Does Gigi Hadid Have Plastic Surgery?

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Gigi HadidAlthough, many believe that Gigi Hadid has had plastic surgery nobody can deny that she was born as beautiful as her mother, Yolanda. Gigi and her sister Bella are one of the most successful models who have been featured in such publications as Allure, Vogue, W Magazine and many others.

Gigi Hadid was only a two-year-old child when she started her modeling career.  This fact means that she was born naturally beautiful because no surgeries are possible at this age. Otherwise, she would not have been chosen for Baby Guess products campaigns.

In 2011 Gigi came back to modeling again and even won the title “Model Of The Year” in 2015. The model also was lucky to become a Maybelline brand ambassador. Then Gigi`s body and face looked just perfect.

But the thing is that, it is just impossible to be this flawless, so they started looking for any hints about her appearance that she has undergone at least one cosmetic surgery. A nose job and breast implants were just some of the suggestions.

Well, let`s find out whether the rumors are true.

Before & After Photos

It is possible to find out the answer to the question above by looking through Gigi`s photos before and after she came back to modeling. The comparison will help us to find any possible differences in her appearance.

Did Gigi Get A Rhinoplasty?

Did Gigi Hadid Have Nose Job

The photos above show that there is a difference about her nose back then and now. It can be clearly seen that the bridge of her nose was not as thin as it is right now. The tip was also rounder, so we are sure that the model has had a nose job.

What Happened To Gigi’s Teeth?

Gigi Hadid's Teeth

As soon as she smiles you can see how beautiful her teeth are, but the truth is that only the top row is flawless, and the bottom row has some crooked teeth. It is obvious that the model never fixed this. Gigi could have visited a dentist and get braces to correct them. Many people do it nowadays. Teeth whitening has been done, though.

Has She Had Lip Fillers?

Gigi Hadid's Lips Before and After

These days many women go for lip fillers, but this can never be said about Gigi because it is obvious from her before photos that she was born with plump lips. Moreover, her lips are just the way they were before, so there was never any need for lip injections. Naturally beautiful, that`s it.

Does Gigi Hadid Have Breast Implants?

Does Gigi Have Breast Implants

Lot`s of people cannot stop speculating if Gigi has had a boob job. It is not that easy to answer this question because sometimes the model`s boobs look natural, and sometimes it seems that there are implants in there.

Gigi Hadid is a professional model, consequently, she does not need to go for a breast augmentation. But she appeared wearing swimsuits in several magazines like Sports Illustrated where you need to have beautiful boobs. Did Gigi Hadid get a boob job?  We think that she could possibly have teardrop-shaped implants as they tend to look more natural.

Gigi’s Beauty Transformation

Yes, we have found some evidence that the model has had cosmetic surgeries, but you cannot always believe the camera. Consequently, we are not going to leave it just like that and photos before and after she became famous are going to be inspected. We want to see her transition to who she is right now.

Early Days

Gigi Hadid 1997
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Like we said before Gigi was a little girl when her modeling career was started. She was a pretty girl indeed. Just look at those blue eyes and full lips! No wonder that Guess picked her.

Year 2001

Gigi Hadid 2001
Source: Baby Guess

Here we can see the six-year-old Gigi who feels completely comfortable in front of the camera. That was a campaign for Baby Guess and the little model was dressed really stylish and bright. You can just see that she was going to be a gorgeous woman.

Year 2004

Gigi Hadid 2004
Source: Baby Guess

Here is Gigi, looking cute with that hairstyle and some makeup. she has white skin and fair hair, so the red lip gloss looks really good on her. Gigi`s eyes that used to be blue, have become blue-green now. Just look at her eyelids! Surgery for this part of her face will never be needed for sure.

Year 2005

Gigi Hadid 2005
Source: Baby Guess

In this photo, she is dressed in blue jeans and a yellow top. Slight makeup again along with a vintage hairstyle. You can already see that this girl is going to be a professional model one day.

Year 2006

Gigi Hadid 2006
Source: Baby Guess

Here Gigi is 11, and that was the last time of photoshooting for Baby Guess collection. After that, her focus was on school again.

Year 2011

Gigi Hadid was back in 2011, but was told she's fat
Source: Pinterest

After 5 years Gigi came back to modeling but she was considered to be too fat for that, which meant that it was necessary for her to put off some weight to continue the career. We can clearly see that her thighs and butt used to be bigger. That is why she might go for plastic surgeries to contour her legs.

