Los Angeles Getaway: The Best Places To Visit

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Los Angeles is best known as the world’s entertainment capital. Well, for a very good reason. The music, television shows, and movies produced in Los Angeles are appreciated worldwide. Although the show business history of the city and the opportunity to meet celebrities attract a lot of people to Los Angeles, the year-round sunny weather, theme parks, and beaches are top-rated attractions, as well.

Sports fans and history buffs will also find something to love about this place because Los Angeles offers a world-class collection of theaters, arenas, and museums. What’s more, thrill-seeking tourists will not be disappointed, too.

Without a doubt, there is surely an activity for everyone. If you plan to have a little trip to Los Angeles, below are the best places you should visit. Read on to know more!

Universal Studios Hollywood

As we’ve mentioned, Los Angeles is the world’s entertainment capital. That said, for movie buffs, the best and greatest experience is, without a doubt, a behind the scenes (BTS) studio tour.

The studio tour at Universal Studios Hollywood is probably the most popular and outstanding attraction. Here, you can explore and see up close and personal real movie sets wherein some famous Hollywood movies are put together.

Some of the most popular television-themed rides and sets include The Simpsons, The Walking Dead, Jurassic World – The Ride, Transformers, and The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. If you are not a fan of standing and waiting in long lines, think about buying a Universal Express Pass.

This pass provides you a fast-entry and access priority seating at attractions, shows, and rides. Plus, BTS access to a few attractions. Another amazing option is to join a guided tour to see the BTS of some of the famous film sets in the Universal Studios Hollywood.

Moreover, once you get tired and exhausted from the park’s rides, head out to CityWalk. This place is a three-block entertainment section with theaters, dining, and shopping. Make sure to book a hotel in advance through online booking sites like Planet of Hotels to find the best place to stay in Los Angeles.

Disneyland Resort

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If you are looking for a place wherein your whole family can enjoy, then Disneyland Resort is the best place to go. This destination has been drawing tourists since the 1950s. Most people imagine Disneyland to have a lot of rides in created theme sets.

In Disneyland Resort, you can experience and have fun with about seven movie-themed based attractions. Other than the Disney characters you can see on the streets and the rides, Disneyland Resort also provides services and features for a complete family vacation. Shopping, restaurants, and hotels are available here.

Farmers’ Market

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In 1934, the Los Angeles Farmers’ Market was launched. It started as a humble and unpretentious event that materialized from the difficulties caused by the Great Depression. During this time, about eighteen farmers gathered together and opened stalls to market their products directly to the consumers.

This event was doing very well that the farmers’ market continued to progress and develop. Before, farmers only sell vegetables and fruits. However, as the years pass by, the farmers’ market has expanded to house a lot of vendors.

At present, the farmers’ markets host specialty shops, restaurants, food stands, and more. What’s more, you can now find everything here from candles to toys and kitchenware to jewelry.

With that said, if you’re bored at night in L.A., the farmers’ market hosts many attractions, such as free concerts every Friday nights in summer.

Venice Beach

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This beach should certainly be seen and visited. Venice beach has a stretch of golden sand. Plus, the boardwalk is always filled with people jogging, rollerblading, cycling, and walking. What’s more, street performers and eclectic shops can be seen along the walkway.

Additionally, just off the beach, you can find the Venice beach skatepark, which spans 16,000 square feet. Here, you can watch some of the best skateboarders do their thing. Besides that, there are many creative art installations nearby.

Food stalls and restaurants sell almost everything from funnel cakes to kettle corn and shaved ice. Thus, helping you to beat the scorching heat. Although Venice beach is not the usual family beach, it is still worth going and visiting here.

Palm Springs

About a hundred miles from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a very famous destination. Here, you can find many golf courses and resorts. Additionally, Palm Springs is also known as the Coachella Valley.

Another thing, the area is home to some of the biggest collection of mid-century buildings worldwide, both commercial buildings and homes. You can explore these buildings by joining a walking tour in the Palm Springs Historical Society.

Moreover, every February, Palm Springs stages a week-long commemoration of the design style with movie screenings, tours, lectures, parties, and events. The celebration is called Modernism Week.

Besides enjoying the sunshine and golfing, Palm Springs offers some great sightseeing and restaurants, as well. Tourists should also see the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and the Palm Springs Art Museum.

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway takes you at least 8,500 feet in 10 minutes. The tramway takes you from the scorching desert to a mountain setting. Without a doubt, the views or scenery are wonderful from the top.

When you are at the top, there’s a fine dining restaurant, a casual cafe, and about fifty miles of hiking trails. Furthermore, the Del Marcos Hotel, back down in the desert, is a luxurious, modern interpretation of a motel.

Nashville TN

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There are truly different getaways that you can consider when you want to give yourself some quality time, forget about all of your problems, and most importantly – have fun that you will gladly remember. We have just the experience that can bring all of that to you. Vacations Made Easy offers tourists tons of unforgettable experiences that they can try. There is literally something for everyone’s taste, here in Nashville.


Los Angeles has a lot of attractions to offer to tourists. If you love movies, then Universal Studios Hollywood is a must-see. Other than that, there are many shorelines to select from, as well, such as the Venice beach. If you are not sure where to go, consider joining a guided tour of Los Angeles. You might also want to check out different business opportunities while you’re there. With its large and growing market, Los Angeles is a perfect place to increase your brand awareness. If you’re not sure where to start, you can learn more about inBeat Influencer Agency LA and systemize your marketing process.

This daylong tour is undoubtedly the best way to explore the city and learn things about it. Just be sure to practice the correct safety measures to keep yourself safe and your family.