7 Window Issues Home Buyers Should Question

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Searching for a place to call home can be exciting, challenging, and tiring at the same time! You hope to see a property and fall in love with it, and it’s great to find a house that meets your current needs and your dreams for the future.

But it’s always wise, financially, to make sure that you know all the improvements that a house probably needs before you make an offer and lay down a substantial deposit. That includes determining if windows will need replacement.

Windows are often a concern to potential home buyers. Some buyers look past issues with windows or factor the cost of windows replacement into their offer. Other buyers just walk away because the cost to replace windows seems like too much of a hassle.

It’s advisable to take note of the following window issues and ask questions about them when you’re viewing a property:

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1. Why Are The Windows Difficult To Open?

Windows that are hard to open are a typical problem, and the fix can be simple or complicated.

Whether it’s sliding windows or single or double-hung windows that are hard to open, it’s an easy problem to fix if there’s a build-up of dirt creating friction and making the window sticky. In this case, gentle cleaning and applying a lubricant spray generally solve the problem.

But if dirt and dust aren’t the cause of the problem, be aware of your options. Sometimes, the springs inside the window jambs are damaged, or the window sash has expanded past the frame. If the window sash no longer fits, it’s a bigger deal.

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If it’s a casement window that you can’t open, this is a different issue. Sometimes, the nuts and bolts inside the sash come loose, and a good tightening allows the window to open and close again. But if tightening the nuts and bolts doesn’t solve the problem, it often means the hand crank on the window is defective.

2. Why Are The Windows Foggy?

On colder or rainier days, it’s common to see foggy windows when you’re viewing a house. There are two reasons for foggy windows, and one of these reasons is a potential cause for concern.

If condensation is fogging up the windows, it means the windows are doing their job of keeping warm air inside the home. But it’s essential to wipe moisture from condensation off the windows to prevent more severe problems with moisture build-up in the future.

Double-paned windows that fog up are problems because you can’t simply wipe away the condensation. It usually means the window seal failed, causing a moisture build-up between the glass. At this point, the windows are no longer energy efficient.

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3. Why Are The Windows Drafty?

Any time of year, when you feel outdoor air seeping into a home through the windows, it’s a definite reason for concern. Energy efficiency isn’t just a term that’s thrown around these days. If a home isn’t energy-efficient, you won’t be nearly as comfortable inside the home, and you’ll pay a lot more in energy costs because the HVAC or AC system needs to work harder.

4. Are the Windows Warped or Cracked?

A significant culprit of drafty windows is warped or cracked window frames. If window frames have not been maintained or serviced properly, it causes the frame to bow, crook, kink, cup, or twist. Warped window frames are pretty easy to spot, and they are a concern.

Cracked window glass is straightforward to spot, and cracked glass is prone to shattering during a wintertime cold spell or a bad storm at any time of year. Shattered glass is always dangerous, especially to children or pets.

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5. Why Are the Windows Leaking?

If you notice leaky windows when you’re viewing a house, you have a right to be concerned. Trying to diagnose window leaks is difficult and time-consuming. If leaky windows go untreated, the moisture often leaks into the surrounding walls and floors. It creates water damage and mould issues throughout the home that are even more expensive to fix.

6. Are Wood Windows Rotting?

Wood windows rot because absorbed moisture causes deterioration. You can spot rotted wood windows when fungus starts eating away at the wood. Rotted windows are unattractive, and they’re also unstable and unsafe for you and your family.

  • A severe problem with rotted wood windows is mold infestation. Mold spores in rotting wood are tiny but very dangerous to breathe in.
  • An equally serious problem with wood moisture is termite infestation. Termites thrive on dampened wood, and they’re difficult to exterminate.

Consulting a licensed, full-service expert in windows and doors replacement is your best bet to tackle rotting wood windows.

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7. Will the Windows Need To Be Replaced?

Whether your concern is hard to open windows, foggy or drafty windows, warped or cracked windows, or leaking and rotting windows, we provide a range of options for replacing or retrofitting dated or defective windows.

Your options include:


Brick-to-brick removal of old windows to the house frame. This option offers excellent energy efficiency and is ideal if damaged or poorly insulated windows need replacement.


Stud-to-stud removal of old windows to the house frame and the exterior finished with caulking and aluminum flashing. It provides excellent energy efficiency with optional replacement of damaged or poorly insulated windows.


Window frames and interior trim remain intact. This option is less expensive than full window replacement if the window frame is still good. Options include window glazing to improve comfort and performance.

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The windows on a home aren’t just beautiful. They must be functional, too, so you get the best home for your time and money. It’s important to ensure that the windows on a home are energy efficient and secure, so your indoor temperature is comfortable all year long, and your family and valuables stay safe.

This article can be your checklist for window issues when you’re looking at properties. Hopefully, it will make your home buying experience that much easier. Soon, you’ll be in the home of your dreams!

Falcon WD specialists are trained in-house on the best methods and techniques in window replacement. Company’s mission is always to provide clients with the safest and most functional windows for their homes.