How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape? – 2024 Guide

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When choosing the ideal frame, we do not focus exclusively on comfort and usability. It is very important how our glasses look. This is because they reflect our personality. Since everyone has a different face, it is necessary to take the time to research. This way you will find out which frame is intended for your face shape. Taking into account your face shape, you can choose the styles of glasses that will make you look better.

Choosing the right ones is not an easy task, because there are frames for glasses that emphasize your beauty, and others that simply do not. For example, some shapes of glasses will significantly improve the best facial features, while some can disturb it. The first step to solving the problem is to determine the shape of the face. There is a heart-shaped, round, square shape, etc. Once you determine what shape of face you have, everything will be easier. Read below on how to make the best choice.

Face shape

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So there are several face shapes. It refers to an oval, rectangular, inverted triangle, heart-shaped, square and round face. These are some of the most common forms. What is interesting is that the shape of the glasses should be exactly opposite to your face shape.

For example, if you have soft facial features, you will look better with a frame that has sharper edges. People with sharper features will look better with a round frame. However, there is one universal problem with this.

Many people are not quite sure what type they belong to. Know that it is very easy to find out what face shape you have. All you need to do is ask someone for an impression, but you can also check for yourself. If you can’t determine based on the reflection in the mirror, take a felt-tip pen or lipstick and draw the contours on the face in the mirror. Take a picture with your phone, and put paper over the picture on which you will draw the shape.

Sunglasses for a certain face shape

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Once you have determined what type of face you have, you need to find the shape of the frame that will suit him best. Whether you need glasses for better eyesight or for the sun, you need to feel like they are a part of you. Only in this way will it not bother you on your face and you will be able to perform your activities normally. On the other hand, you certainly want to look beautiful all the time and that is why that fashion moment is also important. It is important to choose the right size, they must not be too small or too big.

You will be able to recognize this by following the shape of the eyebrow or its upper edge with the appropriate frame.

We must not forget the color and shade. The frame, which has cooler colors, matches a lighter complexion, while the ataman complexion goes perfectly with warmer shades. The same goes for hair color. So, for a round type of face, an angular or square frame is better.

It will visually lengthen the face and make it slimmer. The one who has a heart-shaped face, will surely be more satisfied with the frame that is wider at the bottom because that way they visually add width to the face. Frames that have color on the upper edge look much better on a triangular face. The square shape requires oval or round remove, and the rectangular wider remove. Rounded frames fit perfectly with elongated faces.

Universal frames

Although there are several face shapes we encounter most often, it is rare to have a perfectly heart-shaped face, circle or square. Not every narrowly defined category can absolutely fit our character and that is why most of us actually have a combination of several types of faces. In that case, you need something that fits the shape of the face with which you have the most similarities. Think of it as guidelines to help you balance and supplement your features. That is why round glasses are the recommendation of experts. They can really fit well on any face shape while some fit so well. At you can see some of the frames which suit everyone.

Sunglasses and hair

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When choosing glasses, do not forget that it is important that they match your complexion and hair. However, also think of the wardrobe you mostly wear. For example, a person with black hair can only close black glasses. Something in color suits them better, and if you like darker shades, navy blue, dark purple, burgundy, etc. are definitely a better choice. On the other hand, people with blonde or brown hair can wear black, purple, green and brown. Red or brown frame suits red hair best. When it comes to personal style, think a little more about what you wear during the day. If you are a more sporty type, choose such glasses.

Sunglasses as a fashion detail

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Glasses decorate your face in a special way. They add a note of seriousness to it which is why they have become a very popular fashion accessory. In addition to sunglasses, people are opting for prescription frames en masse just because they have found a frame that perfectly emphasizes their facial features. It is a great opportunity to complete your daily outfit while protecting your eyes from external influences. Once you discover the model that suits you best, you will wear this fashion accessory with every next outfit. Pay attention to quality, because in addition to good looks, they must perform their primary function. They should also not be too heavy, because you will feel a lot of pressure on certain parts of the head and over time they will start to bother you more and more.


The choice of glasses is specific because we should pay special attention to what shape of face we have and whether the desired model fits accordingly. So, choose the appropriate frame to best highlight your most beautiful facial features or cover imperfections. We hope we helped you with that.