Andrea Bocelli and His Wife Don’t Mind the 25-Year Age Gap

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Famous Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli played one of the significant roles in raising awareness about the coronavirus amid a global pandemic when he performed at the empty Duomo Cathedral in Milan on Easter.

The 61-year-old musician has only recently admitted that he contracted the virus, which he successfully defeated, just like his 36-year-old wife Veronica Berti, with whom he has been married since March 2014, and their love story sounds a bit like a plot of a love novel or movie.

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It didn’t take the musician much time to fall in love with 25 years younger Veronica, who worked for him as a manager. In one of the interviews for The Guardian, Andrea admitted that their marriage actually started the day they met. Their story begins in 2002 when they accidentally met at a party. Andrea immediately took the opportunity to sing her an aria, which then 18-year-old Veronica could not resist.

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Andrea had just divorced his then-wife Enrica Cenzatti at the time after ten years of marriage and with whom he had two sons.

“It was the quickest, speediest start, because we moved in with each other that same night. Effectively the marriage began when we met,” Andrea described their beginnings.

The famous musician claims that a 25-year age gap actually made things easier for them.

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. Happy birthday Virginia!

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“Big age gaps are a tradition in my family – my own father and mother have one. Plus, I am very religious, and the age difference is something you see a lot in biblical marriages,” Andrea said.

What connects them is the music, which they like to discuss, perform, and listen to together. In 2012, when they had a daughter, Virginia, they performed the love song “Qualche Stupido” together.

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Two years later, they exchanged marriage vows at the shrine of Madonna di Montenero in Tuscany, on their daughter’s birthday. The couple still lives in Tuscany today, and have recently been raising funds to help fight the coronavirus through the Andrea Bocelli Fund.