How Much Does It Really Cost to Make a Backyard Remodel?


Every homeowner searches for ways to make their backyards more attractive. After all, we feel better when the outdoor space is cozy and beautiful.

Whether for your enjoyment, to help your family spread out, for a social gathering, or to increase the value of your property, complete backyard remodeling is a worthy investment.

Still, when considering your budget, the natural question that pops up is how much it costs.

And as much as we want to give you an exact number, the answer is never black and white as there are many unique factors and the price varies from project to project.

Really, the backyard remodeling can cost you anything around a couple of thousand dollars to over $40 000 for the more complicated and luxurious projects.

As this is a hefty price range, to help you better plan your budget, we had a conversation with the founder of Showcase Renovations – click here to check their website and some of their projects. As a result of this conversation, we have gathered some of the most popular backyard renovation projects and the price you can expect to pay.

1. The cost for an outdoor kitchen

The price for an outdoor kitchen greatly varies depending on the material and the different functionalities you want to add on ( same as your traditional kitchen).

A typical outdoor kitchen might be with concrete, granite, or any other countertop. You might also want to include a refrigerator, a sink, a barbeque, and different other add-ons.

And depending on the add-on you wish (and need), the cost naturally increases.

Still, the very basic price of an outdoor kitchen might start at $8 000 and reach as high as over $60 000 for the luxurious and spacious outdoor areas. Again, it all depends on what you want and how big your dream kitchen is.

To create a less expensive outdoor kitchen, we would advise you to think of how you can connect it to your home so that running electricity and water would be easier, and so does the hook-up.

2.  The cost of a firepit


Fire features are extremely popular backyard add-ons and are among many homeowners’ to-do lists. After all, what’s better than a great dinner over a cozy fire with loved ones?

Except for the delightful moments your firepit would create, you can also benefit from a sweet ROI. It’s estimated that the average ROI on a firepit is anything between 60 % – 70% and, in some cases, even more. So, fire pits are an investment worth taking into consideration.

On the low end, you can spend anything between $1 000 to $10 000 for high-end firepits.

And if you recoup at least 50% from that investment when you choose to sell your house, this is a pretty wise investment, don’t you think?

3. Landscaping


Creating a beautiful oasis in your backyard is a dream coming true for many homeowners.

Still, landscaping comes with a different price tag, as it depends on the size of your backyard.

Your dream project might include only plants – you might want grass trees, trimming trees, etc. You can also lay sod or add hardscaping to your dream project. All of those different add-ons affect the price, but usually, you might expect to pay anything between $1 000 – $5 000 up to $50 000 for the more complicated projects.

4. The cost of a patio


Patios are another favorite among homeowners. As they create additional space for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors, patios are almost always present in any planned backyard project. Still, many people don’t include them in their budget or even forget about them completely.

If you also plan to build your patio yourself, the cost of a patio might range between $5 000 – $8 000 on average. But if you prefer professional help, expect adding another couple thousand dollars to your project since the price will include not only the materials but also labor.

5. The cost of decks & pergolas


Decks are equally popular backyard features that will not only create additional space for you but also can be an excellent spot for summer BBQs.

If you plan to build your deck yourself, the cost of a deck will range between $8 000 – $16 000 if decently sized (12’x12′) and with the average build quality. If you choose to save on labor by building it yourself, the cost will obviously be lower. Still, you’re going to need some serious DIY skills to do this job.

6. Fountains & ponds


As a backyard feature that is both aesthetic and functional, fountains are extremely popular with homeowners. Aluminum-based low-end fountains are the most affordable, while resin-based mid to high-end fountains are among the more expensive options. Still, it’s important to remember that even though aluminum-based fountains are much less expensive, they require regular maintenance and cleaning because algae easily grow on their surfaces.

The average price for a fountain starts at around $1 000 and goes up to around $10 000 for mid-to-high-end options. This also includes basic installation services.

How to start your backyard remodeling project?


Outdoor renovations might seem overwhelming, especially when you think about the estimated cost and what exactly to add to your project.

Showcase Renovation, a leading exterior remodeling company in LA, suggests thinking about your end goal. Think about your pain points – what would you like to change in your backyard, why you want to change it, and what dream vision you hold in your head.

Don’t hold anything that’s on your wish list; nothing is too bold, and you might be surprised what a professional outdoor remodeling company can do with your outer space.

The bottom line

The prices mentioned above are just an estimate. Contact a trustworthy contractor who will give an exact number based on your project.