There is also something to be done about that butt, like a butt lift maybe? Maybe that is what she did to enhance her beauty?

Year 2012

Gigi Hadid 2012
Source: Getty

The body transition went successfully, and Gigi became the face of Guess that year. You can see that there is still baby fat on her face. In fact, her face looks so smooth that it is obvious that botox will not be needed in the nearest future.

Year 2013

Gigi Hadid 2013
Source: Pinterest

This is a photo from Guess Jeans advertising campaign. That year the model went to New York and started working with IMG models. It can be said that now the fashion model career was begun officially. One more interesting thing is that she was still a college student then and her course subject was Criminal Psychology, which is actually surprising and unusual for such a pretty girl.

Gigi has become much slimmer, and it is hard to say how she managed to do that, with the help of workout and proper diet plan or liposuction procedure. We don`t know.

Year 2014

Gigi Hadid 2014
Source: Getty

In this photo, she is at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at the 2014 Oscars in West Hollywood, Calif. This is when people started asking: “Does Gigi Hadid have implants?” Well, there are reasons for that as you can see.

That year she took part in the New York Fashion Week for the first time and was featured for the cover of CR Fashion Book magazine.

Apart from her boobs, there is one more thing that attracts attention – her eyebrows. They suddenly appear to be lifted up. But this could be due to makeup. Besides, Gigi is too young for this kind of plastic surgery, so this suggestion is barely possible.

Year 2015

Gigi Hadid 2015
Source: Instagram

That year they gave Gigi Hadid the 2015 Daily Front Row’s Model of the Year award. No wonder, because the model looks awesome even without any makeup. Just look at her!

We failed to find any proof that the model has had any cosmetic enhancements on her face. Consequently, we can definitely say that all the rumors regarding this are false. Gigi even has baby fat on her face, so all the pictures cannot be named “before plastic surgery photos”.

Year 2016

Gigi Hadid 2016
Source: Getty

Here she is at the 2016 American Music Awards rehearsal in Los Angeles. Looking at the photo you can definitely say that Gigi has never undergone any plastic surgery on her breasts because this body part appears to be quite natural. Is it a push-up bra that always created “big boobs” effect? Did Gigi Hadid get a boob job? Even if she has undergone this kind of cosmetic surgery, the work has been done professionally because you can never guess whether there implants in there or not.

Year 2017

Gigi Hadid 2017
Source: Getty

Here is one more “before surgery” photo. Gigi is not blonde anymore. In fact, with that hair colour, she looks like young Angelina Jolie, and even her plump lips look similar.  When looking at her, you cannot understand if the shape of her nose is like that due to makeup or a nose job.

You can also see myriads of moles on her neck. Why hasn`t she removed them? Maybe they make her look more sexy? Or they may add some distinctive feature to her look?

Year 2018

Gigi Hadid 2018
Source: Getty

And this photo is from the Alberta Ferretti fashion show in Milan, Italy. Gigi looks just awesome here. Her body is gorgeous, and her face is amazingly beautiful. Is it even possible to be born such a perfection?

Year 2019

Gigi Hadid 2019
Source: Getty

Year 2024

Gigi Hadid

What Does Gigi Have To Say About Plastic Surgery?

There was an interview with Dazed Magazine where they asked the model what she thought about cosmetic surgery enhancements. Her answer was that she was curious about this question herself and wanted to find out if it was worth it or not. According to her findings, this kind of surgery always has negative consequences for health. Moreover, she has seen people who had such an experience. Gigi stated that she would never do this kind of surgery. She also added that it was her personal opinion and people were free to do what they wanted.

Do you believe that was a true opinion?


Gigi Hadid is one of the most successful and beautiful professional models. There are millions of fans and followers. Yes, she is sexy indeed. Of course, she was lucky to be born pretty, but is that all natural or there is some small lie about all that?

After inspecting Gigi`s before and after surgery photos we can say that there are evidences that the model has had a nose job at least. Liposuction could also be done to lose weight. Does Gigi Hadid have breast implants? It is quite possible, but then again, the surgery was done really well as her breasts look natural. What we are 100% sure about is that she never had lip injections. There was never a need for that.

Gigi Hadid always denies cosmetic enhancements, although, she could afford them anytime – she is from a rich family. What is your opinion? After showing and discussing “before cosmetic surgery” photos, we will just leave it for you to decide.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid