How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool For Your Backyard

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When the nice weather comes, we can’t wait to rush into a pool and enjoy ourselves until our fingers and toes shrink. Whether it will be a large designed and built pool specifically for your yard or it is already a large built or prefabricated pool that you assemble yourself – it’s a matter of your needs and financial capabilities. Are you alone or with children, where the pool will be set up, do you have enough space in your backyard? These are all things you need to think about.

What Kind Of Pool Do I Want?

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Building a pool is a big undertaking. Therefore, it needs to be carefully planned and done to reap the fruits of your investment for many years. Modern house owners and architects are introducing indoor swimming pools – so that you can enjoy this pleasure all year round! However, nothing can compare to the timeless charm and incredible serenity that pools surrounded by nature bring.

The pools bring with them a multitude of benefits and transform your landscapes in the backyard into a dreamy and panoramic getaway that is always available. Some people are blessed with a spacious yard that is perfect for building a pool with enchanting landscapes, while other people with smaller modern homes can opt for compact and improvised versions of the pool.

Ideal Location For Your Pool In The Garden


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Do you like to bathe in ice-cold water? No? Then position your pool in a place that has been sunny since early morning. The water will heat up already in the morning – and the afternoon it will already cool down as desired. Even if you add heat to your pool, its positioning in the sun will help reduce electricity costs.

Private Spheres

If you don’t want to be observed during swimming and sunbathing, choose a position protected from view to your pool. For larger garden areas, a position tucked more inwards is recommended. Relaxation is also disturbed by noise from the street and the noise of passers-by. Therefore, choose the position of the pool so that you can realize the measures of sound insulation and protection from views.


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Ideally, the pool borders directly on the sun terrace – and is close to the entrance to the house. If you have to go through the whole garden, for example when your phone rings – then the initial enthusiasm will subside, and everything will seem like a burden to you. No doubt you already have your favorite place in the garden. If the pool is near you you can always enjoy it.

Eliminate The Stumbling Block

Make sure your new pool doesn’t create stumbling blocks. If it is located near the entrance to the house or garden – it will become tiring over time if you constantly have to bypass it. Consider your usual routes and place the pool preferably outside that line. Also, the pool should not dominate the architecture of the garden. Make sure that despite the pool, you still have enough free space to organize garden parties – and have enough space for children to play.


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Use existing infrastructure. Your pool requires a water connection, piping, pump, and electricity. The further you have to dig supply lines through the garden – the higher the cost and the more work will be incurred. So take care of the possibilities of the shortest possible distances. Shorter pipelines are also easier to maintain.

Pools Don’t Have To Be Enormously Expensive

The fact is that building a pool is an investment – but that doesn’t mean that it must be unattainable and too expensive. According to Compass Pools, the factors on which the price of a pool depends relate mostly to their size, depth, and design. It is also important whether it is an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool – as well as the material from which the pool is built. In that sense, the prices can vary – so you can find out in advance how much it costs to build a pool, according to your needs and taste.

Pool Size, Shape And Lighting

Size is not the limit. Even the smallest pools can have an impressive and enchanting waterfall as an accessory. The shape of the pool is also another important factor. An irregularly shaped pool can be a good idea, as it will contribute to its authenticity. If you decide to build a pool in your backyard, make sure it is unique. Look for inspiration in nature.

Imitation of nature is truly the most sincere form of flattering. Add some  “green admixtures” to the pool – with a few natural rocks around the edge of the pool, and lush greenery around it. On top of all that – with real LED lighting, your pool can look even more beautiful and attractive after sunset.


Your pool should be as pleasant and attractive as possible, and there is a wide selection of equipment for enjoying the water, but also pool maintenance equipment that will save you work and effort. These include underwater lighting, spray cannons, on-site swimming devices, cleaning robots, slides, diving boards, etc. Check out what all there is and choose the equipment that suits your lifestyle, to make the best use of your investment.

When preparing the electrical installation for connecting the pool equipment, you should take care that it satisfies all the devices that will be installed later – especially the devices for heating the pool. And last but not least, the pool planning can’t go without plans – to arrange the beach around the pool.

One of the best accessories you can get for your pool is an automatic pool cleaner, check this while it is a bit of an upfront investment, it will save you a lot of time cleaning allowing you to enjoy more of your summer.

Choosing A Pool Company

To decide on a serious investment, such as the purchase of a swimming pool –  the pool must provide the maximum in several criteria. Knowing and following the market, we are convinced that you can find the best relationship in terms of quality and price. With an excellent knowledge of production technology and numerous innovations, we can freely say that today’s pool shapes are limited only by the imagination of customers.

What is important to keep in mind from the start is the experience of the company you opt for when it comes to building a pool. Many years of experience, advanced production technology, proven materials, and quality equipment will provide you with a quality pool with which you can be truly satisfied and safe.