Is Cricket the most popular sport in Australia?

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As in most countries in the world, in Australia sport occupies a very important place in society. Since Australia is a highly developed country, people are very careful about their health. Beaches are also available all year round, so fitness is very developed. People play all other sports as well, and they are also very passionate spectators of different sports. Due to the diverse backgrounds of the population, all sports are popular because people from all over the world have brought what is popular in their countries of birth or origin.

Australia is very rich, so various events are held that attract a lot of attention, such as the Formula 1 race or the Australian Open tennis grand slam tournament. As Australia is part of the Commonwealth and Britain has the strongest influence, it is no wonder that cricket is at the very top. Today we will answer your question of whether cricket is the most popular sport in Australia and list the other most popular ones.


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Cricket is a team sport, most similar to baseball, and involves a total of twenty-two players, divided into two teams. It originated in England, about 500 years ago. It was first mentioned by priests who said that people play cricket instead of coming to the liturgy. What makes it very specific is that it has several billion fans, and yet it cannot be said that it is popular all over the world. In the countries that were former British colonies, it is very popular, and in many it is considered a national sport. We are talking primarily of Southeast Asia, where it is the number one sport. As several billion people live there, it is clear to you where so many fans come from. Also in Australia and New Zealand it is among the 5 most watched. Ten seasons ago, it was noted that almost every Australian watched at least one cricket match that year. It is therefore considered a national sport because it is viewed throughout the country equally. We can say that it is the most popular, but it would be more realistic to say that it shares the first place with…

Australian football

A sport that is practically not played anywhere else in the world. If you’ve never watched it, it would be hard to explain it to you. It can be said to be a mix of rugby, football and soccer. But certainly, the rules are completely specific. It originated during the 19th century and is still played throughout the country to this day. The AFL has teams from all major cities. The field is very large and oval in shape. In recent years, they have had away matches in China to further increase their popularity. The Richmond Tigers are last year’s champions.


Tennis has always been a sport of people belonging to the upper class, so it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular in Australia. A lot of people play it, and according to Google, it is the fifth most searched on the internet in the country. During January, almost the entire tennis season takes place in Australia. Starting this year, the ATP Cup will be held in early January in the cities of Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney, which were separate tournaments until the ATP Cup. This is followed by Adelaide International, as the final preparation before the first of four Grand Slam tournaments. Many players state that AO is their favorite Grand Slam, due to its impeccable organization. All in all, tennis is very popular on the most remote continent.


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The rugby national team is among the best in the world and they are multiple world champions. Both rugby and Super Rugby are played. According to some available ratings, it is the third most-watched behind cricket and the AFL. It is broadcast on several major television stations, and coverage is provided by all daily newspapers and web portals. 2012. match with the highest ratings was played, which is one of the most-watched programs ever in the history of state television.


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As we have already said, the British influence is the strongest, and most people are of British descent. So it is no wonder that soccer is very popular. Hyundai A-League is the highest level of competition, where 12 teams participate. Many big football stars have decided to welcome the end of their careers in one of the teams from the Hyundai A-League. Sydney FC is currently the champion and most trophy-winning team. The viewer ratings vary from year to year, but the soccer is always firmly ranked at the very top. The national team has qualified for the last 4 FIFA World Cups in a row, although they have only passed the group stage once since. The popularity will only grow further because it is the most played sport among children.


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Along with tennis, golf is the most popular recreation of all Aussies. They have over a thousand golf courses so it is possible to play it all over the country. Many are part of luxury resorts, so people from all over the world come here to play golf. It also hosts several prestigious golf events, as is the case with most other sports. The Masters have been held for over thirty years until 2015 and now the most prestigious event of the Australian Open Golf. Kev’s best has compiled a list of the 5 best golf courses in Melbourne for you if you ever find yourself there and want to play golf.


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Cricket is the most popular along with the AFL. It is followed by tennis, rugby and soccer. But many foreign leagues such as the NFL and NBA are also very popular, which are mostly held when there is a break in most seasons in Australia due to very hot summers, so viewers’ attention shifts to other continents. Australia also hosts the races of the two most important motorsports in the world, F1 and MotoGP. The F1 race is held at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, while the MotoGP race is held at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.