Australia’s Best Whisky Subscription Services

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How much do you love whisky? If you love this liquor so much to the point of keeping a healthy rotation of whisky brands going home, then you will most certainly love to have a whisky subscription from The Whisky Club. Imagine having a package of your favorite poison delivered straight to your home every month, saving you a trip to the liquor store! That means getting to try new expressions of whisky on a monthly basis while building an impressive whisky collection at home! If that sounds too good to be true, why not check out our picks for the best whisky subscription services in Australia and see for yourself.

The Whisky Club

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So you’ve been a whisky lover for so long you actually think you have heard of and tasted every single exceptional whisky in Scotland and all around the world. Unfortunately, you might be wrong. There is a huge selection of critically acclaimed whiskies in Scotland that remains unheard of in Australia, even by longtime whisky connoisseurs! Luckily, there is The Whisky Club to loop you in. Known as the biggest and most established whisky subscription service in Australia, The Whisky Club sources even the most serious contenders of the Scottish variety on an exclusive basis just for its members. You can join it for free and get a bottle or two each month. Not only that—you also get 20% off some of the best whisky bars across the country!

Whisky Loot

How about getting three new and unbranded 60ml bottles delivered right at your doorstep each month? If you love the idea, then Whisky Loot is the way to go. This subscription service sources distinct and interesting malts and packages them into neat bottles before delivering them to your home. Accompanying each bottle is a set of tasting notes and heaps of information on each drop! Whisky Loot’s subscription service lets you try a wide selection of whiskies you probably haven’t tried before, as well as expands your drinking horizons with a variety of expressions tailored to your specific taste.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

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Now if you want regular invitations to whisky tastings and other social events, join the Australian branch of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. In a sense, this club is different from the others on this list because it’s more like an exclusive club with its own mail order department. When you join this club, you will have access to premier venues and get to try rare whiskies, as well as order a “Malt of the Month” and have it sent to your home. That’s more like having the rare privilege of buying whisky that usually sells like hotcakes!


If two to three bottles a month don’t sound appetizing to you, why not try WhiskyBox, which lets you taste up to six whiskies per month! The WhiskyBox subscription service has a wide variety of whiskies to offer—including American bourbons, rye, Japanese whiskies, and Aussie whiskies, all packaged in an alluring black cardboard box you surely can’t resist! Each tasting box comes with six 25ml whisky bottles and a tasting booklet with heaps of info about each whisky contained in the box. If you are interested to subscribe, you can choose between a monthly or quarterly membership.

Single Malt Whisky Club

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If you love whisky but aren’t big on commitment, you probably wish you could experience receiving bottles of whisky at your doorstep without having to commit to a subscription service. Well, you’re lucky because there’s the Single Malt Whisky Club to fix your problem! This cooperative is technically not a subscription, but a whisky site that purchases a variety of whiskies in bulk and then sends a bottle to your door with significant dollars off its original price tag! The purpose of this cooperative is to let you taste your favorite liquor at an affordable rate, all without having to sign up for any subscription service! Yep, you read it right. No registration fees and no monthly commitments–Just the whiskies being delivered to your door each month. So if you don’t feel like drinking whisky this month, simply skip the month and wait for their next offering to arrive! How cool is that?

True North Spirits

Now, if you consider yourself an adventurer, then you might want to consider signing up to True North Spirits and explore the finest whisky, craft gin, and other spirits all around the world. Once you become a member of this whisky subscription service, you will regularly get masterfully packaged and curated whiskies in the form of gift kits, which include the stories behind the makers of each whisky and the ingredients and places behind them. Imagine gaining access to tasting bottles of a wide range of premium and craft spirits and other special distillery products every month!

Not only that–depending on your subscription, you also get to enjoy many other benefits, including the chance to discover the intricacies of whiskies through education forums and events, accessing True North Spirits’ world-first sensory online platform, the Flavour Trail, and send whisky gift boxes to your loved ones! Just check out what’s on the table for the month and order online!

Taster’s Club

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Now if you are looking for the easiest way to treat yourself to great spirits each month, join the Taster’s Club. Known for their “Whisky of the Month Club,” this whisky subscription service lets you choose from twelve clubs, including both wine and spirits. You can either choose the club that suits your taste or be surprised each month with the spirit that arrives at your doorstep! Believe us–no matter how exposed you think you are to a lot of different whiskies, there’s still so much for you to learn about whisky flavors when you join this club! One of the best things about Taster’s Club is that you can purchase an ongoing monthly subscription or pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12-month terms, so it’s very flexible. You even have the option to renew or cancel your subscription anytime!