gambling is such a personal thing, and almost everyone has completely different attitudes to risk versus reward, good odds and bad odds are almost entirely subjective.

However, when you look at different games on different platforms, the odds will differ from platform to platform and from casino to casino. That’s why different people sign up to different sites online – visit and play.

Nevertheless, in general, the casino games with the most generous odds are as follows:

  • Craps – 49%
  • Blackjack – 49%
  • Roulette – 50%

Different strategies when wagering amounts


These percentages will lead the gambler to consider how much to wager. If the odds are more in your favour, it’s worth making a bigger bet, isn’t it?

After all, if a slot pays out 5000 times your winning betting stake and you bet just 10p; you’ll be awarded £500.

However, let’s say the maximum bet on this game is £20 and you land the winning combination. Suddenly, you find yourself £100,000 richer. There’s really no comparing the two. It’s about being astute and managing the right amount to bet on the right odds for you. Although gambling is based primarily on luck, managing your bankroll in relation to the games’ odds requires skill.

Some advantages of betting small


Funnily enough, this can involve betting smaller amounts too. It isn’t always about betting big to win big. Betting the minimum wagering amount is economic and you’re unlikely to ever run into financial difficulties. Whatever your financial hardships, anyone can afford to spin the reels for 10p a time, can’t they?

By betting small, your bankroll lasts for the longest time possible, and the consequence of this is that you can play a huge range of casino games. And the more bets you cast on more games, the closer you may be getting to a jackpot!

What are the odds like when compared?


We all know that online sites provide users with a larger range of games, but what are the odds like online when compared with traditional casinos?

It may be a surprise but your odds of winning are usually better online too. Yes, some games like roulette have pretty standard odds whether you play in-house or online, yet if you play blackjack you can find house rules that are more favorable online.

The real difference you’ll notice is with slots games. The slots in Las Vegas have RTP rates of about 75% on average, but they’re blown out of the water when you play slots online. RTP rates go right up to the 97% mark and progressive jackpots offer bigger prizes too.

Summing up

The conclusion is that though there are clear pros and cons of betting online and at in-house casinos, if it’s better odds that float your boat, going online just shades it. There’s more money in the iGaming industry, and as a result, one of the ripple effects of this is that the games can offer a better gaming UX than regular casinos.