4 Tips To Take Your Swimming Pool Cleaning Business To The Next Level

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You have started your swimming pool cleaning business some time ago and you are satisfied with how everything is going, but you would like to further improve it and gather even more satisfied clients.

Does this sound like something you are thinking about these days? In order for any business to be truly successful, it is necessary to constantly work on it and come up with new strategies that will help you go one step further. Fortunately, nowadays this is easier than ever. With a few useful tips and tricks, you will get a lot of ideas on what you can do today to achieve your goals. Below you can read some of our tips on how to take your swimming pool cleaning business to the next level.

1. Update your marketing plan

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If you want to take your swimming pool cleaning business to the next level you need to revise your marketing plan and consider whether your marketing strategy needs an update. Nowadays, everything happens online.

The importance of social media platforms in running a business is growing, so if you want more clients and more profits in the period to come, it is a good idea to think about how you could advertise yourself even better on social media. If you don’t have an account, it’s time to change that (and do it as soon as possible!) And become present online so that more people can reach you.

In case you have social media profiles but haven’t paid too much attention to them so far, we suggest that you take the time to make a post plan for the next period and consider what content you want to post out there. Think about where your target group spends the most time and what content they enjoy. When you answer these questions, you are already one step closer to the success you want. Choose Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok and be consistent in creating content. The results will surely come.

2. Use the help of technology

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Technology has advanced significantly in the decades behind us, and the same trend will continue in the future. You need to constantly think about how you can take advantage of the benefits that technology provides to improve your pool cleaning business. One way to achieve this is to use a Swimming Pool App, which will help you organize your business much more efficiently and go one step further.

These apps can be of use to you in so many different aspects of your business. For starters, they can help you significantly with the organization of your financial work. You will have an optimized payment processing system, and you will also be able to keep track of who owes you money, what payments will follow, and much more.

Some companies also offer the ability to create a website for your business that is fully integrated with your account on the app. Now you can clearly present your offer to people and attract more customers. You want people to see you as a professional in their field, and a quality website and automation of various tasks will surely help you in that. Use the help of digital tools and speed up your business improvement, instead of doing everything slowly and manually.

3. Get informed about newest pool maintenance tools

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Using the right chemicals and tools to keep swimming pools in top condition is essential in order to gain credibility and a good reputation. You do not want to use just anything, but really high-quality chemicals that will be effective and will also pose the least risk to human health. In the swimming pool business, chlorine-based preparations are most often used to disinfect the pool and maintain the optimal pH value. In addition to them, there are Cyanuric acid, Bromine, Biguanide, Algaecide, and others.

Nowadays, manufacturers come up with new formulations all the time, and your task as the owner of a swimming pool cleaning business is to keep up with new products on the market and provide your customers with only the best. Paying attention to things like this will be of great importance to you in building a great reputation in the long run, so it is definitely something you want to dedicate yourself to.

4. Improve your customer support

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Customer support is truly a key part of any successful business. If you want your clients to see you as experts and keep coming back to you due to the positive experience they have had with your company then you need to make a real effort to justify their trust. You will do this by constantly improving your customer support.

At the beginning of business development, this means that you always arrive on time and answer all the questions and concerns of your clients. You want them to feel safe with you and to ensure that all their demands and needs are met.

Once you have raised your business to a higher level, the same should happen with your customer support. Have a phone number and email address where your clients can contact you and get all the information they need as soon as possible.

It’s also a good idea to start educating your current and potential clients, which you can do through blog posts, social media, etc. Constantly think about how you can make people experience your business even better to make them more satisfied, make them want to continue to work with you, and recommend you to their friends.


Improving the swimming pool cleaning business involves several different actions you need to take to achieve your goals. For starters, it is always a good idea to revise and update your marketing plan and come up with new strategies that will attract even more satisfied customers. If you don’t have an account on social media platforms, it’s time to change that so that more people can reach you.

Use apps that help you organize your business better and more efficiently. Keep up to date with news on chemicals and tools for maintaining swimming pools and strive to constantly improve your customer support, as this will help you get more recommendations and increase your profits.