Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software 2024

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In need of an amazing data recovery software? Data recovery software is an amazing system that allows you to find and recover some lost files from any storage medium. You can easily recover files that have been accidentally deleted or some files that you’ve lost because of a lag, a glitch in the system, or because of a virus.

How does data recovery work?

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If your file is deleted it automatically ends up moving to the recycle bin, right? Even after you empty your recycle bin, it still doesn’t get fully removed. One part of this deleted file gets removed by the file system, which makes it less easy to access. Your file will remain available until it is overwritten with another file. Partially overwritten files are harder to recover, but the best software will support all storage media and will successfully recover them with just one click of a button.

Top 5 data recovery software options that you should check out

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This is a data recovery software that you can use on your Windows & macOS. It also has a windows explorer type interface, along with a practical 3-step easy data recovery process. You can recover up to 500MB of data + it works on external hard drives, memory cards, as well as USB drives. EaseUS can recover more than 1000 types of files and you can choose between three different options, such as a free version, pro, or pro+bootable media.

2. Disk Drill Data Recovery

This software works with Windows & macOS. It is an undeniably good software since it can recover any types of files, as well as unreadable ones. You can cover up to 500MB of data with this software. The Recovery Vault, adds a layer to the Recycle Bin which will further keep your files backed-up and protected. There is also the Guaranteed Recovery, that keeps a copy of each file saved. It is also free software that is beginner-friendly and easy to use.

3. Recuva

Recuva is a software that only works with Windows, which means that you can’t use it with your Macbook laptops. Recuva can recover permanently deleted files and it is a free data recovery software that works with: hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and MP3 players. You can download either the 32-bit or 64-bit versions. You will mostly enjoy its unlimited free data recovery option, as well as the fact that it is available in a portable version.

4. TestDisk Data Recovery

This software is easy to use and is available for Windows and Mac computers. It is a freeware solution that you can use to partially recover your system. It can work with partitions, boot sectors, as well as file tables. TestDisk is a specialized tool that also has a bootable version + it is easy to use if you’re a beginner who knows nothing about software or inadvertent data and you need something free for your Macbook or Windows.

5. Minitool Power Data Recovery Software

This software only works with Windows and it also offers users an amazing recovery with over 100 different file types. You can choose either their free or upgraded version. You can switch your preferred option every month, year, or you can subscribe for a lifetime subscription with this software, the choice is up to you. You can easily recover up to 1 GB of data for free + there is also an amazing 24/7 tech support at your service.

So, how to pick the best data recovery software? According to Truely, a product comparison site these are the 6 features that you should look for.

1. Amazing performance

How fast is the software, and how satisfied are you with its performance? Some apps can only recover your lost data from your Recycle bin which you haven’t emptied before. Other software options can recover everything by creating back-up and by protecting your recycle bin.

2. The type it supports

The best software will save different files, such as audio files, video, images, as well as documents. Find something that will protect all of your items at all times, and think ahead about your files.

3. Operating system supported

Find software that supports your operating system. Almost every software can work on Windows, and most of them will work with Mac computers. There are also some software options that support Linux computers as well. Do your research beforehand so that you purchase something that can be used on your computer.

4. Set of features

There are different features that you should keep in mind, and those are:

  • An ability to preview deleted files before recovery
  • It should also have the ability to recover some specific files
  • Your software should recover data from devices that are partially unreadable and will help you save everything that you lost in the last month or so

5. The price point

How flexible is your budget? Or how far are you willing to go for software? Some kinds are free to use, but they have a limited storage amount that you can use. Generally speaking, it is always the best choice to purchase software in a form of a subscription. You can go for a month or even year subscription and these are definitely worth your money since you will get a special discount with most of your purchases.

6. Level of security

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The last thing that you want is poor software that is infected with malware or even something that will interrupt your computer while giving you a virus. Rather stick to some popular solutions and commonly used software kinds that are quite popular online.

Ready to have amazing software?

Are you ready to test out one of our recommended options? Which software seems the best for you and your computer? Make sure that you look into software that can be used with your computer, and only then make your purchase. Read our article in-depth and you won’t make a mistake when it comes to making your purchase!