The best Beaches in Australia to Visit in 2024

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Considering the fact that the Australian coast is surrounded by ocean waters, it’s clear that one of the basic characteristics of this continent is a large number of beaches. In fact, maybe you didn’t know this, but there are more than 10,000 of them! A large number of locals live in the coastal areas, and water sports are an integral part of their lifestyle. On the east coast, vast and beautiful water surfaces are typical of the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and in South Australia, Adelaide and Tasmania.

This beauty is quite hard to resist, so in addition to Australians who love to spend much of their free time swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, so many tourists go there with the purpose to visit the most lovely coastal parts of the world. Be honest, you must have just imagined yourself there!

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So, while you’re still in your beloved city, going out and having fun, taking exams and bringing deadlines to an end, or can’t wait to take a couple of weeks off, we bring you a flash of blue from faraway Australian beaches. Take a look at the top five most beautiful locations in this distant land from the other side of the planet.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

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One of the favorites among tourists, which can often be found on brochures promoting Australia is this Whitehaven beauty. In addition to the beautiful white color that takes your breath away, the sand is rather specific as it contains a substance called silica that protects it from overheating, and, interestingly, this sand isn’t hot even in moments of strong sunshine.

The structure of the grain is quite small, so you’ll have the impression that you are stepping on the finest carpet. The real word that describes this beach is … well, heaven. In real life, it looks like one of those gorgeous photos you’re searching for in magazines. Bright colors and untouched nature contribute to this impression, which delights every single human sense.

Bondi, Sydney, NSW

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Bondi Beach is located in the eponymous town, a few kilometers away from the center of Sydney. Considering its location, it belongs to the most visited tourist sites on this continent. Visitors describe it as perfect for various activities, so during the summer, tourists and locals mostly surf, dive or watch whales. In winter, it turns into a golf course.

From the heart of Sydney, there’s a short bus ride that you need to take in order to reach this lovely place. Fans of bars and cafes will be able to relax in one of the countless objects. And, well, early risers who enjoy a morning run or walk have the perfect coastline that ranges from Bondi to Coogee.

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

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This pearl of the West Coast was named after the cable that was laid in 1889 between Brom and Java. At first glance, you will understand why everyone who visited it experienced it as perfect and unforgettable. The coast is 22 kilometers long and the red rocks in the surroundings are a real contrast to the white sand. Do we need to say that it’s unreal gorgeousness?

Untouched nature is definitely included in the list of the features that sweep tourists off their feet, but besides that, the place is known for the breathtaking sunset that hides over the Indian Ocean at the end of the day. Scenes like this are priceless and rare in the world. The locals cleverly used this attraction and opened a cafe from where you can watch this sunset with a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy the magical colors of the glittering ball that sinks slowly into the Indian Ocean.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

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At the southern end of the Gold Coast, there’s Burleigh beach, which has preserved everything needed for a perfect oasis of peace, and that is – a quieter part for swimming and beautiful long paths along the coast for walking which provide amazing views, as well as peace.

It’s completely amazing that in the heart of an urbanized and rather visited coast you will find such a beautiful, clean and peaceful part, adorned with untouched nature. Its sand is perfectly soft, unblemished and shiny since the local population has a very developed and not only ecological self-awareness, and also respect for their precious pearl among beaches.

In case you want to check out a national park with wild animals, see them and take some cool photos… there you go! Some parts are ideal for picnics and barbecues, and fresh fish in the surrounding restaurants is a real delight.

Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The main beach is located in Queensland, 130km north of Brisbane. This place is considered ideal for those who want to learn to surf, thanks to the gentle waves. Also, it will often happen that you come across more experienced surfers who you can ask for help. The water is warmer than in other locations and you can relax in one of the bars or restaurants in Hastings Street.

It has everything that an enchanting beach should have – fine, gentle sand, the unique blue of the sea, and lovely coastal and water creatures.

Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland

Another Queensland beauty took a well-deserved place on our list. Those perfect photos of beaches that you see on the internet were probably taken right here. Surfer’s Paradise is located in the suburbs of the Gold Coast and is world-famous for its spacious and long water surfaces. Right next to it, along the very edge, skyscrapers complete this natural-urban landscape. So, if you come with someone who isn’t a fan of swimming and surfing, they’ll be able to relax in the restaurants, bars and many shopping malls in this highly visited tourist region while you enjoy your preferred activities. This beach stretches for 2 kilometers, but due to the large crowds, it usually isn’t a favorite place for locals.

To come to Australia and not visit these (we can freely say) astonishing beaches would be a real shame. Since each and every one of them is special in its way and you can practice different activities on each, you can choose the one that best suits your affinities. Have you started looking for your passport yet?