5 Most Popular Swimming Pool Shape Ideas – 2024 Guide

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Are you looking for a pool for your house and don’t know when to decide?

If the answer is yes, then you are interested in reading further. There are many solutions so you can get the one you need, based on different criteria, such as the space available or the use you will give it. Every available space can become the pool you have been dreaming about so much. It’s just a matter of accurate measurements and you will get the pool you have always wanted.

In addition to size, pool types are mainly based on the design and material. Among the most common are rectangular, round and L. Choosing the right shape depends on many factors: economic availability, land characteristics, time period in which you want to use it, size, frequency of use, number of people who will use it, who will use it (only children or also adults), etc.

Pay special attention to the following factors:

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Available space: The larger the size, the smaller the restrictions. But a paved part of the yard or a small garden can also have one if it is properly designed. Everything has a solution if the least recommended measures are applied.

Expert advice: In the search for the highest quality accessories and other things, it is necessary to invest in hiring the services of a professional.

Consider its future use: Why do you want to have it? For swimming, exercise, or relaxation? The covered ones can be used all year round and give you access to those who have a swimming program, the best fitness lifestyle, or who are looking for a place to train at home.

Different designs

From classic (Roman and Greek styles) with traditional measurements and finishes to elegant swimming models and integrated into houses of modern design. We can classify them by shape or design features that make them unique.

Popular shapes:

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  1. Infinity pool – Infinity are those where one of its sides is below the water level, which causes an overflow, which creates the visual effect of the water spreading to the horizon, to infinity or until it disappears.

The cyclic design allows water that is constantly overflowing from the edge to collect in the surrounding channel. Once in the canal, the water advances to the purification system and returns to the pool to repeat the cycle.

Infinity pools enable constant and complete water renewal in a short period of time; in this way, the water is kept very clean and crystalline.

New trends for infinity design:

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– The new trend is straight lines, regardless of the general shape of it.

– The right depth, depending on the function to be performed. The goal is to have a lower height each time, a factor that affects water savings and maintenance costs.

– In search of dynamics in the pool, waterfalls are a real trend, whether waterfalls, jets of water, or water overflow into the filtration system.

– 3D effects, textures on the walls and background, simulations, colors, among other things, set the tone in this type of pool, distancing itself from the traditional.

– The infinite effect, the current trend that connects the pool with the surrounding landscape, in areas overlooking the sea or lakes are most common.

– Lighting can provide different types of environments, using colors and designs depending on the selected systems. LED lighting is the most modern form of lighting and has countless advantages over other lighting systems.


The advantage of oval pools is that they have a longer shape that allows them to make better use of space and facilitate access from the sides. Thanks to its great length, you can practice swimming in your own garden.

They are usually in a wide range of sizes from 5 to 12 meters. The end result is a product with large use of space and a very interesting aesthetic. Since the installations have a large volume of water, it is recommended to have a strong purification system. The Vantage Self-Cleaning Pool System is one of the great options. This way you will get rid of the tedious task of maintaining the pool and the water will always be crystal clear. At compasspools-sydney.com.au you can see, in detail, how the whole system works.

Lazy L

The L-shaped pool has the advantage of adapting to its terrain: it can overcome an obstacle, surround a terrace (already set or not), and adapt to the shapes of the house.

Everyone would like to have it at home, to have a place to relax and spend pleasant moments, whether they are with family or friends; or even moments of relaxation, alone. Those who want to relax on the edge, are less sprayed without reducing the distance for swimming. Perfect for the whole family!

Finally, it is a solution for optimizing the space in the pool. Indeed, with this configuration, it is possible to install deck chairs, garden furniture or a barbecue near the stairs or surrounded by water.

Irregular shape

Those that do not maintain symmetry and have complete freedom of form. Improperly designed pools easily adapt to the terrain regardless of their shape and dimensions, which makes our exterior much more profitable.

Currently, they do not have such defined shape parameters; that is, it is not the rule to have a square, rectangular, or round; we can have a pool of different shapes. This form must be determined according to the available space at your disposal.

Kidney shape

The traditional shape of the kidneys is undoubtedly the main character of many private exteriors, thanks to its functionality and aesthetics. Its line emphasizes the attractiveness of its design and the ease with which this design adapts to winding terrain.

Its essential features are: it is rounded on both sides, and curved towards the edge. This natural shape is a bit like a lake. Also, it is interesting that this shape includes artificial waterfalls.


Having a pool at home is, without a doubt, the best solution for cooling down during the hottest months of the year. A privilege enjoyed by only a few, but you can be among them, if you invest smartly.